Walking Dead Wind Ups Review and Unboxing

Walking Dead Wind Ups review and unboxing photo of all

The new officially licensed The Walking Dead Wind Ups toys recently hit store shelves. These adorable collectible plastic wind up toys are brought to you by our friends over at Bulls i Toy. If the name sounds familiar it’s probably because they’re the same company behind other awesome Walking Dead collectibles such as Walking Dead Dog Tags, Chibis and more! It seems the folks over at Bulls i Toy really appreciate our detailed and honest reviews. They were interested in our thoughts on their new Walking Dead Wind Ups toy product line and offered to send over a sample set for review. Naturally, we jumped at the opportunity.


The entire set (or at least this series) consists of 7 individual Walking Dead Wind Up Toys.  These fun plastic wind up toys are fun for nearly any age, but they’re recommended for ages 3 and up. There is a possibility small parts could come detached and pose a potential choking hazard.


Walking Dead Windups Product review complete set of 7
Walking Dead Windups – Set of 7

Here’s the set pictured above (Left to right from the top left)

  1. Michonne
  2. Rick Grimes
  3. Walker
  4. The Governor
  5. Daryl Dixon
  6. Andrea
  7.  Glenn




Each Walking Dead Wind Up is packaged in a small cardboard window box package. That’s right collectors, we get a much deserved break from blind packaging! That means we won’t need to spend a small fortune to complete our collections.  This time around we get to see exactly what we’re buying.  This temporarily eliminates the blind packaging and the random frustration and desperation that often accompany it.  There’s no need for feeling packages while store staff and fellow customers give us weird looks. Walking Dead Chibis collectors you know what we mean! No worries however, blind packaging will return with the upcoming Walking Dead tokenz from Bulls I Toy.

Each cardboard box features the familiar dirty and distressed earthtone and blood splatter background design we’ve come to associate with the majority of AMC’s Walking Dead collectibles. Every box features a cardboard hanging tab flap on the top.  The top flap is usually secured with a piece of clear tape on the left and right side. The bottom flap isn’t glued and can be very carefully opened to allow collectors to open their items for display without destroying the original packaging.  Once opened there’s a second cardboard background inside the box. The actual toy itself resides in a plastic tray within the outer box.  Each box appears to be identical so there’s no character name or anything obviously unique to each different character. The back of the outer package features a handy visual checklist to ensure you collect all seven.

Here’s a photo of the visual checklist on the back of each box:


Closeup of back of box - checklist
Closeup of back of box – checklist

Daryl Dixon fans rejoice! He’s part of this series!

Daryl Dixon Walking Dead Wind Up Toy in box
Daryl Dixon Walking Dead Wind Up

We took photos of each Walking Dead Wind Up toy. Check out the photo gallery below. Click any of the thumbnail images to open a larger view:




We found the Walking Dead Wind Ups we purchased at our local Target store for just $4.99 each. In our opinion this is the ideal price point. These are affordable enough and the series is small enough any collector should be able to complete the set. At this price you’d be able to collect all 7 for under $35.00 before taxes. Try that with any other Walking Dead collectible.



Walking Dead Daryl Dixon Out of Box
Photo of Daryl Dixon Walking Dead Wind Up Out of Box



Toy Construction:

The Walking Dead Windups measure just under 4 inches tall and are constructed of plastic. The main body and head of each figure appear to be a two piece construction.  A small visible seam runs along the middle of each wind up toy where the front and back half meet. Three small metal screws appear to hold each piece together.  The mechanism to windup the figure protrudes from the right side of each figure. This small metal post is covered with a white plastic knurled knob for grip and comfort. The wind up mechanism feels surprisingly sturdy.  We tested all of our review samples and some of our own purchases and experienced no issues.  I remember some wind up toys from my childhood were very fragile. They’d typically be destroyed if they were wound backwards or if they were overwound.  Fortunately doing either seems pretty difficult with the Walking Dead Wind Ups. You’d have to be make a deliberate effort to forcefully overwind or otherwise damage the winding mechanism from winding backwards etc. If you try to break them I’m sure they’ll give. Otherwise these are built much better than we were expecting.

