Zombie Roadkill Escape Review – 360 Crane Decapitator

We’re always on the lookout for fun new zombie products for young and old alike. When the folks responsible for the Redneck Roadkill line of remote control vehicles contacted us to offer a review sample of their brand new zombie themed remote control truck, we eagerly agreed. Is the Zombie Roadkill 360 degree crane decapitator a hit? What did we like about the product? What are some of features we weren’t so pleased with? Read our  Zombie Roadkill Escape review below to find out!

Zombie Roadkill Escape Review

Redneck Roadkill’s Zombie Roadkill Escape 360 Crane Decapitator Review

Zombie Roadkill Escape R/C Box


What is It?

Zombie Roadkill Escape puts a fun and unique twist on the traditional R/C toy.  Need a back story? Like any zombie product worth its salt, there’s a story to be told here.

Rednecks are trapped in a junkyard with zombie hoards advancing and no snackfood left in the vending machine.  Their only hope is to grab the 1955 tow-truck, customize it into a makeshift 360 Crane Decapitator and grill impaler, and try to make their escape.  Will they make it?  It’s up to you!



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What’s Included?

Zombie Roadkill Escape Review Photo of Contents


We received the Zombie Roadkill Escape truck in retail packaging.  The following contents were inside.

  • One 1/24 Scale Radio Controlled Vehicle with Independent Suspension and Removable Bumper Stickers
  • Double Toggle Full Function Remote Controller (Turn Right, Turn Left, Forward and Reverse)
  • 20 Cardboard Standup Zombie Figures
  • Instructions


About the Truck:

Zombie Roadkill Escape Truck Photo

Without a doubt, the highlight of this product is the awesome zombie themed remote-controlled truck. The first thing we noticed was how light it is. This truck weighs just under 11.5 ounces without batteries installed. We know what you’re thinking and light doesn’t mean cheap.

Construction is a light but slightly flexible plastic. We were expecting stiff and brittle plastic but were surprised and pleased to learn there’s just the right amount of give. This isn’t a product you should expect to take a beating, but it will survive bumps into the wall and many hours of cardboard zombie bashing!

The detail and paint work on the truck are pretty impressive given the price point. This really does look like a 1955 pickup truck hastily converted to a zombie killing machine in a junkyard.

Zombie Roadkill Escape Review Truck Detail

A grated spike grill impaler mounted to the front of the truck is perfect for running down zombies.  A spiked diamond plate fortress bed allows the two zombie killing guys in the back to do their undead wet work. They’d better steer clear of the crown jewel on this zombie killing jalopy: the 360 decapitator crane. This plastic crane boom arm with dangling blade head swings wildly around the truck taking anything out in its path.

Click the Images in gallery below to open a larger view:



At first you might be a bit disappointed to learn you can’t control the 360 crane with the remote control. Instead, the non-motorized crane swings around freely based on how you move the truck. Learning how to swing the sometimes unpredictable crane in the desired direction is almost more fun than being able to directly control it. Half of the fun is swerving wildly past a horde of cardboard zombies and watching the crane swing through and devastate them all!

The remote control offers full function driving. None of that reverse to steer nonsense you find on cheaper R/C toys! You can steer left or right and drive forward and reverse. Independent suspension allows you to handle those little bumps the apocalypse throws your way.  Another great feature is the adjustable wheel alignment. Crushing the undead can throw things out of alignment over time. If you find the truck pulling left or right when attempting to drive straight, simply adjust the wheel alignment screw on the bottom to straighten things out.


Setup and Assembly:

Initial setup is easy. Start by opening the box and then cut the plastic zip ties holding the truck in the packaging. Put on the optional removable bumper stickers if you’d like. Next, remove the plastic retainer securing the remote control to the packaging. Pop in batteries (not included) in the truck and the controller. You’ll need to supply 4 AAA batteries for the truck and 2 AA batteries for the remote. Of course, we recommend high quality alkaline batteries for best performance.



Zombie Standup Closeup

Setting up the cardboard standup zombie figures is super easy as well. Simply insert a cross piece into the zombie base.  The pieces fit together very loosely and getting things to stand upright at first can be a little difficult. The loose fit is a benefit when it comes to destroying the zombies. They fall over a bit easier!  Some of the zombie standups have a detachable head that fits on their body like a puzzle piece. The standups breakdown easily for storage in a plastic bag once playtime is over.

About 20 zombies are included which is essentially about 10 different designs  repeated in two different colors each. Check out some images of the zombie standups below. Click or tap the images in the gallery below to open a bigger image for a closer look!



  • Zombie Decapitator Crane is very fun
  • Crane spins freely
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Great details on truck
  • Fast
  • Real rubber tires
  • Independent suspension
  • Zombie Standups are easy to assemble and breakdown for storage
  • Range is good and pretty close to the 50′ range quoted on the box



  • Can’t control the crane with the remote
  • The stickers on our truck’s front grille were starting to come off upon receipt. We smoothed them back down but they have a tendency to want to start to come off again. We’re confident this is due to the rough surface.
  • Requires 6 batteries
  • Cardboard zombies will take a beating over time. Plastic would be more durable but would likely raise price.
  • Remote Control is a little noisy with a hard “click” when you press the controls. You get used to the sound quickly however.



Overall we’re impressed with the Zombie Roakill Escape R/C toy. The detail work is great and taking out the cardboard zombie figures is fun and challenging.  The fact the zombie decapitator crane can’t be controlled with the remote might be disappointing at first.  We quickly discovered the non-motorized crane is most of the fun. It takes a bit of practice and skill to master the dangling decapitator. The listed MSRP is $39.99 which seems a bit high. We’ve seen this on amazon for a bit cheaper, around $29.99 which is much more reasonable in our opinion.

4 out of 5 Zombie Roadkill Escape Review

We give the Zombie Roadkill Escape 360 Decapitator a 4 out of 5.

That wraps up our Zombie Roadkill Escape Review.  Looking to pick one up? Check out the resources provided below.


Where to Buy:

Zombie Roadkill Escape would make a great gift idea for the young zombie fan or just the undead fan that is young at heart.

Looking to make this zombie gift your own? Get yours at RedneckRoadkillRC.com or via Amazon.com.


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