Zombie Product Review: Black Ops Zombie Gel Airsoft Target

I know.  Many of you aren’t interested in air soft guns, targets and other related items. The market is flooded with zombie product in this genre however and I purchase and get my hands on many of them. I feel it would be a disservice to those zombie fans interested in airsoft if I failed to show my thoughts on these products. So all of you who aren’t interested in airsoft will just have to tune out on these zombie product reviews!  With that out of the way let’s get started.

Airsoft fans, or parents of those who shoot airsoft guns, will LOVE this target. My son is a huge airsoft fanatic and loves to shoot his guns outside. Both of us hate the cleanup however.  The problem is, those little plastic bb’s end up all over the yard.  We have, and use, those little targets with a net backdrop that catches the bb’s that hit the target, but they’re honestly a pain in the butt to use sometimes. If you aren’t careful when removing the net, half the bb’s end up on the ground anyway. Retrieving them out of the net isn’t quite as  easy as you’d think. I was searching for something a little better. My definition of something better was something that’s easy for my son to set up, works and doesn’t cost a fortune.

I found all of that and more with this Black Ops zombie gel target.

Let’s get something out of the way. The “Black Ops” in the title has nothing to do with the video game. While I suspect that the name is a clever way to capitalize on the popularity of the Call of Duty Video Games with the same name, there is NO other relationship.

This target is actually pretty awesome. This zombie target consists of a printed target image of a zombie in a black plastic octagon frame. The real genius is in the gel coating covering the target. The entire target image is coated with a thick rubbery gel coating. If you’ve ever used one of those washable reusable gel lint brushes you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.  The stuff is pretty awesome. The BB’s are supposed to hit the target and stick to the gel which then slowly releases the bb’s and let’s them roll or slide down the front of the target into the collection tray stand.

So does this thing actually work? Yep!

I’ll admit at first I was skeptical. My initial thoughts were that my son’s guns would shoot right through this target. If they didn’t blow right through the target then surely the bb’s would ricochet off the gel.  I was wrong on both counts. Granted I don’t let him shoot the most powerful airsoft guns in the world, but even my son’s spring powered and electric guns in the 200-400 fps range pack a decent punch from close range. They’re definitely capable of ripping through carboard with ease!

No issue with shooting through the target at all. The gel works great at catching the bb’s and absorbing their impact. In fact the first use or two the gel actually works a little too well. When it was new, the gel caught the bb’s but didn’t release them. Instead of rolling down the front of the target we had to pick the bb’s off. After a little use however the gel works exactly as advertised. The bb’s slowly roll down the front of the target and collect in the  plastic tray at the base of the target. As long as you are a good shot, clean up is incredibly easy with this target!

The gel coating is very durable and “heals” well.  The gel is pretty sticky so I’m sure things other than bb’s will stick to it.  Things like leaves,dirt, dust, pet hair or other debris could end up in the gel and make it less adhesive over time. That’s really not an issue though because you can rinse off the gel carefully to clean and rejuvenate it.

Another tip is to save the packaging material for the target. When you remove the target from the box the first time the gel surface is covered with a plastic film to protect the gel. My son carefully removed it without tearing it. Now when he’s done shooting he carefully sticks the protective plastic back over the gel and it keeps things from sticking to it while in storage.



For the low cost I wasn’t expecting this target to last too long. It has far exceeded my life expectancy for it.  We’ve shoot this target many many times and we’ve had it for close to a year now and this thing still works like it did the first week we had it.  We haven’t had to rinse off the gel once and the target still works great. We’ve shot outside in some bitter midwest winter temperatures and the target has held up fine. The only real issue with the target has been some minor dents. If you miss the target and hit the black plastic frame the bb’s will dent the plastic and ricochet off. There are a few dents from errant shots, but that is really the only issue I’ve seen so far.


What’s Great:

– Crazy Low Price. This target is priced as low as $6.0o  In my opinion they could easily get away with charging $14.99 to $19.99.

– Durable

– Easy Set Up

– Works as Advertised

– Makes Post Airsoft Shooting Cleanup a Breeze

-Can be used standing or hanging on a wall.

– Perfect for indoor shooting in the basement etc.


What’s Not So Great:

There really isn’t much to complain about here, but I do my best to offer up fair and honest reviews. I forced myself to come up with a few things I didn’t like about the target.

– The Size. While not small, I suppose in a perfect world the target could be a little bigger. However for the low price I’m actually surprised it is as large as it is.

– I’d like the zombie to be a little more “zombie-like”. I’d rather have a grotesque decayed zombie with blood dripping all over instead of the whole glowing eye zombie look.

-The collection tray could be a little deeper to hold more bb’s. That way I could be lazy and empty it less often . 😉

– The whole sliding down the target thing makes scoring any shooting games a little more difficult. You need to keep track of where you hit the target as you shoot. Since the bb’s slowly slide down the target you may have a headshot that’s in the collection tray when you’re done shooting. Since there is no hole to reference at the end of a round like there is with a paper target, you need to pay attention to where you hit.  Not a deal breaker, but it does make scoring a little more challenging if you aren’t on your toes.

Those are all minor annoyances at best.  Seriously there just isn’t much to complain about here. If you shoot airsoft guns or know someone who does this would make a great gift. I highly recommend it.  My son literally has about 6 airsoft targets and we haven’t used any others since we’ve purchased this one.


Where can I get one?

Whenever we review a zombie product that  people like we’re bombarded with emails etc. on where to buy it.  For that reason we try to include a link whenever possible.  I purchased this target from our local Walmart for about $10.00  to $11.00, but you can find it even cheaper on their website. The last few times I’ve checked, and at the time of this posting, this zombie target was priced at just $6.00 online!  At that price you can purchase a couple. Clicking the image or link below will take you to the product on the retailer’s web page. Purchasing through these links may earn us a penny or two in commission so keep that in mind. Every penny helps run the site and allows us to purchase more great zombie products to review.

Black Ops Zombie Gel Target

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  1. I’d loooove to shoot these with a real gun and see what would happen 😀 probablu a bad plan 😛

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