The Walking Dead Puma Shoes Available Via Footlocker

Fans and Collectors of AMC’s The Walking Dead routinely go nuts for officially licensed merchandise. Little has changed since the show first aired in the United States back on Halloween of 2010. There’s good news for fans still rabid for new products in 2019. Officially licensed The Walking Dead Puma shoes are now available exclusively via Footlocker!

The Walking Dead Puma Shoes

Puma GV Special TWD

The Walking Dead Puma Shoes

The new footwear released on March 25th, 2019 and are a result of a collaboration between AMC, Footlocker, Puma and designer Alexander-John. The limited edition Walking Dead Puma shoes are a limited edition, collectible custom version of Puma GV Special sneakers. If you’re expecting the typical over the top TWD style with blood splatters and in your face styling, you’ll be disappointed.

The Walking Dead Puma sneakers take a subtle approach. At first glance we weren’t thrilled. Then we realized the design was heavily inspired by the Whisperers storyline within TWD. None of the shoe’s externally visible style cues would indicate they’re a Walking Dead collectible. This seemed odd to us but then we looked at the insoles. They feature an image of Whisperer’s leader, Alpha. Then we got it. These shoes, much like the Whisperers themselves, are designed to hide in plain sight. They aren’t meant to scream out to those who aren’t in the know and we actually love that.

The white design sports a pale yellow stripe that hints at the dull colors and post-apocalyptic wardrobe styling and cinematography frequently seen in the show itself. The black laces add some simple and stark contrasting. Light touches of hand painted “dirt” stands out from the clean white design. Aside from the painted dirt details, the insoles and custom box are the only details that even hint at these being Walking Dead merchandise.

These Walking Dead Puma shoes allow you to display your love for TWD while hiding in plain sight. Those who know will instantly recognize the subtle details without flashy blood splatters or decaying corpses on your feet to turn heads and garner unwanted attention.

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Where Can I Get Them?

These shoes dropped yesterday, 3/25/2019 and are available via and select stores such as select PUMA Labs and Foot Locker’s Times Square POP shop. The listed MSRP is $200.00 USD. These are a limited edition collectible. That typically means they will sell out quickly. We recommend ordering yours now if you’d like a pair. Many common US sizes such as 11, and 12 are already sold out. The folks at FootLocker recommend you order a half size larger than your normal shoe size if you have wide feet.

If you couldn’t cop a pair directly from FootLocker you’ll have to turn to resellers. In fact, these sneakers are already listed on ebay. No worries. We’ve rounded up all the relevant ebay search results for you here.

Another great site to try is where all shoes are authenticated to help reduce or eliminate the sale of counterfeit products. The down side to purchasing from a reseller is you’ll almost certainly pay much more than if you purchased at retail before the product sold out.


Louisville Slugger Lucille Bat:

The launch of the shoes also coincided with a very cool collectible Louisville Slugger Lucille Bat. The 34″ commemorative baseball bat is a tribute to TWD and Negan’s “Lucille.” It features a TWD logo along with printed barbed wire graphics. You probably won’t be swinging this bad boy on the sandlot this summer. (The retail price for the bat is currently $150.00)

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