A closeup of Wind Up
Here’s a closer look at the winding post.


All of our Wind Up toys walked smoothly and without issue. Each figure’s arms move up and down as they step. It’s a nice touch because without it they’d ambulate with a boring shuffle. We only had one small issue with The Governor toy.  He would occasionally fall. His feet occasionally catch on each other. It’s very subtle and it’s just enough to cause the toy to fall from time to time. It’s a minor issue and if we were going to tie someone’s shoelaces together during the zombie apocalypse, The Governor would be near the top of our list. Check out our photos of Rick, Glenn, The Governor and Daryl Dixon in the photo gallery below. Click any of the image thumbnails below to open a bigger view:


For the most part paintwork and details on our Walking Dead Wind Ups was very well done. The flesh or main body area of each toy is a shiny skin colored plastic. (At least for the human characters.) The identifying characteristics of each character are well done and most details are very well done. Glenn has his baseball cap and jersey from Season 1.  Rick Grimes sports facial hear and his King County Sheriff’s uniform. The bottom line is every stylized character is instantly recognizable.

We do have some minor complaints. First Michonne’s hair comes off a little lazily done. The flat black paint for her hair doesn’t look horrible , but there’s room for improvement. Michonne sports her headband and some of her dreadlocks  hang down over the front of it. From the back and sides her hair just looks odd. If the two dreads weren’t dangling in the front it would almost look like she’s wearing a helmet or swim cap. It’s hard to explain but there is just a little added detail needed. Maybe some dark gray highlights to define individual dreads or to give some texture? We’re also a little disappointed in the katana on Michonne’s back.  It looks a little lame and like more of an afterthought. The tiny white and black katana look like someone hastily drew the at the last minute. Sorry Michonne. We don’t mean to beat up on you, but you’re one of our favorite characters and the detail work on your Wind Up toy just don’t live up to your level of awesomeness.

Michonne Walking Dead Wind Up
Michonne’s hair has some dreads hanging down in front, but the rest of her hair just looks a little off to us.
Walking Dead Michonne Wind Up Hair Closeup
See what we mean? The flat straight hair on the sides just needs a little something to make it look right.
Michonne’s hair from the back: Definitely needs a little something so it doesn’t look like a helmet from behind. Her beloved walker beheader looks more like a cross between a sword and a cricket bat than a katana.


Andrea’s white shirt and gray tanktop undershirt look a little odd. We’re huge fans of the show so we know exactly what the designers were going for here. For those less familar with the earlier seasons of The Walking Dead it may be a little confusing.   At first glance it almost appears as if Andrea’s torso is bandaged. There were also some issues with the pain work on Andrea’s hair.  There were some scuff marks and dark marks within her blonde hair, but nothing too awful.

A few paint mishaps on Andrea but nothing too major


Our favorite figure in this series is definitely the lone walker.  The reason may be because he’s the only zombie. Then again he might be our favorite due to his bright color scheme, the blood spatters or the added level of detail present. Whatever the reasons we love the Walker and he’s pretty much perfect in our eyes!


Walking Dead Wind Up  Walker
How can you not love this guy?


The Walking Dead Wind Up Toy Walker Toy Face Closeup
A face you can’t help but love!


Here are a few more photos of the walker. Click any of the image thumbnails below to open a bigger view:

Let’s wrap things up with a breakdown of what we loved and what we weren’t so pleased with.

What’s Great

The Price: We’ve seen these routinely priced around $5.00. (Our local Target store sells these for just $4.99). We consider this an ideal price. These are affordable enough to make them obtainable for collectors of any budget.  Completing the set of 7 won’t cost fans an arm and a leg and that’s something we appreciate. Avid collectors can afford to buy two of their favorite characters and leave one sealed permanently.

