ZombieGift.com 10,000 Facebook Likes Commemorative “Zombie Killer” Machete Giveaway

Etched Zombie Killer Machete Giveaway 10,000 likes giv


This giveaway is now complete. Congrats to our lucky winner. Dawn C.!  We’d like to say thanks to all who entered and those of you t hat help support us and the site. Thanks so much!

We work hard on our facebook page and we know all of our fans and friends do too! Sure we could take the easy way out like some pages do but no paying for fake “likes” for us. No sir we grind it out every day slowly and methodically building a loyal following of zombie fans that are genuinely interested in zombie culture.  It’s not always easy when you do things the honest way, but it is so much more rewarding. You, our facebook fans, are so much fun to interact with. We’d take 10 of you versus 100 boring regular facebook followers any day. Believe it or not, we’ve finally scratched and clawed our way past 10,000 likes on facebook. Since that is 10,000 REAL fans that’s nothing to sneeze at. Now it is time to give thanks and nothing says, “Thank You” like  a sharp shiny zombie apocalypse survival tool.

That’s right horde. The time has come! It’s time for the long awaited 10,000 facebook like commemorative etched “Zombie Killer” machete giveaway~ That’s a long name, but it needs to be to contain all the awesomeness. We weren’t happy with just giving away one of our normal “Zombie Killer” machetes. Forget that! We decided to make a special, one of a kind, 10K likes commemorative version. This is the only one in existence and it is going to one lucky ZombieGift.com fan!

About the Prize: One lucky randomly selected winner will shamble away with a gorgeous 10,000 Likes Commemorative “Zombie Killer” Machete. This machete features our standard “Zombie Killer” design on one side and a very special etching on the reverse side to honor our 10,000 facebook likes milestone. The reverse side features the words “ZombieGift.com: The Horde is 10,000 strong!” It also features a menacing looking skull with exposed brain.


Etched Zombie Killer Machete Giveaway

The giveaway Entry Period Opens 4/16/2014 and closes at 12:01 am EST on 5/1/2014. After the giveaway entry period closes one lucky winner will be chosen at random. Winner(s) have 48 hours to respond to our winner notification attempts made via email and/or social media.

Rules: By entering this giveaway you are acknowledging that you have read and are in complete agreement with the following terms and conditions and the terms and conditions described within the entry form.   No purchase necessary.  This giveaway is open to U.S. residents ages 18 and older only. By entering this sweepstakes giveaway you are acknowledging that you are a resident of the United States, are at least 18 years of age and permitted to possess, own and use this prize pursuant to local, county, state and federal laws.  You agree this giveaway prize is not intended for use for any unlawful purpose as defined by all applicable local, county, state and federal laws.  We reserve our right to demand verification of age prior to awarding the prize to the selected winner. Failure to provide verification of age if requested will lead to disqualification  of the selected winner and forfeiture of the giveaway prize. Don’t blame us. Blame lawyers. For a complete list of rules and regulations refer to the giveaway entry form widget below.


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  1. I need this for my ZOMB13 Organ Donor Race Car!


  2. so wicked cool! I would love to display this on my wall haha all the crazies would disappear bwahaha thanks for the chance!!


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