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ZombieGift.com: You're home for zombie gifts and collectibles and more!

ZombieGift.com is the internet’s premier zombie product directory. Since 2011 we’ve been dedicated to featuring and archiving the best undead gifts and collectibles. We are your home for great zombie gift ideas and all things zombie on the internet. If you are a zombie fan, aficionado, collector, enthusiast, or just a friend, relative or significant other of a lover of the undead you’ll be at home here. In short, if you’re looking to browse or buy zombie gifts you are in the right place!

We help fans find the latest and greatest in zombie gifts and collectibles. If you are looking for a unique gift idea for that special walking dead fan (or just yourself) then you’ve come to the right place. Need to find a cool zombie toy? We can show you one. Looking for the most unique zombie t-shirts, sweatshirts or clothing? Look no further!

What makes us so special?

Can’t you just shop for these items anywhere? Our site is awesome because we hand curate many products and put them all together in one easy to navigate place. We also find unique, one of a kind items that are difficult to find. In fact, we’ve got an entire section dedicated to handmade gifts.

The real value our site offers is updating product sources and our connections. Availability for many of these products is constantly changing. We regularly update product listings with new sources and updated information as we get it. Visitors frequently contact us inquiring where they can find a zombie gift or collectible that has been long discontinued. We regularly connect our visitors with a new source or help them find it from a private party.

Do You Stock All the Products on Your Site?

No. We’re a zombie gift directory and archive. We do sell some products directly. Those products are clearly marked. The vast majority of the products seen on our site are either sold from other vendors or no longer produced. We generate income via advertising, affiliate links and other means.

The bottom line is we are dedicated to picking the braaaaiiiins of zombie fans all over the globe in order to become the ultimate zombie gift guide on the internet!

Also be sure to check out our zombie blog.  On our blog we routinely announce, feature and review many interesting products.  You’ll also find us reviewing zombie movies, zombie books and zombie video games as well. What about zombie food? You betcha.

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