Zombie Giveaway! The ZombieGift.com 1,500 “Likes” and “Followers” Giveaway



Hello there you gorgeous growing horde! Every day we slowly and steadily grow our following here at ZombieGift.com. We currently have about 1,200 “Likes” on our facebook page and 1,300 followers on Twitter.

To thank you and keep the momentum going, we’re holding a very cool zombie giveaway. We’re giving away a modest little zombie prize pack containing the following:

1.    One Zombie Jell-o Mold. –  Comes complete with recipes to make some cool zombie brain jell-o dishes.
2.   One Zombie Screamer Pull Apart Plush Toy. –  Pull his head off and he screams. No worries though; simply let go and his retracts back on a string and returns to it’s normal position. It even stays put with velcro.
3.   One “I Love (heart) Zombies” Button. – Proudly wear this on your jacket. Pin it to your purse. Put it on your bugout bag. Hook it to the sling of your assault rifle. We don’t care!
4.   One “I Love (heart) Zombies” Ceramic Shot Glass.  –  Whether it’s just the end of a tough day at the office or the zombie apocalypse….everyone could use a stiff drink now and then.
5.   One Pack of Zombie Jerky from Harco’s Labs. –  It’s 1.25 ounces of beef jerky deliciousness! Gnom on this right away or throw it in your bugout bag for when SHTF.
6.   One  Copy of The Christian Zombie Killer’s Handbook: Slaying the Living Dead Within by Jeff Kinley.   – Not a Christian? I’m sure you could still slay some inner demons bro! If not just impress your friends by adding yet another zombie book that they don’t own to your shelf.
7.   Two  Packs of Zombie Caution Tape. – Decorate your room or office…or just mark off your safehouse to keep intruders away!
8.   One Pack of “Severed Body Parts” Human Ears.   – Don’t worry, they’re fake. (We think.) Why? Use them to make a Daryl Dixon Zombie Ear necklace. Use them as zombie bait….or just leave your friends wondering WTF you’re doing with a bag of human ears resting on your coffee table.
9.   One  Tin of Zombie Mints. –  They’re Brain flavored mints in an awesome zombie tin. Yes…we said brain flavored. Don’t believe us? Try one. Then try some brains. (Sorry we only supply the mints.)
10. Whatever Else We Come Up With.   – Maybe we’ll find some other cool zombie stuff to throw in. Maybe we’ll be lazy and forget all about it. It’s pretty much 50/50 at this point. If we don’t throw in any extras this is still a pretty cool prize pack! So stop complaining ya greedy little brain suckers! 😉


How To Enter:

ENTER USING THE OFFICIAL ENTRY FORM. You MUST enter using the entry form posted below. You can also access the same form posted on ourfacebook page and our website. Be sure to read the official terms and rules shown in the widget before entering. Also, be sure to read the instructions and do what the form tells you to do. It’s fast, easy and you can earn multiple entries.

We’re doing this one a little backwards from our typical giveaway. We usually hold out until we reach our goal and THEN we launch the giveaway. This time we’re launching it RIGHT NOW. When we reach our goal of 1,500 “Likes” on facebook and 1,500 “Followers” on our Twitter account we’ll close the entry form and pick a winner.



Please note: There is a specific giveaway end date listed in the widget but that is NOT necessarily the date the giveaway will end. It’s simply the date the form will automatically close if we don’t extend the time. The giveaway will be closed for entries as soon as we verify we have 1,500 likes on our facebook page and 1,500 Twitter followers. That may be before the giveaway end date shown. We will extend the entry period timeframe if need be.

Please note if you’re already a twitter follower or facebook fan you still get the entries but it’s NOT automatic. Each giveaway you you MUST do something to claim them. First click the down arrow next to the entry and then click the green “I’m a Fan” or “I Follow” button in the bottom right corner of that entry to officially claim your entry!

48 thoughts on “Zombie Giveaway! The ZombieGift.com 1,500 “Likes” and “Followers” Giveaway

  1. Paul Davidson says:

    Thanks for the giveaway

  2. Awesome! Thanks for the chance!

  3. Thanks for doing this awesome giveaway!

  4. Nice contest and congrats!

  5. You guys Rock !!

  6. I like free stuff!

  7. Thank you for having a great giveaway 🙂 Love your site

  8. Awesome stuff!

  9. patrick mccaakill says:

    Thats so cool.

  10. kathy schafer says:

    Thanks for the possible win! I never win anything, maybe my luck will change!!!

  11. thanks for the chance to win such awesome prizes 🙂

  12. awesome giveaway!! 😀

  13. Jones Foxx Jr. says:

    Git er dun !

  14. I have never coveted zombie stuff so much in my life!

  15. Awesome giveaway….fingers crossed

  16. Thanks for opportunity & good luck everyone!

  17. stephanie garritson says:

    Thank you for all the amazing giveaways and good luck everyone!

  18. You lazy ba.. *ahem* I mean you don’t have to throw in any extras-the prize pack is big enough (that’s what she said-ok ok, I couldn’t help myself, you know I’m a massive nerd) Anyway, this is an awesome giveaway-I can’t believe what is listed-thanks and I can’t wait to see whats in the 5,000 followers box! 😉

  19. You ALWAYS have the best giveaways…just hope I’m the lucky one this time!!!!

  20. Thanks for the giveaway and good luck on reaching 1500!

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  22. Thanks for the contest!!!

  23. Brandye Melancon says:

    bbbbbrrraaaaiiinnnsss… No, really, very cool giveaway. Nice to see something so original!

  24. Giveaway looks AWESOME !!!

  25. If I win, I will be all like “super duper!”

  26. This is awesome! I would love to win this. Thanks for the cool giveaway!

  27. John Patterson says:

    Zombie Jello giveaway is that an oxymoron

  28. this is great

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