Zombie Product Review: Ceramic Zombie Head Bowl

When the zombies come you need to send a message. A message that says, “I’m NOT to be messed with!”  What better message than eating your morning cereal or any other meal out of a zombie skull?  When we first saw the ceramic zombie head bowl hit the market we knew we had to have one.  The problem with ceramic items is they often don’t look quite as good as the listing photos when you receive them.  Things that get glazed by hand often get rushed in actual production pieces.  The final pieces often don’t look as vibrant and attractive as the item you see in the listing photos and on the packaging.

How does the zombie head bowl stack up? We plunked down a little cash to order one in order to find out. Let’s take a look at the ZombieGift.com review of the ceramic Zombie Bowl from ThinkGeek.

Here are the original product listing photos; the same photos used on the packaging:

Zombie Product Review - Ceramic Zombie Head Bowl With Product PhotosZombie Head Bowl Product ReviewThe photos above show what we were expecting. Let’s take a look at what we actually received with our order.  Did it live up to the photos shown above? Read on to find out!



We loved the packaging for this zombie item.  In true ThinkGeek style things are super cool and well done right down to the packaging.  The box features very cool zombie bowl artwork and lets you know this bowl is both microwave and dishwasher safe.  Our box had a little minor shelf and handling wear but nothing major. The box is so cool we had a hard time bringing ourselves to recycle it!

Zombie Product Review Zombie Bowl Box
Stylish packaging makes this a great gift idea for any zombie fan!

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The packaging is more than just a pretty face on some cardboard. It’s also fully functional.  The fitted styrofoam insert is perfect for storing and protecting the contents inside. Our bowl was shipped packed as you see here inside another box with air bags. Everything arrived undamaged and in great shape.  Check out a couple images of the inside of the packaging below.  Click the images below for a larger view.




Overall we’re very pleased with the actual product we received.  This zombie gift measures a little over 3 inches deep making it nice and deep for storing food or small items.  The bowl opening measures nearly 4.5″ wide at its widest point.

The zombie head bowl we received is pretty close to the product listing and packaging photos. Or only minor complaint is we would have liked to see more attention to detail in the details of the painting/glazing.  Compared to the product listing photos, our zombie head bowl was a little light on the bloody details.  The blood isn’t nearly as vibrant and well applied as it is on the bowl used for the product photos. The blood is much more transparent in many areas on our product.  We were most disappointed with the eyes on our bowl.  The dark bloody areas around the eyes seen in the product listing photos are essentially absent on our product.   These areas give the eyes a dramatic deep and sunken look in the product listing photos. The eyes on our zombie head bowl lack that punch and it left us feeling just a bit cheated. Take a look at the product photos below and you’ll see what we mean.


Zombie Bowl Ceramic Zombie Head Bowl Review
Here’s the actual bowl we received. We placed a pen in the photo just to give you an idea of size. We likey!
Ceramic Zombie Head Bowl
Overall it looks pretty close to what was advertised and we’re very pleased!

Zombie Product Review Ceramic Zombie Head Bowl Ceramic Zombie Head Bowl Ceramic Zombie Head Bowl



The Final Verdict:Zombie Product Review: 4.5 points out of 5 Zombucks Murk Diem zombie product review Zombie Head Bowl

4.5/5 Stars . . . ahem. . . we mean brains.

Overall we were very pleased with the zombie bowl we received.  Our maincomplaint is the lack of detail in bloody details with the paint/glaze.   The glaze application looked a little sloppy and hastily done on our bowl, especially in the eye areas where the dark blood was essentially missing.  That left our zombie bowl feeling a little flat compared to the sample product listing photos.  We can’t complain too much because this sort of thing is to be expected when purchasing an item that is hand painted or glazed.   That being said, the difference was just enough t keep from giving this item a perfect 5/5 score.  We still highly recommend this item and it would make a great affordable zombie gift for zombie fans both young and old.


Where can I get it?:

The zombie head bowl is listed at ZombieGift.com.  You can also pick it up at ThinkGeek.com.




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