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Walking Dead Trivia Box Review Outer Package

We love zombies and naturally we love AMC’s The Walking Dead.  In fact we’re pretty sure we’re up there with the best of them when it comes to  useless The Walking Dead trivia knowledge! Think you know your stuff too? You just might be able to prove it with the new trivia game from Cardinal Industries. When we came across their The Walking Dead Trivia Box we knew we just had to grab one and do a review for you. So let’s get to it. Here’s our review of The Walking Dead Trivia Box!

One of the first things you’ll notice is the outer packaging. As the name suggests, this trivia card game is packaged in a box format. The outer cardboard cube packaging measures approximately 5.25 inches on each side.  The front of the box features Rick Grimes pointing his Colt Python revolver.  One side features an image of Michonne and the other features Daryl Dixon with his crossbow.  The top of the box sports a large Trivia Box logo.  The background for all the imagery is the prison and overall  we really like the images and the color scheme on the packaging.

Take a look at some photos of the product packaging in the photo gallery below. Click any of the images to open a larger view:


The box itself is a little more sturdy than poster or card stock. We were honestly expecting it to be a little on the flimsy side. That wasn’t the case. It’s actually a little thicker than we were expecting.  Opening the box without damaging it was a bit of a challenge however.

Many Walking Dead fans and collectors are particular about their packaging. We may decide to open an item but we still want to do it without mangling the packaging. Opening the top of the Trivia box seems simple enough. It’s simply a flip up flap with a tab on the front.  Two clear round tape decals secure the top on the sides.  Our approach here is typically just to carefully slit the tape with a utility knife and cautiously open the lid. That was the plan anyway! Unfortunately the Trivia Box lid had other ideas.

Unfortunately the tab on the lid of this product is slit and slotted just enough to provide the top with a death grip.  It really does do an awesome job of staying closed. The outermost edges of the top flap tab grip down almost too well, making this product pretty darn difficult to open without damaging the package. We tried all our normal tricks. We inserted small flat objects under the edges and gently pried up and out.  No luck. We carefully wiggled, jiggled and shimmied. We did our best to gently coax that top flap open. Nothing worked. We had no choice but to tug a little harder than we wanted to in order for the flap to release. We ended up slightly tearing and bending the front corner on the top flap. While that may not be a big deal to everyone, it made us a little sad.  Once we peeked inside the Walking Dead Trivia Box our disappointment continued.

The entire contents of the game is simply a small deck of cards.  Don’t get me wrong. We know this is just a trivia game.  We knew it had an amazing low price. We’re not sure what else we were expecting either. That being said the box for this small deck of cards measures over 5″ a side cube.  The larger packaging leads you to believe there might be more than a deck of cards in the box. No sir! Open the box and here’s what you get:

Walking Dead Trivia Box Review Outer Package Open


Walking Dead Trivia Box Review Outer Package Damaged When Opening
The difficult to open lid can lead to damage sure to haunt any OCD collector! Better get two games! (One to keep sealed and one to open.)


The card deck consists of game cards measuring about 3″ square.  There’s one card featuring the game rules, 20 character cards and 189 trivia cards featuring two questions each. That means 100’s of triva questions to keep you and your friends and family entertained.

Contents of Walking Dead Trivia Box Game


The 20 collectible character cards include Rick Grimes, Carl Grimes, Daryl Dixon, Michonne and Walkers.  There are three cards each for Rick, Carl, Daryl and Michonne.  The eight remaining character picture cards consist of popular walkers from the TV series. These include Bicycle Zombie, Michonne’s pets, Tree Walker and more.  We were a little disappointed to see Little Girl/Teddy Bear Zombie and RV Walker missing. Hopefully these and other past popular zombies from the series will get their just due in a future edition.



About Gameplay:

Playing the game using the provided instructions couldn’t be easier. This game can be played by two players or three or more players with slightly different rules. The recommended age range for this Walking Dead trivia game is ages 12 and up.

One of the aspects we liked about the game is the fact that there is a good balance of hard and easy questions. This will make the game enjoyable and playable for both serious and casual Walking Dead viewers. You’ll find some pretty easy questions such as , “True or False: Merle Dixon cut off his hand as a method of survival.” These easy questions are balanced with some more difficult questions and references to obscure minor plot details sure to stump even some die hard trivia buffs.

The questions are presented in either a True/False or multiple choice format. There are about 189 trivia question cards with 2 questions each. That’s nearly 400 Walking Dead trivia questions covering Seasons 1 through 4! Many of the cards also feature fun “Factoids” for information hungry fans. An example of one such factoid is as follows: “Factoid:  Herschel Greene is of Irish descent, though his family has owned a farm in Georgia for at least 150 years.”

