Zombie Product Review: Zombie White Chocolate Candy Bar

Zombie White Chocolate Bar Review Zombie Candy Bar Review Sugar Plum Chocolates
What did we think of the “Zombie Bar” from Sugar Plum Chocolates? Read on to find out. . .


We first saw these zombie chocolate bars about two years ago and promptly featured them on ZombieGift.com.  Unfortunately we never got around to ordering some of our own to sample. When the good folks over at Sugar Plum Chocolates contacted us to talk business we coudln’t help but ask whether they’d be interested in supplying a bar or two for us to review. They went above and beyond and sent us a couple boxes so we could review and give away to you faithful zombie fans. (More on the giveaway later!)

We tore into these chocolate bars like a horde of hungry flesh eating zombies.When the dust settled we sat back in our chairs and couldn’t help but feel an odd combination of satisfaction and guilt. . . with just maybe a little sugar buzz mixed in. No one should have this much fun while “working”.

I feel like I should preface this review by letting everyone know these are not mass produced garbage churned out on giant conveyor belts. These are handmade chocolate bars crafted with love at Sugar Plum Chocolates in Pennsylvania.  We’d go into some detail on how these are made by hand but that’s necessary because these awesome zombie chocolate bars were actually featured on TV!  Food Network actually did a very cool behind the scenes piece on how these zombie candy bars are made. Check it out below:

Pretty interesting stuff! But enough small talk; Let’s get down to what we thought about these unique zombie themed treats.

Disclaimer: The manufacturer provided free samples in exchange for our  unbiased opinion and thoughts on their product.

Shipment Packaging:

Whenever we ship or order chocolate we worry about the recipient receiving a box of melted mush. No worries with Sugar Plum Chocolates. Our zombie chocolate bars arrived in fantastic condition. Sugar Plum chocolates packed them double boxed with air cushions and packing paper and it was all sealed with packaging tape featuring their logo. Nice! We received  many bars and none were broken or damaged in any way. Kudos to both Sugar Plum Chocolates and the United States Postal Service for doing things right.


Product Packaging:

The packaging on these chocolate bars is simply gorgeous. We admit to keeping the label off our sample bars because they are so cool! The outer wrapper is a high quality full print paper wrapper. No cheap labels slapped on a regular or plain wrapper as you might expect on a zombie themed treat.  The bar wrapper features the Words “Zombie Bar” in a zombie style font with dripping green background. The Green, yellow, purple writing looks great against the dark black and grey background. In the cemetery scene you see a lone zombie hand shadow rising from the grave. Keeping things low profile, you’ll barely notice Sugar Plum Chocolates feature their logo in  the lower right front corner of the wrapper. The back of the wrapper is very cool as well. It features the Zombie Bar text again at the top with the ingredients, nutrition information and company contact information and barcode placed below against a solid black background. It all looks great while being very easy to read.

The candy bar itself is wrapped inside high quality gold colored foil that looks great peeking out either end of the out wrapper. The entire Zombie Chocolate Bar packaging arrangement makes one thing clear: Sugar Plum Chocolates takes their candy making seriously.  You know you’re holding a delicious gourment high quality treat in your hands  before you ever take your first bite.

Zombie Chocolate Bar Review

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The Chocolate Bar:

Zombie Chocolate Bar Unwrapped

The Zombie Bar is a 2.0  oz (57g) white chocolate candy bar that is dyed a very cool zombie green color. It is somehow just the right shade of subtle and sickly zombie green: it’s not too bright green, nor is it colored too dark. It’s that perfect shade of zombie green that sitting somewhere between green, grey and blue. We like! Each zombie chocolate bar features raised letters on the top spelling out the phrase “Bite Me” in blood red letters. The coloring here is pretty spot on as well. Nothing is too bright or too over the top. With all of the food coloring we were a little worried there would be some after-taste but to our relief those fears were unfounded.

So what did we think of the taste? I should start off by saying none of us are huge white chocolate fans but we kept an open mind. After devouring our review samples we all agreed these are delicious! The white chocolate is creamy and has just the right amount of “melt in your mouth” feeling.  These zombie chocolate bars also feature rice crisp cereal crunchies inside.  We were a  little concerned because we aren’t big fans of certain chocolate bars packed with tons of rice cereal inside. Those concerns were also a waste of time. Sugar Plum Chocolates uses a very small amount of rice cereal inside these bars. It’s just enough to provide some texture and a subtle crunch at times.  These are made how we feel all candy bars containing rice cereal crispies should be. We want to feel like we’re eating a candy bar, not a rice crispy treat. Sugar Plum Chocolates nailed it with a very slight and subtle amount of crispness and crunch.

Our only complaint regarding taste was the sweetness. These bad boys could likely put a small horde of the undead into a diabetic coma. We reminded ourselves these are white chocolate and that’s just the nature of the beast. Not everyone’s sweet tooth is the same and you might find these to be just right. One of the reasons we aren’t big fans of white chocolate is because it is often very sweet so we’re probably a little biased to begin with. Given our choice we’d rather have a semi-sweet or dark chocolate zombie bar but that would mean they couldn’t be such a cool green color.

What’s Great:

  • Gorgeous high quality packaging
  • High quality manufacturing process with attention to detail
  • Great candy bar color
  • Just the right amount of rice crisp cereal without being too much


Meh. (What’s Not So Great)

  • Sweetness: Holy insulin spike Batman! We tasted each and every gram of the 26 grams of sugar these bars contain. Don’t get me wrong they’re still delicious, but if you don’t like sweet white chocolate you might want to tread lightly. I foolishly blazed into an entire bar.  If you don’t have a massive sweet tooth you could probably eat half a serving and save the other half for later.
  • Price: These Zombie Chocolate Bars are a little on the pricey side.  We understand why they’re priced where they. We’re simply mentioning the price because we know how you guys think! You have to keep in mind these aren’t the typical mass produced chocolate bars found at your grocery store checkout line. Therefore they aren’t priced like them. These are unique zombie gifts and gourmet chocolate bars made by hand; the taste and pricing reflect that. At the time of this post a single 2.0 oz  Zombie Bar will set you back about $6.95 on amazon or you can purchase packs of 4  on amazon or directly from Sugar Plum.




4 Out of 5 brains

Final Verdict: 4 out of 5 stars…err I mean brains.

Overall we loved the Zombie Bar from Sugar Plum Chocolates. Although we found them a little on the sweet side and a little expensive that didn’t keep us from loving these unique zombie gifts. If you are looking for a unique zombie gift for Valentine’s Day, Easter, Christmas, Halloween (or any other occasion) we highly recommend picking some up.

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