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Zombie Sweatshirts

This category features some great zombie sweatshirts and zombie gifts, sure to make the ideal zombie gift.

Zombie Rescue Team Hooded Sweatshirt Zombie Gifts

Zombie Rescue Team Hoodie

Stay warm and comfortable while letting the public know you provide a valuable service with this Zombie Rescue Team hoodie. This red hooded sweatshirt makes a great subtle zombie gift idea. This zombie hoodie features a large “Zombie Rescue Team: North America Unit” graphic in white on the back. The front left chest area features […]
iZombie Hooded Sweathsirt Zombie Gifts

iZombie Hoodie

iZombie Hoodie – Liv Pullover Hooded Sweatshirt Looking for the perfect gift for that iZombie fan? It’s hard not to like this hit shown on The CW. It has it all: The beautiful zombie Liv, crime, drama, hot sauce,delicious brains and more! This soft and comfortable officially licensed iZombie hoodie is a great way to […]
zombie nation t-shirt

Zombie Nation T-shirt

Zombie Nation Rise T-shirt   If you can’t beat ’em . . . join ’em! The honest truth is most of us aren’t fit for surviving the zombie apocalypse.  The pending undead zombie plague is nothing to sneeze at and the reality is the odds are you won’t survive.  Why fight it? Proudly join the […]
Zombie Sweatshirt

Zombie Hoodie – Full Zip Hooded Zombie Sweatshirt

Zombie Hoodie When the zombies come (and we all know it’s WHEN and not IF) you’ll need every trick you can think of to survive. This full zip zombie hoodie just might help you survive when the dead walk the earth.  Why? Because this zombie gift makes you look just like a real disgusting zombie. […]
The Walking Dead hoodie as seen on Talking Dead

The Walking Dead Walkers Attack Hoodie

The Walking Dead “Walkers Attack” Hoodie As seen on AMC’s Talking Dead! This gorgeous “Walkers Attack” officially licensed The Walking Dead hoodie is the perfect gift for any fan.  This black polyester zip up hoodie features images of many popular Walking Dead zombies in an eerie black and white/gray look. A bright red TWD logo in […]

The Waking Dead T-Shirt

Looking for the perfect gift for a coffee lover and fan of The Walking Dead? Look no further than this funny The Waking Dead T-shirt! The Waking Dead T-Shirt I’m a zombie until I get my coffee. Most mornings you can find me up at the crack of dawn shambling and shuffling to the coffee […]

Daryl Dixon Zombie Ears Crossbow Costume Hoodie

BACK Walking Dead Daryl Dixon Costume Ear Necklace Crossbow Full Zipper Hooded Sweatshirt This officially licensed The Walking Dead sweatshirt is the perfect unique gift for the Daryl Dixon fan. This Daryl Dixon inspired sweatshirt features a double sided costume design. This heather grey sweatshirt features bloody hand prints, blood stains and Daryl Dixon’s zombie […]

Dixon Crossbow Training Academy – Daryl Dixon T-Shirt

Dixon Crossbow Training Academy – Daryl Dixon T-shirt, Sweatshirt, Adult Footed Pajamas and more!   Daryl Dixon is an amazing shot with the crossbow. It’s no wonder he’s decide to supplement his income and put those skills to use beyond killing walkers. Now YOU can learn to shoot just like the man himself at the […]

Walking Dead Don’t Open Dead Inside Hoodie Sweatshirt

The Walking Dead: Dead Inside Men’s Zip Hoodie Who can forget that epic moment from Episode 1 of AMC’s The Walking Dead when Rick Grimes wakes from his coma and stumbles out of his hospital room into a hospital that looks like a war zone? Any fan of the the show will remember when he […]

The Horde – Zombie T-Shirts and Hoodies for Guys and Gals

 The Horde – Starting at $20.00 (Design available on Men’s and Women’s Tees, Hoodies and Zip Hoodies!) Sometimes you’re just screwed. It happens in everyday life and it is sure to happen to the best of us during the zombie apocalypse. This awesome zombie t-shirt design features one lone survivor standing on top of a […]

The Survivor Zombie T-Shirt

Zombie The Survivor T-shirt It’s zombie t-shirt designs like this that make me wish I was a better artist. We love this design entitled “The Survivor”.  It is a pen and ink style drawing featuring one very tough survivor standing atop a large pile of slaughtered zombies. The beat up survivor and sledgehammer perched on […]

Zombies Hate Fast Food – Zombie T-shirt

Zombies Hate Fast Food – Zombie T-shirt: Starting at $19.95   Zombies hate fast food…it is so much more difficult to catch! This awesome zombie t-shirt features the phrase “Zombies hate fast food” along with a cartoon drawing of a jogger sprinting away from a horde of zombies to safety. This zombie t-shirt design is […]

If Zombies Chase Us I’m Tripping You – Zombie T-shirt

If Zombies Chase Us I’m Tripping You Zombie T-shirt -from $19.95 When a horde of flesh hungry zombies are chasing you, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do! This funny zombie t-shirt features the phrase, “WARNING: If zombies chase us I’m tripping you!” along with a funny warning sign style illustration to bring it […]

Unlikely Little Golden Book – Rick’s New Friend

Zombie T-shirt: An Unlikely Little Golden Book – The Walking Dead: Rick’s New Friend Remember those little Golden Books you read growing up?  Well here’s a very unlikely idea for a Little Golden Book. Any fan of The Walking Dead will remember one of the opening scenarios when Officer Rick Grimes has to pop a cap […]

Real Zombies Don’t Run: T-shirts, Sweatshirts and Hoodies

Zombies Don’t Run Zombie Clothing: T-shirts, Sweatshirts and Hoodies   Are you a fan of classic zombies? If so then you probably don’t like these coordinated and athletic zombies popular in today’s films. Zombies should crawl or at most shuffle along at a slow pace. They shouldn’t be running the 100 yard dash. Proudly display […]