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We recently finished some zombie giveaways and I wanted to update all of you on the winners in case you missed the posts on facebook and twitter. Arsenic & Honey T-Shirt Giveaway: The folks over at Arsenic & Honey clothing company were cool enough to sponsor a giveaway with a free t-shirt for one lucky …

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Zombie Christmas Trees Giveaway: Win 1 of 3 Autographed Copies of Zombie Christmas Trees by Chuck Miley!

Hey zombie fans, it’s time for another zombie giveaway!  While searching the web for the latest in zombie news we came across a new book whose title and subject immediately caught our eye: Zombie Christmas Trees by Chuck Miley.

In our never ending quest to bring you the latest and greatest in all things zombie we jumped all over the chance to contact Mr. Miley. He was gracious enough to send us a copy to review and went a step further by offering to sponsor a zombie giveaway! We currently have in our undead possesion not one, not two, but THREE autographed copies of Zombie Christmas Trees! Chuck was nice enough to autograph each book with a cool “Gotta love those zombies!” tagline and, of course, his signature.




Look for our review to be up on the blog very soon. Until then here’s a little teaser from the back cover:

In a quiet New Jersey village four children from different cultural backgrounds come together to solve the mystery of who is stealing Christmas tree decorations. The winter has been harsh and the snow deep. Accompanying the abundant snow fall after Christmas has been a strange scent and feeling in the air…different, not bad, different.

Then one night the four friends dubbed chickadees by the school crossing guard witness dead Christmas trees crawling out of the snow banks and gathering at a tree dump. Night after night the zombie Christmas trees haunt quiet Maplewood, New Jersey, stealing Christmas decorations from garages and storage sheds until the brave little group of children do something to bring the thefts to an end!

How do you kill a zombie Christmas Tree?



Want to get Zombie Christmas Trees right now?  The book is available for purchase directly from the printer. Each paperback copy retails for $15.00. Books are also available directly through the author by contacting Chuck Miley at:


About the Giveaway: The giveaway is live now and entries will be accepted until 12:01 am on 04/16/2012.  As always we’ve made this zombie giveaway extremely easy to enter. Use the widget below to earn entries. You can also see and enter all of our current zombie giveaways on our facebook page:

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