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Zombie Statues

Zombie Door Stop Zombie Gifts

Crawling Zombie Door Stop Figurine

This crawling zombie door stop is more than just an awesome way to wedge a door in place.  This amazing zombie gift is a functional work of undead art! Crawling Zombie Door Stop Figurine   It looks just like a disgusting decaying zombie with severed legs. This crawling zombie door stop features gruesome detail. He’s got […]
smoldering zombie groundbreaker prop

Smoldering Zombie Prop – Animated Zombie Groundbreaker

Smoldering Zombie Prop – Animated Zombie Groundbreaker Terrify your visitors and guest for Halloween or all year around with this amazing zombie decoration. This 28.5 inch smoldering groundbreaking zombie is the perfect touch for Halloween. The zombie looks like he’s coming out of the ground from the waist up.. Alternatively, you can take the more […]
Animated Sidestepping Zombie Gnome

Sidestepping Zombie Gnome

Animated Sidestepping Zombie Gnome If you’re looking to put the perfect finishing touch on your covered outdoor garden, porch or patio we’ve got the perfect solution. Of course, this zombie gift is also ideal for use as a Halloween decoration or just every day use around the house. This animated sidestepping zombie gnome decoration makes […]
Zombie Claus Zombie Santa Statue

Zombie Claus – Zombie Santa Statue

Zombie Claus Statue   Zombie Claus is coming to town! He’s making a list and checking it twice . . . and we’re sure he’ll find you and your family taste nice! No worries though, this adorable gory zombie Santa decoration only LOOKS dangerous. If you want to add a touch of undead zombie style […]
Zombie Head Bird Feeder Zombie Gift

Zombie Head Bird Feeder

  Gruesome Severed Zombie Head Bird Feeder     Finally zombie and Walking Dead fans have the perfect way to feed birds at Halloween, or all year round!  This gruesome zombie head bird feeder will look horrifyingly real hanging from any tree branch.  This item looks just like a real zombie head impaled with a […]
Evil Eye Twin Zombie Head Sculpture

Evil Eye Twin Zombie Head Wall Sculpture

Evil Eye Twin Zombie Wall Sculpture If you’re looking to turn heads for Halloween or any time of year we’ve got the perfect wall art for the job. This “Evil Eye Twin Zombie” wall sculpture is sure to horrify and captivate anyone that walks by.  This gruesome zombie gift features insane detail and depicts a […]
Zombie Tramp Statue Zombie Gift

Zombie Tramp Statue

Zombie Tramp Statue This beautiful zombie statue commemorates the year anniversary of the Zombie Tramp comic. This hand painted statue is beautifully crafted in 1:6 scale and measures approximately 6 inches tall. Designed by creator Dan Mendoza and sculpted by Eye 5 toys, this stunning undead collectible is the perfect addition to any fan of […]
Zombie Garden Gnome Featured

Zombie Garden Gnome

Zombie Garden Gnome Need to add some zombie style to your garden, patio, landscaping or even your home? Check out these affordable zombie garden gnomes. Handcrafted out of terracotta and painted with outdoor weather resistant paint these durable and affordable zombie gnomes will stand up to life outside or inside. Each zombie gnome measures approximately […]
107 Year Itch Female Zombie Figurine

107 Year Itch Marilyn Monroe Inspired Zombie Figurine

107 YEAR ITCH ZOMBIE FIGURINE Isn’t she beautiful? Striking that familiar pose and wearing that iconic white dress who could resist her? Sure she’s a little decayed and decomposed but doesn’t that add to her charm? Maybe not. One thing is for sure. . . you need this zombie figure in your collection. This female […]
Merle Dixon Walker Statue Gentle Giant

The Walking Dead Zombie Merle Dixon Statue – Gentle Giant

Merle Dixon Walking Dead Walker Statue 1:4 scale   Merle Dixon managed to work his way into our hearts. Formerly an abrasive racist jerk, he turned into a loveable abrasive jerk seeking redemption in his final days. Of course, spoiler alert, we know Merle met an untimely and violent end at the hands of The […]

Zombie Chip and Dip Server

Zombie Chip and Dip Serving Set Want to serve chips, dip and other treats in awesome zombie style? You need this zombie chip and dip server. The serving platter looks just like a zombie hand coming up out of the earth. Better yet your guests can dig into the zombie’s skull to retrieve their delicious […]

Elixir of the Undead Zombie Wine Bottle Holder

Keep your wine on display, easy to access and protected with this awesome zombie wine bottle holder! Elixir of the Undead Zombie Wine Bottle Holder Thanks to you already know there are cute zombie wine bottle holders out there. Well fortunately now there’s a more sinister looking wine bottle holder. The “Elixir of the […]

Zombie Goose Lawn Decoration

Zombie Goose   A boring concrete goose in your front yard? Hardly! Why would any self respecting zombie fan settle for an ordinary goose when they can decorate their lawn in awesome zombie goose style? This plastic zombie goose lawn decoration features gross and gory detail that will please any zombie fan. The zombie goose […]

NBA Basketball Zombie Lawn and Garden Figurines

Your dreams have come true basketball and zombie fans. Now you can combine your two life’s passions and show your love for your favorite NBA team in zombie style! Each of these resin zombie figurines stands about 8.5″ tall and sports the jersey of an NBA team! While not all teams are currently available, there […]

College Zombie Lawn and Garden Figurines

Show your school spirit while letting the world know you love zombies too! These adorable zombie lawn and garden statues are about 8.5″ tall, made of resin, AND they’re wearing some popular school athletic team jerseys! These zombie figurines are a great way to add some zombie style to your garden, landscaping, lawn or just […]

MLB Baseball Zombie Lawn Garden Figurines

Up until now there hasn’t been a way to combine your love of zombies with your love of Major League Baseball. Sure some teams hold “zombie night” but you need a way to display your zombie and baseball love all season long…no all YEAR long. Fortunately some baseball fans can now own a Major League […]