Zombie Product Review: The Walking Dead Tokenz from Bulls I Toy

Walking Dead tokenz Out of Package
Looking for a small and affordable addition to your Walking Dead collection? You’ll definitely want to check out the new The Walking Dead Tokenz collectibles.  The toy gurus over at Bulls I Toy, LLC are responsible for many awesome and affordable Walking Dead toys and collectibles. They’re the same company behind The Walking Dead Dog Tags, Walking Dead Chibis, and the very adorable WalkingDead Wind Ups. They’re back at it yet again with their brand new Walking Dead Tokenz. When they offered to send us over some Tokenz in exchange for our honest opinion and review, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Before we get to the review, let’s take a minute to break things down and give you the scoop on these new collectibles.

About the Tokens:
The Walking Dead Tokenz are round disc shaped tokens featuring decals with imagery from AMC’s smash hit TV series.  The front of each token features a popular character, walker or other image from the scene.  Each token measures approximately 1-9/16  inches in diameter and 1/8 inch thick.  Thanks to their weight of about 10 grams, they feel very sturdy.

According to the packaging and checklist, there are 48 The Walking Dead  Tokenz to collect in all: 42 regular Tokenz and 6 Virtual Reality tokenz. That number isn’t entirely accurate if you’re looking to collect the entire set.  The number doesn’t seem to reflect the fact that there are also foil variants of the regular tokens. While the packaging and checklist don’t specifically mention how many foil tokens there are, the tokens we received lead us to believe there is simply a corresponding foil version of each regular token.  This puts the total number of available packaged tokens closer to 90:

90 Collectible Walking Dead Tokenz in all?The tokens are different colors and there are 5 different colors for the base and foil tokens:

  1. Blue
  2. Brown
  3. Burgundy
  4. Gold
  5. Green

The virtual reality tokens are all black.

Walking Dead Virtual Reality Tokens
The Walking Dead Virtual Reality Tokens

At this point any serious Walking Dead collector is starting to worry. While we have no official word from Bulls I Toy on this, it does not appear you’ll need to worry about completing a different collection for every token color.  (Yes some of us collectors really DO worry about these sorts of things.)

Based on the tokens we received and from the checklist provided in each package, it appears the images are not randomly stuck on colored tokens. There does appear to be a set pattern and for that we could kiss each and every person involved with the token design.  You won’t need to worry about obtaining each token in all 5 possible colors.

In other words token #10 is Carol Peletier. It is shown on a gold token on the checklist. We received two of these tokens in our package and both were indeed gold tokens. Fortunately obsessive collectors won’t need to also obtain a green, blue, brown and burgundy Carol token as well! The foil version of each token should be the same color assigned to the base token.

The Walking Dead Tokens can contain some pretty gruesome and scary images from the TV series and the relatively small size may present a choking hazard for children under the age of 3. Due to these facts, the official age recommendation for this product is ages 14 and up.

We took plenty of images of our Walking Dead Tokens. Click any of the image thumbnails below to open a bigger view:


About the Virtual Reality Walker Tokens:
Each package of The Walking Dead Tokenz features one “virtual reality” token. These black and white tokens feature an image of popular Walkers from the TV series and they have a very cool additional bonus feature.  They can be scanned with the free Scan It™ mobile app available in the Apple App Store for Apple products and for Android Devices via the Google Play store. Once scanned, the special virtual reality tokens should show the corresponding walker come to life in virtual reality on your device’s screen.

The tokens come blind packaged in foil packages with 3 regular tokens and one “Virtual Reality” token for a total of 4 collectible tokens per package.  We checked around major retailers and the tokens appear to be priced at $2.99 per package in our area.

With all of the background information out of the way, let’s take a look at what we thought about  The Walking Dead Tokenz.  On to the review!




Our Review of The Walking Dead Tokenz

Initial Thoughts:
We were most struck by the weight of these tokens. Our package of review tokens contained a random sampling of 10 packs and it was much heavier than we anticipated. Given their novelty nature and their low price, we were expecting some chintzy lightweight thin plastic discs. Instead the Walking Dead Tokenz are very high quality products with some weight to them.

