Toxic Zombie Guitar Grip Review – Ghastly Ghoulish Grips for Your Guitar



You’ve got enough to worry about. There’s the current state of politics and the shaky, uncertainty of our economy. You also need to constantly navigate through issues with work, family, friends and more. As if that all isn’t enough there’s the constant threat of a pending zombie apocalypse. Let’s face it. You don’t have a lot of time and energy left to spend on worrying about the best way to safely store and display your axe. No, we’re not talking about bladed weapons here. We’re referring to your beloved banjo, bass or guitar. Fortunately, you don’t need to look much further thanks to these insanely detailed “Toxic Zombie” guitar grips. We’ve been lusting after these when we first saw them on social media and we couldn’t wait to get our hands on one. When the folks responsible for them at GuitarGrip offered to send over a complimentary grip for review we were more than happy to oblige.


Toxic Zombie Guitar Grip Review


These are a unique handmade zombie twist on the conventional wall-mounted guitar hanger. These hands shaped hangers mount to a wall or other vertical surface and grip and safely hang and support a guitar by the head and neck area. Each grip looks like a hand coming out of the wall but there’s so much more to them than that. GuitarGrip offers a variety of different designs from simple single colors (in both male and female variants), to wild designs sure to wow and inspire. Our favorite, of course, is their “Toxic Zombie” model shown here.


Part of the “Ghastly Grips” line, the detail work in the Toxic Zombie grip definitely lives up to the name. They could have taken the easy way out and simply taken one of their existing hands and painted it with some green zombie details. Instead, the designers went all out to create an entirely new design full of gross and gory detail sure to please any zombie fan. The undead come to life thanks to incredible design work. You can almost smell the putrid rotting flesh. The cleverly crafted aged and dehydrated peeling zombie skin reveals the underlying bony anatomy and musculature in several areas. The cracked and crusty fingernails definitely appear like they have helped claw their way out of a grave and into a meal or two. These grips are truly a work of art and we haven’t even gotten to the stunning paint.

Toxic Zombie Guitar Grip review closeup of palm details
Beautiful paintwork and amazing attention to detail make the Toxic Zombie guitar grip a great gift idea.


The painting on these is amazing. The zombie skin is just the right shade of an olive drab toned zombie green. There are no cartoon-like and annoying fluorescent zombie greens here. Shading and details are very well done and the professional quality airbrush work helps complete the look. Each grip is base coated and then airbrushed with details before being glazed and then top coated with a matte clear coat for durability. As you clearly see in our photos here, the final result is nothing short of remarkable. We’re very impressed with how closely the actual product we received resembles the product photos. With handmade goods it can be very common for the final product to feature a little less detail or to look quite a bit different from product listing photos. That definitely isn’t the case here because these arrive just as advertised!


Guitar Grip Toxic Zombie Guitar Grip Review


Of course these aren’t just pretty. They’re also functional. Currently available only in the left hand version shown here, this grip should safely hold pretty much any even heel or uneven heel headstocks. It’s not really suitable for a reversed uneven hell headstock.

There’s much more than simply hanging a guitar from a fake hand. The GuitarGrip crew has obviously taken their time to thoroughly think through things and no small detail is overlooked. Each grip comes with a soft felt padded area to prevent damage to walls. A padded rubber grip area inside the hand protects your instrument while offering increased grip. They even provide easy to follow installation instructions and necessary mounting hardware.


Installation is honestly incredibly easy. The preferred method is mounting the grip to a stud. In our opinon, this provides the most stability and pretty much eliminates the possibility of your grip ripping out of the wall. The mounting screw included with your grip mounts directly to a stud and for this method you’ll need:
1. A stud finder (or other method of locating a stud within your walls)
2. A drill
3. A 3/16″ drill bit

To mount you simply screw the flat ended machine threaded portion of the mounting bolt into the hanger base and hand tighten it until it stops. Next, locate a stud and drill a 3/16 hole 1 inch deep through the wall and stud. Finally grasp the grip by the wrist and insert the pointed end of the mounting screw into the hole you just drilled. Tighten by turning in a clockwise direction until the grip is securely and snugly mounted flush with the wall. You’re done!

Check out the video below which shows just how easy installation can be:

If you prefer other mounting options, GuitarGrip has you covered. If you can’t access a stud for some reason you can mount your zombie guitar grip using a simple 1/4″-20 drywall anchor or one of their custom decorative mounting discs. There’s also a slatwall bracket option that’s perfect for use in a retail or showcase environment.

Some of the aforementioned parts are available at your local hardware store or could be crafted by a knowledgeable do-it-yourselfer, but we were happy to see GuitarGrip isn’t gouging the unknowing with the prices on these options. Thanks to their reasonable prices on alternative mounting options it almost isn’t worth bothering with sourcing your own solution. It won’t save you a significant amount money. There’s definitely a small premium to be paid for convenience but it is often money well spent when you save yourself valuable time.


The great attention to detail doesn’t stop with appearance. These feel incredibly well made and built to last. Each grip is solid and heavy without feeling fragile. The paint work is honestly much tougher than we were expecting. Thanks to the durable glazing and topcoating the finish feels very durable and we doubt you’ll have any issues with chipped, peeling or flaking paint with normal handling.



Check out some additional photos of the Toxic Zombie Guitar Grip in the gallery below:



  • Functional work of art
  • NiceRetail Box Packaging
  • Works well for guitars etc. with even heel or uneven heel headstock designs
  • Incredible painting and detail
  • Durable design
  • Solid stud mounting
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Padded felt mounting area
  • Cushioned grip area protects your instrument
  • Easy to install
  • Handmade right here in the USA (Made in Detroit, MI)


There really isn’t much to complain about here. That being said, we do our best to point out both positive and negative features of the products we review.

  • Currently only available in a left handed version
  • The price (currently $65.00 at the time of this review) may be a bit steep for some. Sure you can get a lame wall hanger for much less somewhere else but this isn’t about the most economical solution. A significant amount of time and effort goes into a handmade product like this and we feel the price is reasonable considering the amazing detail.



Zombie Product Review Toxic Zombie Guitar Hanger


There honestly isn’t much to dislike here.  The Toxic Zombie guitar grip is a functional, durable and beautifully executed work of art. If you’re looking for a SICK zombie guitar hanger or the perfect zombie themed gift for the guitar player in your life, these are the answer!



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