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Looking for gifts for lovers of the undead but not sure where to start? You’re in the right place. The problem is, we feature a huge amount of undead themed merchandise. The sheer volume of zombie products listed on our site can be overwhelming but don’t dismay! We’ve scoured our site and the internet to put together our list of top zombie gifts. It’s what we do best!

In fact, our entire site is dedicated to helping you find the perfect zombie gift. The problem is, there are almost too many to choose from. There are literally hundreds of choices on our site. Narrowing your purchase down to the right one or two is a formidable task. Don’t fret. We’ve spent hours analyzing data and combing through our product archives. We also hit the rest of the internet to find the most popular and most unique. This isn’t one of those lazy posts you see on other sites where we post the first 10 pieces of zombie merchandise we find on the internet and call it a day.

We’ve assembled a killer list. More importantly, this is an ongoing project that we frequently update. This has taken hours of work. You can thank us and support the site by purchasing through the links here. Keep in mind many of the top zombie gifts here are very popular. Their availability changes frequently. The links on our site may be affiliate links. If you buy something via the links here you won’t pay more but we may earn a small commission for introducing a product to you.

Without further ado, here are our picks for top zombie gifts.

Top Zombie Gifts

Zombie Head Cookie Jar - Top Zombie Gifts

Zombie Head Cookie Jar

This awesome zombie head cookie jar has been a fan favorite and best seller for many years. This ceramic cookie jar looks just like a severed zombie head.  This gift has just the perfect combination of gore and cuteness. It will please adults without terrifying children and is sure to be right at home on nearly any kitchen counter. This was a ThinkGeek exclusive back in the day. We first featured this on our site in 2011. Finding this amazing gift can be a bit challenging today, but it is still out there in the wild.

It measures approximately 9 inches tall and 7 inches across at its widest point. The size is perfect for storing cookies, candy and more. The hand painted/glazed details means each one is slightly unique.

Many zombie products come and go. This one has stood the test of time. However, all good things come to an end. If you’re thinking about grabbing one for you, or that special someone, we’d recommend doing so quickly!

Zombie Head Bowl

Zombie Head Bowl - "Top Zombie Gifts Zombie Merchandise

Eat your brains!  This ceramic zombie head bowl is the perfect way to eat cereal, spaghetti and more.  It measures approximately 6.75″ by 5.5″ by 3.6″ and has a capacity of approximately 32 fluid ounces.  This gift is dishwasher safe, microwave safe and sure to put a smile on any zombie fan’s face! This product was retired but you can still get it new/used from sellers on ebay etc. The links here will help you find it!

Dead of Night Zombie Lamp

Zombie Gift Dead of Night Zombie Lamp

This beautiful zombie lamp is another incredibly popular gift on our site. This limited edition “Dead of Night” lamp is created by award winning sculptor, FX artist and illustrator J. Anthony Kosar.  Four gruesome zombies and a twisted tree trunk make up the base of this stunning undead tabletop lamp.  The cloth lampshade features silhouetted tree branches and an eerie full moon. Awesome right? Now for the bad news. This lamp has been discontinued and is no longer available from the original retailer. That makes it a bit hard to obtain. The good news is the links above will help you find it via ebay.

Impaled Zombie Pen Pencil Holder

Top Zombie Gifts Impaled Stabbed Zombie Pencil Pen Holder

Secure your pen, pencil or other writing instrument with this awesome pen holder.  It looks like a zombie has been impaled with a pen right on your desktop. This item features durable resin construction and stunning hand painted details. It measures approximately 3 inches by 7 inches and is sure to be a hit with your recipient.

My First Zombie – Plush Zombie Toy

My First Zombie Plush Toy

Start them out young with a safe and cuddly undead pal. The My First Zombie Plush is an adorable soft plush toy that looks just like a real life dangerous zombie. It features all the great walking dead action without the danger. This gift stands about 13 inches tall and is recommended for ages 3 and up.

Plush Zombie Slippers

Plush Zombie Head Slippers

We can’t think of a better way to keep your feet warm and toasty than sticking them in a zombie’s mouth. Relax. We’re talking sliding them into some comfortable plush zombie head slippers. These fun oversized plush slippers look just like a zombie head, complete with a gaping bloody mouth and a dangling eyeball. These are definitely one of our top zombie gifts! One size fits most adults.

