Zombie Pajamas

Undead Zombie Pajamas

Surviving the zombie apocalypse can be exhausting. When the time comes relaxing and getting some shuteye can be challenging. Some comfortable zombie pajamas could be just the solution your weak and weary body needs! Zombie Pajamas – Zombie Sleepwear Winter is coming and you need some new warm, fuzzy and stylish PJ’s. You need something …

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Zombie Anatomical Pajama Set

Zombie Anatomical Pajama Set -$24.99:   Chicks dig zombies. Actually being one of the undead isn’t very lady like. The smell, the rotting flesh, the appendages falling off while you walk. It’s all gross and unladylike. Pretending to a be a zombie with makeup and ripped bloody clothing is a chore too. Fortunately we’ve brought you …

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