Open Letter to Spacelab9 Regarding walking dead zombie flesh green vinyl

How SPACELAB9 Nearly Made Me Cry: An Open Letter Revealing One Walking Dead Collector’s Story of Tenacity, Determination and Epic Failure

  Dear SpaceLab9, I hate you. I hate your limited edition, vinyl pressing guts. Now before you go and sic your lawyers on me: relax. Have a seat. I’m only partially serious. Tell your attorney this isn’t “slander”, “libel”, “defamation” or any of those other legal terms I can never keep straight. I’m getting off […]
Zombie Apocalypse Survival Chemistry Death Cologne Mask Your Scent with Science

A Death Scented Cologne to Help You Survive The Zombie Apocalypse?

Fans of AMC’s The Walking Dead might remember Season 1 Episode 2 “Guts.” In the episode Rick Grimes and Glenn Rhee need to walk through a horde of Walkers and they mask their scent with zombie guts and blood. Michonne is also known for disguising herself by toting around a pair of zombies on leashes […]
Walking Dead tribute beer

Philadelphia Brewery Offers Walking Dead Tribute Beer Made With Real Brains! The folks at Dock Street Brewing Co. love making unusual and delicious beers. The only thing they might love more is AMC’s The Walking Dead. Like the true geniuses they are, they’ve managed to to combine their two passions to create a Walking Dead tribute beer entitled “Walker”. They didn’t just create any ordinary […]
Walking Dead Vinyl LP soundtrack

The Walking Dead Soundtrack On Vinyl Coming April 15th

Walking Dead collectors and vinyl collectors rejoice! The Walking Dead Original Soundtrack: Volume 1 is coming to deluxe vinyl LP in April! Thanks to the folks at SPACELAB9 we’ll be seeing several variations of the soundtrack on vinyl.. The soundtrack has previously been released on CD by Universal Public Records and a now long sold […]
Torchbearer sauces zombie giveaway

Zombie Giveaway at Torchbearer Sauces!

  About a year ago we had the opportunity to review Zombie Apocalypse Hot Sauce from Torchbearer Sauces. We absolutely loved it .  That’s why when we recently heard our friends over at Torchbearer were having a pretty cool zombie themed giveaway  we thought we’d share for all of you to give real zombie fans […]
Bleeding Zombie Target Zombie Blog Giveaway

Bleeding Zombie Target Giveaway: Sponsored by

We know a lot of you are into shooting, archery and other target sports. That’s why we leapt at the opportunity to team up with our friends at They’ve just launched a new line of very cool bleeding zombie targets.   About the Targets: Why shoot with boring old paper targets when you can […]
Walking Dead Chibis Review Unboxing

Zombie Product Review: The Walking Dead Chibis

Unless you’ve been barricaded in your safe-house, you probably heard the new Walking Dead Chibis have hit store shelves. For those that don’t know, the term “Chibi” is a Japanese slang term we’ve adopted here in the U.S. It is commonly used to refer to a short person or a character or object that is […]
Zombie Product Review: Zombie Garden Gnome

Zombie Product Review: Zombie Garden Gnome here with another zombie product review. Today we’re taking a detailed look at the Zombie Garden Gnome manufactured by ThumbsUp! There are plenty of Zombie garden gnomes on the market. Choosing which one is right for your needs might not seem like a difficult decision until it comes time to purchase one. Then […]
Crazy cheese giveaway walking Dead zombei gift

Walking Dead Crazy Cheese Giveaway

Spoiler Alert: on last night’s episode (Season 4 Episode 11: Claimed) of The Walking Dead we got to meet Abraham, Eugene and Rosita (rawr!) but so what. Even with ginger-haired soldiers, mullet-haired scientists and midriff baring latina hotties, the real star of the episode was without a doubt the crazy cheese. If you missed it, […]