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Zombie Stickers

Zombie Window Posters Zombie Gift

Zombie Window Posters

Reusable Backlit Plastic Zombie Window Posters Let’s face it. . . there’s really no safe way to keep actual zombies in your home. Don’t ask how we know. We just do. Fortunately you can have the look of zombies in your windows without all the risk, trouble and that horrible smell. These plastic zombie window […]
Zombie Car Decals Zombie Gift

Zombie Family Car and Vehicle Decals

  Zombie Car Decals – 52 Decal Set   We’ve seen the tired old stick figure family decals.  We’ve even seen plenty of zombie themed family decals on neighborhood mini vans. We’re tired of the same old same old overpriced zombie car decals.  That’s why we excited to see these new exclusive zombie car decals. […]
Zombie Car Decals Featured Orange and Gray

Zombie Outbreak Hunting Unit Car Decal Kit

Let the world know who to find when the zombies come with these “Zombie Outbreak Hunting Unit” car decals. Each zombie vehicle decal kit features one large and two small decals to convert your ride into an official Zombie Hunting patrol vehicle. Available in Orange or Gray!
Zombie Temporary Tattoo book

Zombie Temporary Tattoos Booklet: 30 Temporary Zombie Tattoos

Zombie Temporary Tattoos: 30 Temporary Tattoos Becoming a zombie isn’t something you come back from. Zombiedom is perpetual and permanent.A zombie tattoo doesn’t have to be though. In fact a killer zombie tattoo can be something temporary thanks to this awesome temporary tattoo booklet from Mitch O’Connell. This matchbook folder style booklet features 30 classic […]
zombie magnet set

Zombie Dress Up Magnet Set from MAG-NEATO’S(TM)

Zombie with Dress-Up Clothes MAG-NEATO’S(TM) Novelty Magnet Set   Having your own pet zombie to dress up and play with at will sounds great on paper. Doing this with a real shambling member of the walking dead however just doesn’t work out. First it’s just dangerous because they tend to try to eat your face […]

Warning Zombies Don’t Open Dead Inside Removable Wall Decals

Warning Zombies Inside – Don’t Open Dead Inside Make your own zombie warning sign with these removable “Warning Zombies Inside” wall decals.  These removable decals feature a set of 4 bloody lifesized handprints along with warning text. The following words are included: Zombies, Warning, Don’t, Open, Dead, Inside. These fabric decals stick to nearly all […]

Bobble Budds – Bitey the Zombie Figure

Bobble Budds – Bitey the Zombie   These were produced as a Comic Con Exclusive for SOTA Toys in 2011. They were available only as a Comic-Con exclusives or as part of a short term Comic Con Impulse Pak from the SOTA Toys website. They’re sure to be a hit that will sell out quickly. […]

The Survivor Zombie T-Shirt

Zombie The Survivor T-shirt It’s zombie t-shirt designs like this that make me wish I was a better artist. We love this design entitled “The Survivor”.  It is a pen and ink style drawing featuring one very tough survivor standing atop a large pile of slaughtered zombies. The beat up survivor and sledgehammer perched on […]

Rotting Zombie Mirror Clings

Rotting Zombie Mirror Clings: $2.95 Who wants to look into a mirror and see a disgustingly normal human face? It’s so gross! High cheek bones? Perfect noses, chiseled chins and  jawlines? Absolutely nauseating! Zombie fans don’t want to see that. They want to see detached eyeballs, gaping wounds, exposed brains and sagging dripping festering fetid […]

Unlikely Little Golden Book – Rick’s New Friend

Zombie T-shirt: An Unlikely Little Golden Book – The Walking Dead: Rick’s New Friend Remember those little Golden Books you read growing up?  Well here’s a very unlikely idea for a Little Golden Book. Any fan of The Walking Dead will remember one of the opening scenarios when Officer Rick Grimes has to pop a cap […]

Zombie Dress Up Reusable Wall Decals

Zombie Dress Up Wall Decals – $14.95 Finally you can use the walls of your home, dorm, or office as they were meant to be used….as a canvas for zombie dress up fun! This set of 11 reusable fabric zombie decals is sure to be a hit with any zombie fan. Your set of zombie […]

Zombie Wall Decals

Zombie Wall Decals When we came across these awesome zombie wall decals we knew we HAD to share them with you. Looking for an easy way to add some zombie zing to the walls of your home, dorm or office?  These zombie wall decals are the perfect solution. This zombie product is easy to install […]

The Walking Dead Nate Zombie Torso Bust

The Walking Dead Nate Torso Bust This Nate zombie bust, from Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead, is a true work of art. The zombie bust features a zombie down to his waist. He’s missing an arm and his intestines are hanging out on his right side in glorious gory detail. Our zombie friend is wearing […]

Zombie Family Car Stickers Series 2

Zombie Family Car Stickers – Series 2 We’ve all seen those boring stick figure our cartoon figure families stuck on the back of the neighborhood soccer mom’s SUV. Those are cute, but a zombie loving family needs something different. These zombie vehicle stickers are the perfect answer. This set of 8 zombie stickers is a […]

Caution Zombies Ahead Crime Scene Tape

Biohazard and Zombie Crime Scene Tape When there are zombies occupying an area it never hurts to have a heads up! A roll of zombie caution style crime scene tape is the perfect way to let everyone know they are in a zombie zone. It’s also a great way to decorate a zombie lover’s home, […]

Novelty Zombie Survival Kit

Zombie Survival Kit This fun novelty zombie survival kit makes a great gag gift for the zombie lover.  It features a bunch of things you just might need in the post zombie apocalypse world.  The kit contains things like: Items include: 10 feet of yellow “Caution: Zombie Outbreak Zone” barrier tape 16 trading cards 4 […]