Zombie Heart Necklace

Zombie Stitch Heart Necklace

Stitched Zombie Heart Necklace This adorable stitched heart zombie necklace would make the perfect zombie gift for Valentine’s Day or any other occasion. ┬áThis small chain style necklace features a metal pendant in the shape of a heart. This isn’t just any heart though. . . it’s clearly a zombie heart. The bright green heart …

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Zombie Girl Zombie Necklace

Zombie Girl Bling Necklace

Zombie Girl Bling Zombie Necklace   Show that zombie girl you love her with this affordable Zombie Girl bling necklace. Let’s face it. Zombies can’t afford diamonds. It is just a fact of life. That doesn’t mean you can’t get that zombie girl some affordable bling that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. …

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Zombie Love Necklace Valentine's Day

Zombie Love Necklace

  Zombie Love Necklace There’s nothing like zombie love. Show your significant zombie other how much they mean to you with this “Zombie Love” necklace. The lightweight ball chain necklace features a metal pendant with the word “ZOMBIE” in green and “LOVE” surrounded by hearts underneath in a beautiful pink color. While this isn’t a …

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Love Brains Zombie T-Shirt

Zombie Love Brains Candy Heart T-Shirt – Men’s and Women’s Fit   Zombie shirts can be subtle. They don’t need to be all up in your face with rotting flesh and blood spatters. Some of the best funny zombie t-shirts are subtle and quirky little gems like this one. This zombie t-shirt is decorated with …

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Zombie Valentine’s Day Cards

Zombie Valentine’s Day Cards – $7.99 Show that special someone how much you care with some zombie Valentine’s Day cards. This pack of 4 high quality zombie Valentine’s Day cards feature four classic zombie themed Valentine’s Day card designs on quality card stock. The inside contains no written message so you can express the love …

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Gummy Brain Candy

Gummy Brain┬áZombie Candy – $9.99   This gummy brain is the perfect way for the modern zombie to get that brain eating sensation without all of the hassle of hunting done a fast moving human. It’s also the perfect treat for the wanna-be zombie humans who don’t have the stomach to crack open a skull …

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Zombie Love T-Shirt

Zombie Love T-shirt @ Jinx.com Zombie love. Is there anything so pure and innocent? You always remember your first zombie love. Snuggling at the movies. Shuffling hand in hand. Sharing a warm brain milkshake. Those were the days. This great zombie t-shirt features an anatomical human heart and a happy zombie couple sharing a delicious …

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Zombie Cupid Pencil Holder

Zombie Cupid Pencil Holder – $14.95   If you are looking for a unique and affordable zombie gift for Valentine’s day it probably doesn’t get more unique than this. This zombie cupid pencil holder is sure to capture the heart of that special loved one. It’s perfect for zombie gift giving on Valentine’s day, or …

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