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Zombie Bathroom

zombie soap dispenser

Zombie Soap Dispenser

Preventing the zombie apocalypse might be easier than we think. Helping the spread of illness due to viruses or bacteria starts with the basics. . . like good hygiene.  Show your family you care with this awesome zombie soap dispenser! Zombie Soap Dispenser   You care about the health and well being of friends and […]
Handmade Zombie Gifts Zombie Soap

Zombie Repellent Handmade Natural Soap

Sapling Naturals Zombie Repellent Soap   Searching for a way to keep the zombies at bay? Slathering yourself with the guts and entrails of the undead is one way to camouflage your delicious living scent.  Fortunately there’s a less grotesque and more hygienic approach. Maybe you’re not in need of protection from the walking dead […]
The Walking Dead Beach Towel

The Walking Dead Zombies Beach Towel

The Walking Dead Beach Towel   Lay out or dry off in Walking Dead style. Whether at the beach, bathroom or pool you’ll look deadly cool and draw more attention than a horde of flesh hungry zombies with this gorgeous officially licensed The Walking Dead beach towel. This cotton beach towel features a horde of […]
Walking Dead Beach Towel

Walking Dead Don’t Open Dead Inside Beach Towel

    The Walking Dead “Don’t Open Dead Inside” Beach Towel Spring is here and you know what that means: swimsuit season! Whether you want to draw attention to, or away from, your beach body this is the perfect beach towel for the task. This officially licensed The Walking Dead product features The Walking Dead […]

The Walking Dead Hooded Robe – Adult Bathrobe

Stay warm and cozy thanks to this The Walking Dead Hooded Robe!       The Walking Dead Hooded Robe – Adult Survivor Robe   Are you looking for the perfect way to watch The Walking Dead? Snuggle up in cozy comfy Walking Dead style with this hooded officially licensed Survivor The Walking Dead hooded robe. This […]

The Quacking Dead – Zombie Rubber Ducky

    Most people don’t know rubber ducks are very curious by nature.  Long after bath time is over they like to waddle around and explore the bathroom when no one is looking. Normally it’s not much of an issue but sometimes things do go wrong.  Unfortunately these poor little rubber duckies were a little […]

Zombie Anti-Virus Hand Sanitizer

Zombie Anti-Virus Hand Sanitizer (Refillable) – $8.95 This real hand sanitizer is probably more effective against normal everyday bacteria than it is against a zombie virus. This hand sanitizer’s active ingredient is 62% ethyl alcohol.  It also contains skin moisturizers to keep you human hands soft and supple. Kills 99.99% of germs on contact This […]

Zombie Foot Scrub Soap

Zombie Foot Scrub Soap Halloween Horror Decor Gothic  – $6.99 Need something to scrub and rejuvenate those tired feet? Try a bar of this zombie foot scrub soap. Each 3 – 1/2 oz. bar measures about 4 – 1/2″  x 2″ inches.  This bar of soap shaped just like a zombie foot is more than good looks. […]

Zombie Coffin Soap

Zombie Coffin Bathroom Soap This awesome zombie soap features a sick 3D bright green zombie protruding from a dark black coffin. Each 3-1/2 oz. bar of this amazing zombie soap measures approximately 4″ x 2″. The unisex  “Zombie Zen” scent is a clean ocean fresh blend of fragrances safe for both male and female zombie […]

Zombie Soap

Clean up your act with some fresh and clean zombie soap!  Zombie Soap Zombies are messy business. Whether you’re killing them or scrambling to avoid them, you’ll get down and dirty.  Thankfully zombie fans can now clean up their act with these unique handmade zombie soaps.  Each bar of blood red zombie soap measures about […]

Zombie Bath Salts

Relax with some soothing zombie bath salts! Zombie Bath Salts Everyone needs to relax, unwind and refresh themselves every so often. Heck, even zombies get tired of smelling like the dead rotting corpses they are. That’s why zombies, and humans, frequently reach for some soothing zombie bath salts. Using them couldn’t be any easier. Simply […]

Zombie Clock

Zombie Clock – $39.95  Time flies when you’re having fun, and the zombie on this awesome zombie clock is definitely having fun gnawing on the realistic brain that serves double duty as a clock face. This awesome sculpted zombie clock is handcrafted right here in the good old U.S.A. out of a durable urethane resin. […]

Zombie Blood Bath Bloody Bath Towel

Blood Bath Bloody Hand Towel – $14.99   Zombies are a messy business. That’s true whether you are one, or you just spend your days trying to survive against hordes of them.  At the end of a long day you need to wash up and dry off.  This blood bath bath towel will make short work […]

Fishnet Zombie Shower Curtain

Fishnet Zombie Shower Curtain – $17.95 Need to add some zombie style to your bathroom? This zombie shower curtain is the perfect way to add some rockabilly zombie flair to your bathroom. The curtain features a blood splattered fishnet stocking background. Zombie pinup girls wearing fishnet stockings and holding a brain add some gorgeous zombie […]

Rotting Zombie Mirror Clings

Rotting Zombie Mirror Clings: $2.95 Who wants to look into a mirror and see a disgustingly normal human face? It’s so gross! High cheek bones? Perfect noses, chiseled chins and  jawlines? Absolutely nauseating! Zombie fans don’t want to see that. They want to see detached eyeballs, gaping wounds, exposed brains and sagging dripping festering fetid […]

Zombie Wall Decals

Zombie Wall Decals When we came across these awesome zombie wall decals we knew we HAD to share them with you. Looking for an easy way to add some zombie zing to the walls of your home, dorm or office?  These zombie wall decals are the perfect solution. This zombie product is easy to install […]