Zombie Product Review: Zombie Hand Statue

One of the things we’re most well known for here on our zombie blog are our zombie product reviews. A picture is worth a thousand words but sometimes the images in a product listing simply aren’t much help. They often don’t give you a good perspective on size or quality. Sure that zombie gift or collectible looks nice in the touched up, single view photo the manufacturer provided for the product description but hat do you really receive as an end consumer. That’s why we do what we do. So have no fear! ZombieGift.com is here…with another Zombie Product Review!

This time around we’re unboxing and reviewing a resin Zombie Hand statue manufactured by Summit Collection.

Zombie Product Info: Zombie Hand Statue from Summit Collection
UPC: 804112083087
Dimensions: 3.75″ x 6.25″



Zombie Hand Statue Review
Palm View

Our Zombie Product Review:


We’re very pleased with the packaging on this zombie product. Our zombie hand statue is packaged in a cardboard box with styrofoam insert that’s cut to fit and cradle the zombie hand figurine perfectly. The statue itself was also placed within a thin plastic bag for additional protection. Due to the thick styrofoam packaging insert and its tight fit, the packaging provides adequate and attractive storage and shipping protection. Removing the insert from the outer cardboard box is a little difficult but that’s to be expected with quality packaging like this.


The Zombie Hand Statue:
The zombie product itself is beautiful and is done with quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. This zombie hand figurine is a statue of a zombie’s right hand reaching up through the ground. The sculpt on the zombie hand is stunning and for the most part the anatomy is wonderfully detailed and stunning in its accuracy. The skin folds and creases, underlying hand musculature, bones and tendons all look very realistic. We really love the greenish yellowed and cracked fingernails. The highly detailed hand is a weird contrast with the cartoonish choice of paint colors and the childish looking bugs and worms

This zombie hand statue stands just over 6 inches tall and measures about 3.75 inches in diameter. The quality cold cast resin construction feels sturdy and durable. The statue has some nice weight to it, weighing in at just over a pound (about 1 pound, 2 ounces).

The base of this attractive zombie hand statue is a round patch of grassy earth from which the zombie hand appears to be rising. There is a thin layer of soft black felt or flocked velour type material on the bottom of the base to help prevent scratching and marring furniture and other surfaces.

We took quite a few photos of our review piece so check them out in the image gallery below!




What’s Great:

Nice Packaging: There isn’t much to complain about here with the packaging. Our zombie hand statues are packaged well and arrive in great condition.

High Quality: Durable and Heavy Cold Cast Resin Construction.

Realistic Anatomy: This zombie hand looks like a smaller version of a real human hand.

Nice Size: The 6.25″ height makes this perfect for creating an impression without being too large. This is the ideal size for a table, bookshelf or desk!

Available at a Decent Price if You Search: If you can manage to find these under $25.00 they’re a good deal. Many sellers online like to gouge a bit and charge $28.00 to $30.00 or more,  making these less attractive at that price point when you factor in shipping.

Paint Details: Most of the paint details on the hand are nicely done. We particularly like the shading and paint details in the muscle, skin and fingernails.



Meh. What’s Not so Great:

Few zombie products are perfect and this one is no exception. We’ve assembled a small list of details we weren’t particularly thrilled with on our review sample.

Choice of Colors: For some reason I think the pale green looks a little cartoonish compared to the level of anatomical detail in the zombie hand itself. I can’t help but think more of a decayed gray would look cool.


Sloppy Paint Work on Worm and Bugs: The main problem I had with this statue was some sloppy or lazy paint work around the worms and bug. The painting around the worms was most noticable to me. The large earthworm emerges from a hole in the zombie hand’s palm. There is a decent amount of green paint from the zombie skin showing on the worm itself. To me it appears the worm color is painted after the green zombie flesh and the painting on the worm just doesn’t look complete at times. It’s nothing major but it’s noticeable enough to me to be a little distracting. Similar but less significant worm paint sloppiness is evident in other areas where the edge of the worms meet the zombie’s skin. I’m sure painting these items is far from an easy and fast endeavor, but it was a little disappointing seeing messy paintwork in larger prominent areas where it could be easily avoidable. Maybe I’m splitting hairs here, but I feel it takes away from an otherwise good paint job and thus is important enough to mention.


Pricing Varies Widely Online and Can Be High: T his is one of those items you won’t walk into the local big box store and find. These are predominately sold online and pricing varies greatly from one retailer to the next. Some online sellers of this item overcharge for this. I wouldn’t pay $30 or more with shipping for this item. Scoring one around $20-$25.00 before shipping is a good deal and is about what these are worth to a zombie collector like me. If the statue was a little larger it might be worth the extra cost some sellers attempt to get out of these.


Final Verdict:

While it wasn’t perfect we really like this zombie hand figuring. We’d prefer a little better paint work in the fine details around the worms and perhaps a little less cartoonish look to the coloring…but otherwise this is one cool zombie gift! We gave the Zombie Hand Resin Statue from Summit a 4 out of 5.


4 Out of 5 brains Zombie Blog Zombie Product Review Zombie Hand Statue

4 Out of 5 Brains


Zombie Hand Statue
Zombie Hand Statue: A cold cast poly resin statue of a zombie hand rising from the earth. This zombie decoration features gross decaying flesh, exposed bone and muscle and even bugs and worms crawling about the zombie’s hand.
Review at a Glance:This Zombie Hand statue is durable and gruesomely gorgeous. While we would have preferred a little more attention to details with the paintwork around the edges of the worm, this is still a beautiful zombie collectible. It’s the perfect size for use on a desk or on a bookshelf. Here on the zombie blog we highly recommend this unique zombie gift.
Zombie Hand Statue
Zombie Product Review: 4 points out of 5. Zomibe Hand Statue Zombie Product review



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