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Zombie Clothing for Women

Zachary Zombie Hooded Zombie Blanket

Zachary Zombie Cuddly Buddies Hooded Zombie Blanket

What child wouldn’t want to cuddle up with a soft, fuzzy and warm zombie friend? Fortunately this zombie doesn’t want anything other than to swaddle your little one in soft, luxurious warmth. This Zachary Zombie Cuddly Buddies hooded zombie blanket is made of incredibly soft and comfortable Shearloft fabric. It measures approximately 40 inches by […]

Lil’ A$$ Kicker Walking Dead Maternity Top

  Walking Dead Maternity Shirt – Lil A** Kicker   This officially licensed The Walking Dead Maternity top lets the world know what’s to come. . . in no uncertain terms. If people think Judith Grimes is an @$$ kicker they better watch out for YOUR offspring. This adorable Walking Dead maternity shirt is black 100% cotton. […]
Daryl Dixon women's top

Daryl Dixon “I Ain’t Nobody’s B*tch” Laserback V-Neck Top

  Walking Dead Daryl Dixon “I ain’t nobody’s b#tch” V-neck Top   Daryl Dixon is his own man. Although he’s been softened a little bit and has some feels for his companions in the zombie apocalypse, he’s still not afraid to let you know he’s nobody’s b!tch. This gorgeous Daryl Dixon v-neck top sends that […]
Walking Dead gifts for women Leggings

The Walking Dead Leggings

  Walking Dead Leggings Hey ladies! Why wear boring old leggings when you can sport these awesome Walking Dead zombie hand leggings?  These black leggings are available in black in sizes small, medium and large.  Priced at just $22.99, these make the ideal unique Walking Dead gift for that lovely special lady in your life. […]

This Walker’s Dead – Star Wars AT-AT Walking Dead T-Shirt

This Walker’s Dead Zombie T-shirt could be the ideal gift for that person on your shopping list that loves The Walking Dead and Star Wars. This Walker’s Dead Walking Dead/Star Wars Inspired T-Shirt   Fans that love Star Wars and The Walking Dead are sure to fall in love with this brilliant t-shirt design. This […]
Walking Dead - Boxers

The Walking Dead “Forgive Us” Boxer Shorts

These Walking Dead boxer shorts make an awesome affordable Walking Dead gift. “Forgive Us” The Walking Dead Boxer Shorts These The Walking Dead boxer shorts are inspired by the hit TV show. These officially licensed boxers feature The Walking Dead logo, blood splatters and zombie silhouettes and more. You can even pick out a silhouette of […]

West Georgia Correctional Facility Walking Dead Inspired T-Shirt

The West Georgia Correctional Facility is the perfect secure home for your post apocalyptic housing needs! West Georgia Correctional Facility Walking Dead T-Shirt   This Walking Dead inspired T-shirt features a very cool “West Georgia Correctional Facility” prison logo design. This zombie t-shirt design is inspired by the prison in The Walking Dead. It sports […]

Walking Dead Governor Purse – Walking Dead Handbag

The Walking Dead Governor Purse – Walking Dead Handbag Need a new purse? Looking for a purse that’s subtle enough for everyday use with just enough zombie flash to turn heads? This Walking Dead “The Governor” purse is just what you’re looking for. This Walking Dead purse features art from The Walking Dead comic and […]
Walking Dead Omnibus Purse

Walking Dead Omnibus Purse – Walking Dead Handbag

Walking Dead – Omnibus Handbag Walking Dead Purse   Ladies are you looking for that perfect handbag for that evening out? Guys, are you looking for that special gift for that special lady in your life? The Walking Dead Omnibus purse is the perfect answer. This gorgeous Walking Dead handbag features art from The Walking […]
Daryl Mixon Daryl Dixon Minion T-Shirt Walking Dead Shirt Zombie Gifts Zombie Gift Ideas

Daryl Mixon – Daryl Dixon Minion T-Shirt

Get this adorable Daryl Dixon Minion T-shirt today! Daryl Mixon – Daryl Dixon Minion T-Shirt   What do you get when you cross Daryl Dixon with a Minion? Daryl Mixon of course! This awesome Walking Dead inspired t-shirt features an image of Daryl Dixon as a minion…or a Minion as Daryl Dixon? Either way it’s […]

Michonne and Pet Zombies T-Shirt

If you, or someone you know, is a fan of Michonne this Michonne and Pet Zombies T-shirt is the perfect zombie gift! Michonne just wanted to blend in, that’s why she toted a pair of walkers around on leashes.  You’ll stand out in a sea of The Walking Dead fans thanks to this unique shirt! […]
Zombie Pajamas

Undead Zombie Pajamas

Surviving the zombie apocalypse can be exhausting. When the time comes relaxing and getting some shuteye can be challenging. Some comfortable zombie pajamas could be just the solution your weak and weary body needs! Zombie Pajamas – Zombie Sleepwear Winter is coming and you need some new warm, fuzzy and stylish PJ’s. You need something […]

Dixon Brothers Extermination – Daryl Dixon T-Shirt

Do you have a walker infestation in your neighborhood? Let this sibling duo handle it for you! The Dixon Brothers Extermination Team is here to help! Dixon Brothers Extermination – Daryl Dixon and Merle Dixon T-Shirt    Have a zombie infestation? Daryl and Merle Dixon can help! The Dixon Brothers Walker Extermination service should be […]

Call of Duty: Black Ops II Zombie Guard T-Shirt

Call of Duty Black Ops II Zombie Guard Zombie T-Shirt   This awesome Call of Duty Black Ops II t-shirt is a great gift idea for both zombie fans and gamers. This t-shirt features an image of the Black Ops II roman numeral with a zombie guard within it. The bright orange graphic on a […]

Hunter – Daryl Dixon Inspired Zombie T-Shirt

Hunter – Daryl Dixon Inspired Zombie T-Shirt   Daryl Dixon is a true hunter. If it’s not squirrels then he’s hunting down and deftly eliminating the undead. This hunter has inspired a very cool t-shirt. While this isn’t officially titled a Daryl Dixon t-shirt, we don’t know too many other hunting knife toting, crossbow wielding […]