Zombie Product Review: “Everyday Zombies” Playing Cards from Bicycle Playing Cards

Everyday Zombies Zombie Playing Cards Review


We recently purchased and reviewed Zombie playing cards from Bicycle® Cards. When purchasing those cards we spotted these”Everyday Zombies” playing cards and decided to wrap our cold dead fingers around them as well. Without further undead  ado here’s our review of “Everyday Zombies” playing cards featuring artwork from renowned zombie portrait artist Rob Sacchetto.

Details: This pack of high quality zombie playing cards from Bicycle® Cards are standard size playing cards featuring fun zombie character artwork. These cards feature the Bicycle “air cushion” finish for better play and handling. We were lucky enough to find these for $2.99 at our local Target store, but good luck finding them because they’re usually sold out. See the “Where to Buy” section at the conclusion of this review for purchasing recommendations.

Packaging: Each pack of zombie playing cards are individually wrapped in plastic with a convenient pull strip (like a pack of cigarettes to remove the plastic wrap). The lightweight cardboard tuck storage box is nearly as cool as the cards themselves. After removing the outer plastic wrap you’ll need to cut or carefully remove the US Playing Cards spade sticker seal.  The box is your typical playing card box. We just wish it was a little heavier because like most tuck boxes it’s sure to get beat up with extended use.


High Quality Cards: These aren’t just pretty zombie themed playing cards. They’re first and foremost a high quality playing card of premium quality that Bicycle is known for. Each card is printed on high quality premium stock and features Bicycle’s popular “air cushion” finish. This textured finish provides superior grip and handling and allows the cards to glide effortlessly over each other. This makes shuffling and fanning the deck a breeze. These cards are perfect for card players and magicians alike. If you know a card playing magician zombie fan, these would make the ideal affordable zombie gift!

Zombie Artwork: The main highlight of this deck is without a doubt the stellar zombie artwork from Rob Sacchetto. In case you’ve been living under a rock since 2006, Rob is a world renowned zombie illustrator. The folks at Bicycle probably explain it best:

Rob Sacchetto is the original zombie portrait artist. Since 2006, he has illustrated and hand painted thousands of custom zombie portraits, with commissions from Tom Savini, George Romero, and Max Brooks. These cards are a celebration of his work, featuring spooky characters from gamers to grandmas to guitarists.

The artwork on these cards is simply amazing. One of the things that blew us away is the fact that Bicycle didn’t take the easy way out. There are no duplicate card designs. There are 52 unique zombie designs, each portraying a zombie in the middle of routine everyday activities. These really are everyday zombies. Who knew zombies played video games, took out the trash, cooked or rode public transportation? In Rob’s world they do! Each zombie character is illustrated against a warm bright yellow background with a few red blood splatters. The contrast is gorgeous and everything works together to enhance the overall look of the card. The backs of the cards are a collage of cute cartoonish zombie faces.


What’s Great

The Price:   We paid $2.99 for our deck and you can expect to pay right around $3 to $6.00 for these depending on where you purchase them. They’re worth every penny!

The Quality:   These aren’t just pretty zombie cards. They’re high quality playing cards in every way possible.

“Air Cushion” Finish:   The unique finish of these cards allows you to grip them and handle them much more easily. The cards literally feel like they’re gliding on a cushion of air when you fan them or shuffle them.

Zombies Safe for All Ages:   These cards will make you the envy of your card playing buddies. They’re also safe enough enough to use for a game of Old Maid with your children.

Each Card is Unique:   No laziness and no reused card designs.

Amazing Zombie Artwork:   Each zombie card is truly a work of art.


Meh. (What’s Not So Great.)

There isn’t much to complain about with these cards. Here are the only minor irritations we could find to whine about.

Availability:   These are find to locally. Due to the fact that they look amazing and their low cost, these tend to fly off store shelves. At least in our undead neck of the woods.

We Want a Super High Quality Collectible Box!:  The conventional cardboard box these cards store in is fine, but we doubt it will last long. We’d love to see these cards come with a plastic or metal collectible box, even if it meant paying more.


Final Verdict

Zombie Product Review Bicycle Everyday Zombies Zombie Playing Cards

5 Out of 5

These cards are zombie works of art that just so happen to be functional premium quality playing cards. If you’re in the market for a unique and affordable zombie gift, this is the perfect idea. We highly recommend picking up a deck or two.


Where to Buy: We scored these for just $2.99 at Target. Finding them locally can be tougher than surviving the zombie apocalypse, so be sure to check the ZombieGift.com product listing for this item.  You can also check your local big box retail store, shop at BicycleCards.com or purchase via amazon using the links below.


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