The product packaging is pretty top notch given the affordable nature of these collectibles. The glossy foil pouch style packaging is as durable as it is attractive. It also does a great job explaining what you’re buying, what to expect, and more. There’s even a blurb on the the back of the package the breaks down the approximate odds of receiving the special foil and virtual reality tokens. While the package clearly mentions 42 different base tokens and 6 virtual reality tokens, it doesn’t clearly indicate how many foil tokens there are. Nor does it mention here may be another 42 foil tokens you’ll need to obtain for a truly complete collection.

The durable foil packaging makes these collectibles a little difficult o open with your bare hands. That’s great for preventing people from sneaking a peak in stores, but it might mean using a pair of scissors for many collectors.

The checklist included with every package is supreme quality as well. We weren’t expect high quality glossy paper and vibrant colors and imagery. With the low retail selling price, Bulls I Toy could have easily taken the easy way out and cut costs with a cheap checklist or no real checklist at all. Instead of pinching pennies and sending you to a virtual or printable checklist online they provide you with a high quality checklist complete with details on how to obtain an in app exclusive: a virtual reality token of Daryl Dixon!

Overall we love the tokens. They are an ideal size for collecting and they feature surprising weight and sturdiness we just weren’t expecting.  The tokens definitely conjure images of poker chips and our beloved pogs from the 1990s.  While we’ve heard some fans complain about this,  we feel those are just more reasons to love these!

The images are clear and crisp on the base tokens and Virtual Reality tokens and all tokens feature many of our favorite characters and walkers from the TV series.  The images on some of the foil tokens, while still very cool, are sometimes a little scratched and less clear than their corresponding base token counterparts.

Randomness and Collectibiltiy:
The tokens appear to be fairly packaged in a random fashion.  This makes completing your collection fun while still being a relatively obtainable feat. If you don’t have someone to trade doubles with you could still grind it out and complete your collection the honest way without going broke in the process.  In our sampling of 10 packages we received:

  • 18 Base Tokens (4 were duplicates)
  • 12 Foil Tokens (1 duplicate)
  • 10 Virtual Reality Tokens (One complete set of 6, 4 duplicates)

The ScanIt App and Virtual Reality Tokens:
Each package of The Walking Dead Tokenz contains one Virtual Reality token. The concept is pretty brilliant.  You simply download the free ScanIt app for your Apple or Android moobile device and then scan your Virtual Reality walker token with your device’s camera in a well lit area.  When scanned, the tokens are supposed to show a virtual reality version of the scanned walker right on your device.  This was one of the aspects of the review process we were looking forward to the most.  Unfortunately it ended up being a disappointment.

We simply couldn’t get the app to scan our tokens. None of the 10 virtual reality tokens were correctly scanned by the app. We tried multiple android devices running android operating systems from Ice Cream Sandwich to Jelly Bean to KitKat.  The app and tokens didn’t work on any of them.  We’ve seen some of our fans post pics and screenshots of their scanned Virtual Reality walker tokens so we know the app at least worked in some cases for some people. Unfortunately it doesn’t work for us. Yes. We followed all instructions. Yes. We only scanned the actual virtual reality tokens. We tried different devices running different android operating systems, we tried re-installing the app, we tried scanning the virtual reality tokens isolated on a single background color with every lighting and angle setup we could conjure. Some of us are pretty android tech savvy so we tried all the geeky solutions we could think of to make the app cooperate.  We stopped short of trying the app on an iPhone or other apple device. (We’re not THAT desperate!) 😉

We decided to check some reviews for the ScanIt app in the Google Play store and we quickly realized this isn’t an uncommon occurrence. It seems many android users have found the app to be defective.  It also seems many android users are frustrated that their negative reviews in Google Play don’t seem to be acknowledged or addressed with an update.


