The Last of Us Remastered Release Date Announcement Trailer

The Last of Us Remastered Release Date Announced at E3

In case you missed it, back in April Sony announced an updated, graphically enhanced version of the wildly popular zombie-like PS3 video game, The Last of Us.   Entitled, The Last of Us Remastered, this version is updated for PS4 to take advantage of  the next generation console’s abilities. This remastered version allows you to […]

Dead Island 2 Announcement Trailer

Zombie video game fans have been familiar with the “Dead Island” series for years. The next installment was announced last week at E3. Dead Island 2 will be coming  to us from Yager Studios and this time the zombie apocalypse hits sunny California.  View the announcement trailer for Dead Island 3 below: Dead Island 3 […]

Zombie Giveaway: Win 12 Free Zombie Movies on DVD!

We recently launched a brand new site that lets zombie fans watch Free full length zombie movies legally! To continue the celebration of the launch of we’re giving away another free zombie movie compilation DVD! This time we’re giving away “Zombies Unbrained” a 3 DVD set featuring 12 free zombie movies. That’s over 16 […]
The Walking Dead Digital PinBall Table screenshot`

Telltale Games and Zen Studios To Launch The Walking Dead Pinball

The pinball gurus at Zen Studios have collaborated with Telltale Games (The creative geniuses behind the award winning Walking Dead video game series) to bring zombie fans an all new digital pinball table.. “Zen Studios is a huge admirer of Telltale Games, and we truly cherish the opportunity to work with such amazing visionaries. Working […]
Banned Zombie Commercial Norway

Is This Banned Zombie Commercial REALLY That Bad?

Apparently citizens of Norway are much less tolerant of zombies and what airs on TV compared to those of us in the United States. Back in 2012, sporting goods retailer, XXL, ran the following zombie themed commercial in an effort to garner the attention of a younger audience. Viewers reacted with disapproval and XXL ended […]
Zombie Puppet

Custom Zombie Puppet from Chappell Puppet Productions

Chris Chappell is a very talented professional puppet maker and puppeteer.  That may not be of much interest to all of you on a normal day, but hear me out.  Chris recently contacted us regarding a zombie puppet he made. The photos of the final product he shared with us were so cool we just […]
Zombie Giveaway

Zombucks™ Giveaway Sponsored by Provident Metals

As most of you know we recently reviewed the Zombucks™ The Barber 1 0z .999 fine Silver precious metal round. That gorgeous piece is part of the Zombucks Limited Bullion Series.  Not familiar with Zombucks? We cover everything in great detail in our review but here is some basic info about these beautiful zombie collectibles. The […]
Zombucks Provident Metals The Barber Silver Bullion Round review

Zombie Product Review: Zombucks “The Barber” Silver Round

We come across some of the coolest zombie products.  Few things please us more than when we’re sent something unique and zombie related for a detailed hands on review. It doesn’t get much cooler or more unique than The Zombucks™ limited precious bullion round series from Provident Metals. We’ve seen photos of them online, but […]
Walking Dead top 10 overused jokes

Top 10 Overused Walking Dead Jokes and Memes

Can you believe we’ve already seen 4 seasons of AMC’s The Walking Dead come and go? That just sounds so crazy to me. It seems like just last Halloween I was watching the debut episode. Here we are nearly four years later and the series is stronger than ever.In fact, according to E! Entertainment Television, […]

Review: The Walking Dead The Best Defense Board Game

  I purchased The Walking Dead The Best Defense Board Game as soon as it came out. Like many other items I purchase, my schedule wouldn’t allow me to tear off the cellophane until a month or two after I purchased it. My son and I decided the night of The Walking Dead Season 4 […]
Z Nation Syfy

Syfy Announces New Zombie TV Series: “Z Nation”

The zombie news just keeps rolling and it’s sweeping in the over-saturation of the Zombie TV series market along with it. Cable Network Syfy recently announced a new zombie series coming to TV in the Fall of 2014. As if the Walking Dead and the announcement of a Walking Dead spinoff series from AMC isn’t […]