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Zombie Shooting

Crossman Zombie Head Field Target – Pellet Airgun Target

Zombie Head Airgun Target Boom! Headshot! Practice your airgun shooting skills with this awesome zombie head field target from Crossman.  This portable zombie head target is made from heavy quality heavy duty steel.  Intended for use with lead pellets, the zombie head falls down when the yellow bullseye area is struck. Once you hit the […]

Zombie Industries Outbreak “Face Off” Shooting Gallery Target

      Zombie Industries Outbreak “Face Off” Shooting Gallery Target     The folks over at Zombie Industries have created yet another cool shooting experience for target shooters. The Outbreak “Face Off” shooting gallery target is a folding target that holds skeet shooting target clays! This zombie target is made of corrugated cardboard and […]

Crosman Zombie Eraser Electric Airsoft Gun

Crosman Zombie Eraser Electric Airsoft Rifle -$59.99 – 500-round. gravity-fed hopper – Removable stock – Compensator for continued firing – Rechargeable battery and charger   The Z71, Zombie Eraser, AEG has a high capacity 500-round, gravity-fed, see-through hopper so you’ll always be ready to take on hordes of the walking dead. Switch to full-auto mode and […]

Rinehart 3D Zombie Archery Target

Rinehart Zombie 3-D Target   Sharpen your archery skills and prepare for any zombie apocalypse with this very cool 3D zombie foam target. Made of durable water and UV resistant FX foam, this zombie target stands up to repeated punishment from arrows and crossbow bolts. No worries because they are easily removable! A handy carrying […]

LaserLyte Zombie Killer Edition Pistol Bayonet

Laserlyte Zombie Killer Edition Pistol Bayonet – $19.99: During the zombie apocalypse a pistol should be your backup. That being said, everyone should prepare for the worst with a backup for their backup. The Laserlyte Zombie Killer Edition pistol bayonet is the perfect solution.   While a 2.75″ long blade puts me closer than I want […]

Barnett Zombie 350 CRT Crossbow

Barnett Zombie 350 Crt Crossbow Package $599.99: Whether you need a silent weapon for the zombie apocalypse, or just something to hunt and have fun with the Barnett Zombie 350 CRT crossbow package is sure to deliver. Powered by Barnett’s Crosswire® string and cable system and custom composite laminated limbs, the Zombie 350 propels bolts at […]

Bleeding Zombie Targets

Bleeding Zombie Target Bleeding Zombie Target – Chris There are now tons of great zombie related shooting accessories. Zombie targets, zombie engraved gun accessories and even zombie themed ammunition.  Our friends over at are known for their great service and selection when it comes to firearms, ammunition and shooting accessories. They’ve also fully embraced […]