Posting the negative aspects of a product we review isn’t fun, but it’s our job. Dealing with  Mobile App issues in a product review can be very tricky. Sometimes users don’t follow instructions or they attempt to utilize an app on older device that isn’t capable.  We can assure that isn’t the case here. Issues with mobile apps associated with toys are further complicated by the fact that the toy company itself often has very little to do with the actual development and support of  the app.

We debated on what to do. We realize Bulls I Toy has outsourced the app to a third party (Metaio) for development and support, but the average consumer probably doesn’t realize this. We also realize it’s Bulls I Toy touting the virtual reality capability on their product packaging so they ultimately have some responsibility to ensure the app gets fixed and is usable for at least the majority of  their consumers.  We debated on contacting Bulls I Toy regarding the app before posting our review to give them an opportunity to fix it. Since we only post honest and unbiased reviews (and we know Bulls I Toy respects this) we decided not to. Instead we put off the review for a couple more weeks to see if the app was updated and if the negative app reviews were addressed. At this point they haven’t, but we’re confident eventually any issues with the app will be fixed.

Aside from issues with the virtual reality app there really isn’t much we were displeased with. Let’s wrap things up by taking a look at a list of pros and cons associated with The Walking Dead Tokenz.


What’s Great:

  • High Quality Tokens and Packaging: Even the checklist is fancy!
  • Affordable Pricing (A pack of 4 tokens is perfectly priced at just $2.99)
  • Good Number of Token Provides Good Balance for Both Casual Enthusiasts and Serious Collectorss: Casual collectors can settle for completing the basic token and virtual reality token collections. Serious collector can accept the challenge of collecting the randomly inserted foil variants.
  • Virtual Reality Tokens; The 6 Virtual Reality Walker tokens are a great idea if you can get the free app to cooperate for you and your mobile device.
  • Size: We like the size. These are basically the same size and weight as high quality poker chips. This makes storing them pretty easy.
  • Different Color Tokens:  We like the different color tokens. It makes for a colorful collection and should also make sorting when searching for doubles easier.
  • Fun for Young and Old Collectors Alike: These tokens are officially recommended for ages 14 and up and should please any Walking Dead fan whether young or old! It’s a great hobby to share with children.


Meh. What’s Not So Great:

  • We really don’t have many complaints with this Walking Dead collectible.  That being said nothing is perfect and here are the two or three  aspects we weren’t so pleased with.
  • The Virtual Reality ScanIt App Didn’t Work
  • The Tokens Can Be Difficult to Display. Round discs tend to roll away or fall over.
  • Some of the Foil Token Decals Appear Lightly Scratched Right Out of the Package.  (Likely due to sliding against other tokens etc.)



Final Verdict:

Overall we really like The Walking Dead Tokenz. These high quality small round collectibles are an ideal size and contain fun Walking Dead images that are a blast to collect. We’d like them even more if we were able to get the ScanIt virtual app to work correctly on our devices.  Storing these collectibles is a breeze, but easily displaying them can be a challenge. We’re hoping Bulls I Toy takes advantage of the opportunity to offer a storage album.  A plastic or sturdy cardboard Walking Dead themed bifold display album or binder would be an ideal way to display these tokens and a way to get collectors to willingly part with another $10 bill or so. The completed collection would look great displayed standing up in a album.

Without the added coolness of the working virtual reality tokens, we rated these with an overall score of 3.5 out of 5. If we were able to get the app working on our devices we’d probably rate these somewhere near a 4 or 4.5.  Our issues with the app shouldn’t deter you.  These Walking Dead collectibles are a blast to collect and enjoy!


Zombie Walking Dead product review 3.5 brains  starts out of 5 zombie product review rating

3.5 Out of 5




Where to Buy:
According to the Bulls I Toy website, the Walking Dead Tokenz are available at many major retailers such as Target, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Kroger, Hot Topic, Giant Eagle, Five Below, Fred Meyer and more.
Or you can also Complete your Walking Dead Tokenz collection on ebay.

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