Zombie News: Walking Dead Season 5 Trailer

Walking Dead Season 5 Comic Con trailer SDCC
As most of you know by now, AMC released the long awaited trailer for Season 5 of The Walking Dead this past weekend at San Diego Comic Con. In case you missed it, or just want to analyze it over and over again while you wait for the return of The Walking Dead on October 12th, 2014, we’ve gone ahead and posted the full comic-con trailer below.

We recommend watching for some pretty cool walkers. They definitely look more decomposed and gory as the producers have promised they would as time progresses. Watch the trailer below and look for walkers we’ve nicknamed “Librarian Walker” and “Double Chins” Walker. Pretty crazy looking stuff to come.

This trailer also hints at what happened to Beth, what’s going down at Terminus and more. Basically, like any trailer worth its salt, the Walking Dead Season 5 Comic Con Trailer leaves more unanswered questions than it does answered. We can’t wait for Season 5!

Watch the video below and let us know what you think of the trailer in the comments section below. We’re not normally ones to rush away summer…but hurry up October!

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