The Walking Dead Zombiefied: Check out’s AMAZING Interactive Walking Dead Infographic

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Back in January, 2013 asked their facebook fans which show they’d like to have an infographic about. Over 20,000 fans voted for The Walking Dead. What resulted was simply amazing.

The folks at decided to research and present a very cool behind the scenes look into what it takes to become a zombie…ahem….I mean a “walker”, on The Walking Dead. They took over 100 facts and figures pertaining to zombie makeup, Walking Dead special effects and other behind the scenes goodies and presented them in a visually and acoustically9 stunning website packed full of parallax scrolling, HTML 5, Javascript and CSS3 goodness. That’s geekspeak for “holy crap this is awesome”.
The infographic website is entitled: The Walking Dead Zombiefied: A Behind the Scenes Look at a Day In The Life of The Dead.

The web site is done a in very cool and easy to use interactive comic style format that immerses you in the action. After the site loads you simply scroll up and down to progress forward or go back through previous parts of the mini storyboard.

The web design geek in me is blown away with all the cool things that went into this behind the scenes. The Walking Dead fan in me is just as pleased with the site. It presents some cool behind the scenes information. While many big TWD fans will already know much of the information presented, I doubt many of you have seen it presented in a manner so fun and engaging!

Check it out by clicking below:

The Walking Dead Zombified: A Behind the Scenes Look at a Day in the Life of the Dead

It’s not too often something this awesome that is related to the Walking Dead or zombies sneaks past us. Somehow this one did. I don’t know how we didn’t tell you about this back in October but we didn’t. Better late than never and since odds are you missed this too, we’re sharing it now.

The site isn’t all looks. It sounds great too! If you’re a crazy fan like me The Walking Dead theme song gives you goosebumps. I loved hearing it as soon as the site loaded. Scroll to the end of the site and your ears are again rewarded. There’s a sick reglitch/remix of The Walking Dead theme used at the conclusion of the story. It was previously available from SoundCloud user Cryptex but it appears since this originally posted back in 2012 the track has been deleted.

What are your thoughts? Did you like the site? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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  1. That is incredible, I bookmarked to really read it better. I just think of a chart when I hear infographic-but this is waay beyond that. This is a great ‘find’and link, thanks!!!


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