The varying levels of difficulty keep this game fun for fans of all knowledge levels. Difficulty could be increased for super fans by altering the rules and not reading the choices for the answers of the multiple choice questions. Making the multiple choice questions short answer could make it a little more difficult for those Walking Dead savant opponents.

One thing we don’t like about the format of the trivia cards is the answers are actually provided within the question itself. This makes it difficult if you’re bored and want to quiz yourself. For example, in a multiple choice style question the question is listed along with a choice of answers: A, B and C. The answer to the question is printed in bold. It’s a minor issue but we would have preferred another solution such as printing the answers at the bottom of the card.

Check out some photos of the trivia cards below:


The Walking Dead Trivia Box game is available now and is typically priced under $10.00. We found ours at a Walmart store for just $5.97! While this game is far from perfect, the price makes it a no brainer! The cost is worth it even if you only use it once or twice.


What’s Great:

  • Attractive Packaging: We love The Walking Dead images on the box itself. The outer packaging seems to be a little sturdier than we expected given the low purchase price.
  • Beautiful Collectible Picture Character Cards: They look great!
  • Easy to Understand Rules: The rules are condensed on one single card and they’re very easy to comprehend and follow.  This allows you to start playing in minutes!
  • Hundreds of Questions: You get nearly 400 Walking Dead trivia questions that are sure to take you at least a few game plays to master!
  • Questions Through Season 4: This game features trivia questions spanning seasons one through four.
  • Affordable: This game is available locally and online at a variety of retailers under $10.00. We scored ours at a local Walmart  regularly priced for just $5.97 US! That makes this an affordable Walking Dead zombie gift idea.



Meh.  (What’s Not so Great.)

  • The Box is Difficult to Open Without Damaging It: We’re a little weird and we don’t open many of our Walking Dead collectibles. When we do, we try to do it with minimal damage to the packaging.  The Walking Dead Trivia Box game is difficult to open without bending or slightly tearing the top flap. That slotted tab on the lid grabs on for dear life even after being opened repeatedly.  That’s great news if you’re worried about spilling the contents. It’s bad news if creasing, bending or tearing packaging gives you nightmares. Fortunately the low price allows weirdo Walking Dead collectors like us to purchase two games: one to open and play and one to leave sealed.
  • You Can’t Quiz Yourself: We didn’t like the fact that the answer to multiple choice question is bolded within the list of answer choices. The answer to the True and False questions are also very close to the question.  This makes it difficult to enjoy a night home alone quizzing ourselves on Walking Dead trivia. Yes. We’re lonely. 😉  In all seriousness we get bored and don’t mind quizzing ourselves when friends or family aren’t available to play. The format of the trivia cards makes this nearly impossible. You almost need to have someone read the question to you to avoid giving away the answers.  This is a non issue if you don’t plan on quizzing yourself. Since the game is designed for two or more players we shouldn’t be complaining but we still thought it warranted a mention.  We’d prefer the answers printed in smaller font near the bottom of the trivia cards or some other solution.
  • The Cardstock is A Bit Thin:  The picture and trivia cards are a bit thin and flimsy.  While we understand this helps keep the price low, we can’t help but wonder how long the cards will last. We’d love to see some glossy or heavier weight stock used for the cards, even if it added a dollar or two to the overall cost.
  • The Box is About Twice as Bis as it Needs to Be: The game storage box measures about 5 and a quarter inch on each side. It gives you a little false hope. It could easily be half the size and still look awesome!


The Final Verdict:


3.25 Brains Out of 5

The Walking Dead Trivia Game isn’t perfect, but it’s great fun and an affordable Walking Dead gift and collectible. As long as you don’t plan on playing by yourself or having the game last forever, you won’t be disappointed!


Where to Buy:

Get The Walking Dead Trivia Box for only $9.99 here!  Or check your local big box stores such as Walmart and Target.


Search and browse Walking Dead Trivia on Amazon:


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  1. Weird question, I just bought the walking dead trivia game from walgreens and all of the character cards say daryl dixon on the back, but there are 3 daryls, 3 ricks, 3 michonnes, 3 carls, and 8 walkers on the picture sides, is this normal??

    • Hi Emily, sorry for the delay in getting back to you. For some reason your comment was flagged as spam. All of the character cards should not say Daryl Dixon on the back. As you can see in the photos of our game, the three character cards for each character should feature that character’s name. At least that is how our game was. For example, the three Daryl Dixon cards say “Daryl Dixon” on the back. The Rick Grimes cards featured the name “Rick Grimes” on the back etc.

      Sounds like you might have a game with a deck of cards that didn’t get printed correctly!


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