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Walking Dead Survival Kit Review First my Family

A couple of weeks ago we told you about the upcoming officially licensed The Walking Dead survival kit. The folks at First My Family, LLC have collaborated with AMC to bring to market an honest to goodness fully functional three day emergency survival kit. We’ve been lucky enough to obtain an advance sample of this upcoming product for review. We know what you might be thinking at first glance and you’re wrong; this is not a novelty item.

Each Walking Dead survival kit contains enough emergency supplies for two people to comfortably survive nearly any disaster situation for 72 hours. The best part is it’s all packaged in a very cool military style messenger bag screenprinted with a custom The Walking Dead survival kit logo.


Walking Dead Survival Kit First My Family Review Zombie Product Review Bag Contents Open
Here’s a peek at what the inside of the officially licensed AMC The Walking Dead Survival Kit contains.

For those of you with a short attention span, here’s what each kit includes at a glance:

  • Exclusive Limited Edition – AMC The Walking Dead “We’re Survivors” patch given to the first 10,000 pre-orders. (Not included with our kit)
  •  High end durable canvas military style messenger bag with brass fittings
  • Front flap of the bag is screen printed with a custom Walking Dead survival kit logo.
  • 1 – Lifegear Glow LED flashlight with a life up to 400 hours in flash mode
  • 1 – Large 85 piece Lifeline First Aid Kit
  • 2 – Datrex 2400 Calorie Emergency Food Rations (Vacuum Sealed foil pouch stays fresh for up to 5 years.)
  • 12 – Datrex 4.22 oz. Emergency water foil pouches. (Shelf life up to 5 years.)
  • 2- Emergency Ponchos
  • 2- Emergency Mylar Space Blankets
  • 1- Box of Waterproof matches (Where permitted by law.)
  • 1- Pair of leather palm work gloves
  • 4- Face Masks
  • 2- 12 hour SnapLight glow sticks


So what did we think about the actual kit we received? Let’s take a detailed look at the contents of our kit and whether we think we could survive the first 72 hours of the zombie apocalypse with only this at our side.

First Thoughts:

When we first received our kit, the first thing that struck us was the weight. The bag weighs more than you might initially imagine. It looks light but weighs in around 10 pounds or so. It’s not a heavy bag, but it is heavier than you’d think when you first pick it up. We pulled the hook and loop closure loose on the front flap and then flipped it up to unzip the main compartment. We quickly realized the source of at least three pounds of weight: the dozen 4.22 oz foil pouches of Datrex emergency water.

Overall the messenger bag feels very high quality and is honestly a better quality than we were expecting. The strap, zippers, pulls and snaps and closures feel like they’re strong enough to last a long time. The screen printing looks nice with just a hint of a distressed look to it. All of the contents of the kit are sealed and contain expiration dates where relevant. Not a bad first impression but you should know we aren’t going to settle for taking things at face value.  Let’s take a closer look at everything.

Messenger Bag:


AMC The Walking Dead Survival Kit Messenger Bag Detailed Look Front

The crown jewel of this kit will be the bag for most zombie fans. Like we said, we were surprised by the quality of the messenger bag that holds the entire contents of this kit. We were honestly expecting a thin economy canvas bag with little functionality. That is certainly not the case.  Instead the contents of the officially licensed AMC The WalkingDead survival kit is housed in a rugged bag that retails by itself for nearly $50.00. (That’s without the exclusive Walking Dead screen printing!)

The bag is a seven pocket classic military style messenger bag from Rapid Dominance that honestly feels like it can take a beating. The bag is constructed of heavy duty 100% cotton canvas. All of the seams appear to be reinforced and the bag features antique style brass buckles, snaps and rivets. The zippers feel like they are high quality. Overall the bag feels like it could stand up to years of everyday use. It may even hold up if you need to shove it in a zombie’s face a few times to make a hasty escape.

The bag measures approximately 19″ wide by 14-1/2″ high by 7″ deep. The main storage compartment measures about 15″ wide by 11″ high by 5″ deep. If that isn’t enough storage space for you there are two zippered front pockets, 2 side pockets with button closures, an internal zipper pocket and an external back pocket with hook and loop closure.  The fully adjustable 2″ wide carrying strap allows you to wear this bag over the shoulder very comfortably even when fully loaded. With all of the space in the bag you have room to store the kit and then some.

The roomy main zippered compartment is lined with polyester for extra durability.  This is where the majority of the survival kit items are stored. Bulky items like the water pouches, first aid kit, flashlight and food rations were stowed in this zippered compartment with our kit.   The zippered front pockets are great for storing small items that you don’t want lost but still need quick access to. This is the perfect place for ammunition, keys, a compass, a knife, your wallet, money or other important items you need to keep handy. The ponchos and emergency space blankets are stored here in our kit. The bag is surprisingly spacious and it swallows the entire contents of the included three day survival kit with room to spare.

Overall we love the bag and we’d probably still like it even without the cool Walking Dead logo plastered on the front.  We can honestly picture ourselves using this bag for everyday use.  It would make a great durable bag for school, work or play.  First My Family might be wise to look into offering the bag separately for $60.00 or so in the future but that’s just our opinion.

Check out some more photos of the bag below:

We did have a few complaints with the bag, but they’re all matters of personal preference. A handle on top of the bag would make it much more versatile in “get up and go” type survival situations. A top handle would require some sort of buckles on the front of the bag instead of the hook and loop style closures that reside there now. This would compromise the easy accessibility the front pouch currently affords but it’s a trade off we’d be willing to accept. We like the idea of a durable handle in addition to the shoulder strap because it allows you to grab your bag and move quickly without the need to loop things over your shoulder. It also makes tossing the bag over a fence or into a vehicle much easier.

Secondly we’d like to see actual embroidery on the front of the bag instead of the screen printing. The Walking Dead survival kit logo would look killer embroidered and it would add to the collectibility and desirability of this kit for fans. This obviously would do nothing to improve this kit from a survivability standpoint, so we won’t hold that against it  in our review.

To read more about the contents of the kit and what we thought. Read on!

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