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Zombie Neckties

Zombie Apocalypse Partners Zombie Necklace

Zombie Apocalypse Partners Necklace Set

Zombie Apocalypse Partners Necklace Set Everyone needs that special someone. Show your special someone how much you care about them with this simple, yet elegant, zombie gift. This metal zombie apocalypse necklace set measures 1 inch across and features the engraved phrase “Zombie Apocalypse Partners.”  Each necklace in the set features one side of the […]

Zombie Fight Necktie

Zombie Fight Necktie – $9.99 We realize not everyone can have a job as cool as us. If you need to wear a monkey suit or a shirt and tie everyday there is no need to give up your zombie loving identity.  Now you can show your love for zombies with this awesome zombie necktie. […]