Zombie Product Review: Impaled Zombie Pencil Holder Desk Accessory

Zombie Product Review: Impaled Zombie Pencil Holder in action

Finding unique and affordable zombie gifts for that zombie fan that seems to have everything can be a difficult task. That’s why when we find a unique zombie gift that will make their jaw drop without breaking the bank we make sure to get our rotten hands on it and do a full zombie product review. This gruesomely gorgeous impaled zombie pencil holder desk accessory is a perfect case in point.


Zombie Product Review: Impaled Zombie Pencil Holder Closeup

Resin construction with hand painted details
Measures approximately 7″ long by 3″ wide by 1″ tall
Features a hole in the zombie’s chest that holds your pencil or small ballpoint pen
Priced under $15.00

Check out the photo gallery below for more photos of the impaled zombie pencil holder:


Our Thoughts:
We received our zombie pencil holder nicely packaged in a cardboard box snugly secured within a fitted styrofoam style packaging insert. It was almost like his own shipping coffin and certainly let him rest in peace on his way to our office. We much prefer our zombie collectibles to arrive in peace rather than pieces!

The size is exactly what we expected and there were no disappointments. In fact we were quite shocked to see the hand painted details matched the product photos very closely. Usually the product photo reflects the manufacturer’s best work.  Some loss of detail between product photos and the actual production pieces is common, especially with hand painted items.   That’s definitely not the case here. We were pretty blown away with the gory details on our undead desk accessory. He features sickly looking decayed flesh in a gross green-gray hue. He has deep wounds on his face, head and hands. A large hole approximately 1/4″ to 3/8″ in diameter sits in the center of the zombie’s chest. In addition to looking awesome, the hole serves a functional purpose and allows you to insert a pencil or small ballpoint pen into the zombie’s chest. The zombie looks like he’s clutching at your writing utensil and the end result sitting on a desk gives the dramatic impression that you just came out on the winning end of an altercation with a miniature zombie. We just wish the hole could be larger to give us the option of proudly using this with our more expensive pens or styluses. Your standard No. 2 pencil or cheap disposable ballpoint pens fit perfectly however.

What’s Great:

The Detail: This zombie desk accessory features some pretty amazing detail. The hand painted details are very well done. The zombie’s skin features deep cracks with dirt and decomposition details throughout. The red bloody wounds are glossy in the right areas and give the impression that our walking dead friend may have been just recently immobilized. There really don’t appear to be any shortcuts taken with painting. Even the hole for the pen itself is painted deep down inside!

Quality Construction: This is constructed of high quality resin. It’s not heavy but it’s heft is substantial enough to let you know this isn’t cheap plastic junk.

Price : At the time of this review these zombie pencil holders were priced under $15.00 with discount pricing available for purchasing two.

Unique: This zombie gift isn’t something you’ll see in every big box retail store. It’s sure to turn heads and be a zombie conversation starter wherever it is displayed.


Meh. What’s Not So Great:

Can’t Be Used With Large Executive Pens, Styluses or Other Fancy Writin’ Stuff: This zombie product review has been yet another experience where we were left with little to b*tch about. Our only complaint is we’d like the hole for the pen or pencil to be a little larger. Fancy fountain pens, executive pens and styluses are a little larger than your normal No. 2 pencil and we’d like the ability to use those with this zombie gift.  A hole that large would likely require some sort of rubber insert in order for it to hold normal pencils so we can see why the manufacturer chose this design. We may just take our zombie friend out to our workshop and do a little drilling to make it perfect for our needs.

Could Scratch Your Fancy Highfalutin Furniture: The only other drawback we could foresee is the flat bottom  of the zombie has the potential to scratch. You might want to be careful of any soft finish on your  fancy wood desk or table. Scratching would probably only occur  if you use or move the zombie excessively but if you’re anal about the finish of your furniture you might want to take some extra precautions.  Sticking some felt pads on the bottom would likely eliminate any risk of marring the finish on your pricey furniture.


Final Verdict:

4.75 Out of 5 Impale Zombie Desk Pencil Holder

4.75 out of 5

You really can’t go wrong with a mini impaled zombie sitting on your desk. All kidding aside, given the uniqueness, quality and pricing of this zombie gift we really can’t find much wrong with it. It’s almost flawless considering the price it’s currently sold at. While we’d like the option to use it with some of the bigger writing instruments we have . . . maybe we just need to find cooler looking pencils! If you need a unique and affordable zombie gift for the cubicle zombie or desk dwelling zombie hunter in your life, this just might be the solution.


Where to Buy: Click the following link if you’d like info on where to purchase the item featured in this zombie product review.

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