iZombie Hot Sauce PuckerButt Pepper Company Review

Zombie Hot Sauce Review: iZombie Hot Sauce from PuckerButt Pepper Company

Update 11/2017: It has come to our attention iZombie hot sauce is no longer available. Feel free to read our review below and don’t be afraid to try one of PuckerButt Pepper Company’s many other delicious hot sauces and pepper related products.   Original Review: You might be surprised to discover zombies  don’t have a […]
Walking Dead Season 6 Video

The Walking Dead Cast and Creators Tease Season 6

Watch the Walking Dead Cast and Creators Tease Season 6. (Video contains some season 5 spoilers) Although the season 5 finale of The Walking Dead is only a few weeks back in the rearview, true fans are already longing for glimpses of Season 6. The bad news is we’ll have to hang on for the […]

Zombie Product Review: Ceramic Zombie Head Bowl

When the zombies come you need to send a message. A message that says, “I’m NOT to be messed with!”  What better message than eating your morning cereal or any other meal out of a zombie skull?  When we first saw the ceramic zombie head bowl hit the market we knew we had to have […]
ZombieGift.com Horror Block Review March 2015

Horror Block Review – March 2015

  Subscription boxes are all the rage. The internet is full of sites offering random gift box subscription services for a wide variety of interests. It seems a new one springs up every week.  One of the boxes that has always caught our eye was Horror Block.  We’ve been able to successfully resist temptation until […]
Maggie Zombie Film Arnold Schwarzenegger

First Official Trailer for Arnold Schwarzenegger Zombie Film “Maggie”

This week brought good news for zombie fans.  We finally got a closer look at the upcoming Arnold Schwarzenegger zombie film, Maggie!  This sneak peek came via the first official trailer for the film. Check out the trailer below:   Maggie Official Trailer #1 (2015) – Arnold Schwarzenegger, Abigail Breslin Movie HD by ayeshanpt   […]
Zombie Giveaway results

Zombie Giveaway Results

We’d like to take a moment to thank each and every one of you who entered our recent zombie giveaway.  We’re happy to say a winner has been chosen and verified. She has already responded to claim her prize pack.  Congrats to Desiree W.! That means this zombie giveaway is double tapped, bagged and tagged. […]
Zombie Army Trilogy release date set

Zombie Army Trilogy Video Game Digitally Drops on March 6th

Zombie Army Trilogy U.S. Digital Release Date: March 6th, 2015     Watch the official release trailer below: Zombie Army Trilogy – Gameplay Trailer PS4/Xbox One[Full HD] by 80PoundGames   Zombie Army Trilogy is an upcoming zombie shooter video game from Rebellion, one of Europe’s leading video game developers.  PC gamers and zombie fans are […]
The Walking Dead Tokenz Review

Zombie Product Review: The Walking Dead Tokenz from Bulls I Toy

Looking for a small and affordable addition to your Walking Dead collection? You’ll definitely want to check out the new The Walking Dead Tokenz collectibles.  The toy gurus over at Bulls I Toy, LLC are responsible for many awesome and affordable Walking Dead toys and collectibles. They’re the same company behind The Walking Dead Dog […]
Walking Dead inspired barbecue sauce bob parody featurd

Bob-B-Que Sauce Giveaway

If you haven’t seen Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead, (Season 5 Episode 2 “Strangers”) you might want to stop reading.  This post may contain spoilers if you’ve somehow managed to crawl under a rock and bury your head in the sand for the past day and a half. Poor Bob. It was unfortunate Gareth and […]

Zombie Book Review: The Outbreak by Colin M. Drysdale

We were first introduced to author Colin M. Drysdale when we reviewed his debut novel For Those In Peril On The Sea back in the summer of 2013. His tale of survivors escaping the infected via the sea thoroughly impressed us. We couldn’t wait to read the next addition to the series to find out […]
Dying Light Be Zombie Mode

“Be The Zombie” Mode Announced for Dying Light Video Game

Be The Zombie in Dying Light!     Fans of the zombie video game genre don’t really need another reason to be excited for the upcoming Dying Light game. They got one anyway this week when WB Games and Techland officially announced the addition of “Be the Zombie” mode in the multiplayer portion for those […]
October Outbreak #OctoberOutbreak zombie giveaways

October Outbreak 2014: A Month of Zombie Giveaways! #OctoberOutbreak

  It seems hard to believe ZombieGift.com started over three years ago.  Since then, thanks to our fans and a lot of hard work, we’ve grown into the web’s premiere zombie gift directory.  As most of you know we’re much more than that.  WWe like to think of ourselves as a community.  We’re a family of zombie […]