Zombie Hand Back Scratcher Zombie Gifts

Zombie Back Scratcher

 Zombie Hand Back Scratcher Everyone needs a hand scratching a hard to reach spot from time to time. There’s no need to scratch your back with a boring old back scratcher when you can do it in zombie style. This beautiful hand painted zombie hand back scratcher looks great in addition to working well. Constructed …

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Zombie Scarf Zombie Entrails Scarf Plush Toy Zombie Gift

Zombie Entrails Scarf Plush

Zombie Entrails Scarf Plush Part Zombie. Part Scarf. All fun! Whether it’s cold weather or a zombie apocalypse you’ll need to keep yourself warm and comfortable. There’s no reason you can’t do it in adorable zombie style. This plush zombie toy serves double duty. At first glance it is a 9 inch plush zombie toy. …

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Zombie Lunch Box Zombie Gifts

Dawn of The Dead Lunch Box

Dawn of The Dead Lunch Box Fans of George A. Romero’s zombie classic, Dawn of The Dead, will surely appreciate this metal lunch box storage tote. If you’re looking for a unique zombie gift for a fan of classic zombie films, this is sure to meet your needs. This tin vintage style lunch box measures …

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Zombie keychain plush key chain toy

Zombie Plush Key Chain

Plush Zombie Keychain Protect your car keys, decorate your backpack or purse, or just enjoy playing with your new plush zombie friend. This plush zombie key chain measures approximately 4 inches tall. This adorable zombie gift is cute enough for kids ages 8 and up, while still being gross and gruesome enough to satisfy older …

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Zombie Temporary Tattoo book

Zombie Temporary Tattoos Booklet: 30 Temporary Zombie Tattoos

Zombie Temporary Tattoos: 30 Temporary Tattoos Becoming a zombie isn’t something you come back from. Zombiedom is perpetual and permanent.A zombie tattoo doesn’t have to be though. In fact a killer zombie tattoo can be something temporary thanks to this awesome temporary tattoo booklet from Mitch O’Connell. This matchbook folder style booklet features 30 classic …

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Zombie Belt Buckle

Zombie Belt Buckle We’ve been over this time and time again. You need a belt. Why you ask? Let’s think about this. When the zombies come you’ll have enough to worry about. Drooping drawers shouldn’t be your main concern. You can’t let a sagging pair of pants be your downfall. One trip and fall and …

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Zombie Head lunch box

Zombie Head Lunch box

Zombie Head Lunch Box   Carry your lunch in style, or just keep others from stealing your lunch, with this steel zombie head lunch box.  This steel lunchbox is decorated to look just like a zombie head complete with exposed brains.  This metal zombie lunch box measures approximately 7 and 3/4 inches long by  6 …

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Animated Zombie Backpack

What kid wouldn’t want a funny zombie faceb backpack accompanying them on the go everyday? This animated zombie backpack features sounds, spinning zombie eyes and even gross dripping “snot” that is sure to have them giggling with glee! Animated Zombie Backpack We can’t think of a better way to send a child back to school. …

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Zombie Feet Flip Flops

Step out in style with these awesome zombie feet flip flops! Zombie Flip Flops Zombie fans finally have a way to shamble around in fun, cook and comfy undead style. These zombie feet flip flops are the perfect zombie footwear for beach, pool or casual use. These zombie flip flops feature images of gross, rotted …

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If Daryl Dies We Riot Rubber Bracelet – Daryl Dixon The Walking Dead Bracelet

The Walking Dead: If Daryl Dies We Riot Rubber Bracelet Fans of The Walking Dead have spoken. If Daryl Dies they riot! We don’t recommend flipping over police cars, lighting fires or smashing the windows of storefronts to steal TVs, but we don’t recommend you sit quietly without voicing your love for your favorite character …

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Zombie Keychain

Zombie Keychain This handmade zombie keychain is the perfect way to keep your keys safe and accessible. This sculpted keychain is crafted of durable  resin and is made to look just like a sickly zomibe missing most of an arm and a leg.  He’s also had an unlucky encounter with a keychain eyelet which has …

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The Walking Dead Trucker Hat

  The Walking Dead Trucker Hat   Complete your Walking Dead wardrobe with this officially licensed The Walking Dead trucker hat. This hat features a a black front, black bill along with AMC’s The Walking Dead logo embroidered on the front against a red blood splatter background. The red mesh snapback style back completes the …

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