Zombie Giveaway! ZombieGift.com is sending October and 2015 Out With a Bang!

We’re Baaaaaaack! You thought we forgot about #OctoberOutbreak didn’t you? Not a chance! For those of you who don’t know, #OctoberOutbreak is when we give back to all of you with a ton of great zombie giveaways. This year #OctoberOutbreak is bigger and badder. We Typically launch it in earlier October and spend the month giving away great zombie prizes. This year we decided to switch things up and do things a bit differently. We’re launching #OctoberOutbreak on Halloween and the giveaways will extend through the Holiday shopping season and through the end of 2015.

We thought we’d get things started in a big way with an awesome giveaway launched on Halloween. A series of smaller giveaways will be launched throughout November and December. Stay tuned and be sure to check back here on our blog and visit our social media accounts frequently for new giveaway announcements.

Zombie Giveaway #OctoberOutbreak
Win this awesome zombie prize pack! (Details for entering are provided below)

Zombie Giveaway #1: The Halloween Mega Zombie Horde Prize Pack

See more photos of the prize pack in the gallery below:

This prize pack is stuffed with a horde of zombie prizes. There is so much awesome zombie stuff we couldn’t fit it all in the photo. Here’s a glance of some of the free zombie gifts one lucky winner will shamble away with:
• One Ceramic Zombie Head Cookie Jar
• 4 Zombie Mini Rubber Duck Toys
• 1 Daryl Dixon Walking Dead Windups Toy
• 3 Plush Zombie Teddy Bear Toys
• 2 Zombie Finger Puppets
• 1 Zombie Feeding Area Foam Sign
• 1 Certified Zombie Killer Plastic Shot Glass
• One Brain Dead Zombies Brain ooze toy
• One set of 4 Zombie Pencils
• Zombie Holiday Greeting Cards
• One 14 count bag of Zombie Gummy Candy
• 4 Different “Grow A Zombie” Toys
• One 8 Pack of Zombie Gummy Hand Treat Decorations
• “Zombies Unbrained” – 3 Disc set of 12 Zombie Films: Over 16 hours of Blood, Sweat and Brains!
• 4 Different packs of 30ft long Zombie Caution Tape
• 2 Plastic Novelty Zombie Necklaces
• 1 Wooden “Keep Calm and Zombie On” sign
• 1 Wooden “Living Dead Restaurant” Sign
• 1 Metal “Warning Please Do Not Feed the Zombies” Sign
• 1 “Zombies Hate Fast Food” T-shirt (Size XL)
• 1 Pack of Zombie Glitter Stickers
• 3 Reusable Zombie Halloween Window Clings
• And whatever else we decide to throw in your prize pack!


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