Window Box Packaging: Thanks Bulls i Toy! We desperately needed a break from blind packaging. Don’t get us wrong.  We don’t mind buying our collectibles in random blind packaging from time to time. It keeps things interesting and definitely feeds the urgent rabid need to complete your collection. Bulls i Toy easily could have blind packaged these. After all each one is the same size and shape. Paying around $5.00 to constantly get duplicates doesn’t sound like much fun. Paying $5.00 and knowing exactly what we’re going to get makes us smile. It also makes completing your collection easier and more affordable. We’ll save our pennies for collecting the upcoming Walking Dead Tokenz!

Sturdy Windup Mechanism:  Many of you won’t play with these. Should you decide to, they can take it. The winding mechanism was more durable and stronger than we expected.

The Arms Move Too: It’s a subtle little addition to the walking motion but we really like the added realism of each figure swinging their arms up and down while they walk. Very cool!

Ideal Size: Any serious Walking Dead collector runs out of space to store their collectibles pretty quickly.  Fortunately these Walking Dead Wind Ups are the ideal size. At just under 4 inches they don’t take up much shelf space.  Their small packaging doesn’t add much bulk which means there’s no significant difference in space requirements whether you choose to display them boxed or unboxed.

Reasonable Series Size: We like the fact that there are only seven of these and the fact that we don’t need to chase down 3 different random and rare variants of each one.  There IS a set of Hot Topic Exclusive Wind Ups which consists of a a glow in the dark version of the set, available only via Hot Topic stores. Even with the exclusives considered, this is a reasonably sized edition that is achievable for any collector.

Equal Appeal as Toys and Collectibles: These are affordable, cute and collectible.  Should you choose to remove them from their package they’re also fun low tech toys for nearly any age. This is the type of collectible you’ll find yourself playing with or letting your kids handle.



What’s Not So Great

Michonne: We hate to complain, but the Michonne Wind Up is a bit of a disappointment.  Michonne’s hair just looks odd and incomplete. While it’s difficult to explain, her hair needs a little more detail as a finishing touch. A few added paint details could likely give her hair the added texture and detail it needs in order to look more like her famous dreadlocks. As it stands her hair looks like a flat black helmet from the back and sides. We found Michonne’s Katana a little comical too. Although these are cute and stylized toys, her katana just looks a little too simple and cartoon-like.

Only One Walker: We really love the one walker in this set and wish there were at least another one or two zombies to collect.

Window Box Packaging: While we’re thrilled with the ability to see what we’re purchasing, there is a down side. Resellers, ebay sellers and others can pick their favorites from your local store shelves. While we haven’t noticed this as much as we expected in our area, don’t be surprised if fan favorites like Daryl Dixon, Rick Grimes or the Walker are sold out if you find these in stores.



Final Verdict:

The affordable price and easy collectibility of this series make these a no brainer. It comes down what you like as a fan and collector.  Either you like cute and stylized Walking Dead wind up toys or you’re opposed to the idea. There really is no middle ground. We love them! While they aren’t perfect they’re adorable, collectible and perfectly priced!


Walking Dead Wind Ups Toy Review - 4.75 out of 5

4.75 out of 5



About Bulls i Toy:

“Bulls i Toy’s Mission is to lead the toy industry by providing the most fun and creative products through a commitment to excellence in partnership with customers, suppliers, and employees.”


Bulls i Toy manufactures many Walking Dead products including  Chibis, Dog Tags, Tokens and more. They’re also known for many other fun toys that aren’t Walking Dead related.  Be sure to check out their full product line using the link above.

Like the Bulls i Toy Facebook page for updates, contests and more!

Where To Buy: The Walking Dead Wind Ups from Bulls i Toy are available at many big box and major retailers near you.  We’ve personally seen them at Target and have heard reports of them being available via Kmart and Walmart stores.  There’s a also a set of glow in the dark variants available only at Hot Topic stores. If all else fails you can always shop on ebay




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