Zombie Product Review: Zombie Playing Cards From Bicycle Cards

Zombie Product Reviews Zombie Playing Cards Bicycle Cards Dead Man's Hand
You can sport a “Deadman’s Hand” in more ways than one with these zombie playing cards!

You can play cards with any deck. You can buy a cheap deck of paper thin cards and play miserably, or you can spend a couple dollars more and get some high quality playing cards that make the experience enjoyable. Now thanks to Bicycle Cards you can play cards with a high quality deck in a zombie theme! When I saw these at our local Target store the zombie fan in me knew I had to grab them and do a review.

Details: I purchased the Zombie Deck playing card pack for $2.99 each at my local Target Store. You can also find them on Amazon:


 Zombie Product Reviews Zombie Playing Cards Bicycle Cards

Packaging: Each deck is individually wrapped in plastic. Pull off the cellophane strip just like you would on a new pack of cigarettes or chewing gum to remove the plastic wrap.  At this point the only thing standing between you and these awesome zombie playing cuts is U.S. Playing Card sticker seal.

The zombie themed cardboard tuck box features a zombie wearing a suit and tie on the front along with the Bicycle logo.   The zombie theme continues on the back and side of the box as well. Check out the photos below for a closer look:


High Quality: The first thing you’ll notice (other than the amazing zombie artwork) is the quality of these playing cards. The cards are printed on a premium thick stock that seems to be the perfect balance of lightweight and durable.  These cards feature Bicycle’s “air cushion” finish. This textured finish allows for improved handling. This finish allows the cards to glide over one another with ease, making shuffling and fanning out the cards extremely easy.  The same finish allows your fingers to grip the cards better than cheap imitators making these cards functional works of zombie art!

Great Zombie Artwork: These zombie playing cards feature artwork by Todd Brainard. Each of the face cards have been given the zombie treatment and feature a different zombie character on each. To keep things interesting, all of the cards feature fun, funny and helpful tips for surviving the zombie apocalypse.

Some example tips (there are 52 in all) include:

  • “Stock the Essentials: Don’t forget the toilet paper.”
  • “Keep A Look-Out: Zombies go all night long.”
  • “Try to Blend In: Practice your zombie walk”
  • “Prepare in Advance: Better opt for cremation.”
  • Survival Groups: The ultimate social network”
  • And Many More!


Check out more photos of the zombie playing cards below:


What’s Great

Price:  Expect to pay around $3.00 to $6.00 a deck for these depending on where you purchase them. That price makes them a great stocking stuffer, easter basket filler or other affordable zombie gift.
Suitable for all ages:  These zombie cards are cool enough for poker night with the guys and safe enough for playing Go Fish with the kids on game night.

Quality:  These are high quality playing cards in every aspect.

Air Cushion Finish:  Allows you to grip the cards easily. Also let’s the cards to glide over one another almost like they’re on a cushion of air!

Guarantee:  The US Playing Card Company and Bicycle stand behind the quality of their product with a guarantee. If you discover a manufacturing defect in a deck that makes it unsuitable for normal game play just let them know and they’ll replace it as long as your deck isn’t extensively used. Just send them the Ace of Spades and the defective card to them! (See packs for full details.)

Amazing Zombie Artwork:  What zombie fan wouldn’t want want to play with this deck?

Fun Zombie Survival Tips:  They’ll make you laugh and maybe even save your life.

Each Card is Unique:  We fully expected to see the same zombie characters or survival tips recycled and used multiple times in the deck. We were delighted to discover each card is unique!



Meh. (What’s Not So Great)

It’s difficult to find something negative with a high quality and affordable zombie product like this. We we found ourselves disappointed with only a couple aspects of these zombie playing cards.

Availability: We found these decks locally at a Target store for just $2.99 each. Trust me when I say it was luck.  They’re so popular they just don’t stay on store shelves long. Ordering them online is often a better idea if you’re looking to save yourself some time.

Box Quality: We wish the cardboard tuck box would be a better quality. Make no mistakes, it’s a typical quality box. We just know we’ll be using these cards a lot and we can definitely see this box looking like it’s been through the zombie apocalypse in a matter of weeks. A plastic storage box isn’t conventional and isn’t possible at this price level but we can dream. How could would a plastic or metal “collector’s edition” zombie themed storage box be?


Final Verdict

Zombie Product Review Bicycle Zombie Playing Cards

5 out of 5

In the end there really isn’t much to complain about here. These are high quality playing cards with awesome zombie artwork. The affordable price makes recommending these zombie playing cards incredibly easy. These are a must buy for any zombie fan!


Where to Buy: You can check your local Target Store or other big box store but these can be hard to find locally. Check the listing for this zombie product at ZombieGift.com for other options or just save yourself a bunch of time and buy via amazon using the links below!


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