Zombie Eating a Leg Ink Pen

zombie eating leg ink pen

Add some lighthearted fun to your desk with this comical zombie pen. This poly resin pen features a zombie chewing on a severed leg.  This is a sure way to turn heads at school or the office! This is a spirit Halloween item that disappears and reappears on their site. You may have better luck visiting the store in person if it isn’t available online via the links above.

Bleeding Zombie Head Bowl/Bucket

bleeding zombie head bucket bowl top zombie gifts

Serve up candy or other treats while freaking out your guests thanks to this awesome bleeding zombie head bucket. This economical product features sculpted plastic construction and hand painted details.  Measuring approximately 10″ by 10″ by 12″, this item is sure to be a hit at Halloween or your next zombie themed party!

Remote Control Zombie

Remote Control Zombie Toy Top Zombie Gifts

Simulate the undead apocalypse with this awesome toy. Press the button on the brain shaped remote and this remote controlled zombie toy groans and slowly shuffles forward. Articulated at the neck, hips and shoulders this walker will make a great zombie gift for young and old alike!  This item requires 3 AAA batteries and stands approximately 7-3/4″ tall. Over the years this has definitely remained one of our top zombie gifts.

Zombie Frenzy T-shirt

Zombie Frenzy T-shirt Top Zombie Gifts

A long time favorite of zombie fans, this “Zombie Frenzy” t-shirt makes an impressive statement and an awesome gift. Available in Men’s and Women’s fit, this awesome design features a raging zombie spitting blood in an amazing huge all over print design. This design is also available as a sticker, phone case and a print.

Undead Apocalypse Katana

undead apocalypse katana

Face the undead, or just decorate your wall, in style with this gorgeous undead apocalypse zombie katana.  This display sword measures 40 1/2″ overall. It features a carbon steel blade with painted zinc aluminum fittings. A biohazard logo for the tsuba is the perfect compliment. The faux ray skin handle is wrapped with bright green nylon cord wrapping. The scabbard also features some green wrapping for the perfect finishing touch.

Zombies Keep Out Board Game

Zombies Keep Out Board Game

One of the most popular board games we’ve featured on our site, Zombies Keep Out puts a fun new twist on the undead board game genre.  You and your friends start out the game as goblin cohorts barricaded in your workshop. You have to work together to collect parts in order to use your mechanical expertise to build machines you need to overcome the zombies and survive.

You’ll battle creepers, runners, brutes and leapers in a seemingly endless assault.  Work together or you’ll perish. Move quickly but be careful! The more zombies that get added to the board the greater your chances of getting bitten and joining the horde. If that happens you’ll turn on your friends and add to their dilemma. This fun board game is recommended for ages 8 years and up and supports 1 to 6 players. The more players you have, the “easier” things are. Typical game length is approximately 45 minutes.

Zombie Annihilation Crate

Top Zombie Gifts - Zombie Annihilation Crate

When a present is fun, useful and unique it is hard to not be dubbed one of our recommended top zombie gifts! The Zombie Annihilation Crate from Man Crates is sure to bring a smile to anyone preparing for the zombie apocalypse or any other emergency situation life might throw their way.

Each of these wooden crates comes with a ton of survival essentials such as:

Of course, no zombie survival crate would be complete without survival tools and weapons. Your gift recipient won’t be disappointed in this department. Each crate also includes the following:

  • An Elk Ridge Machete with Stainless Steel Blade
  • An MTech USA 11″ Axe
  • A Gorge Folding Shovel
  • Knife with Paracord wrapped handle and built in fire-starter

This zombie gift will help them survive and rebuild in the event the undead ever threaten humanity. It also looks pretty cool and will come in handy for those boring non apocalyptic events as well.  All of the contents above come packed in a boxed wooden crate. A laser etched mini crowbar is included to assist with opening this bad boy! Two other options are available as well: A Zombie Suppression Crate and a Zombie Survival Crate.


See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil Zombie Shelf Sitters

shelf sitter see hear speak no evil top zombie gifts

Add some undead decor to either your home or office with these awesome zombie shelf sitters.  Each set contains 3 figures sitting in the classic hands over ears, hands over eyes and finger over mouth positions.

These gruesome and adorable figures are constructed of durable cold cast resin. Each one measures approximately 4″ tall and they’re hand painted so each one is unique.

Smoldering Groundbreaker Animated Prop

smoldering zombie Halloween prop

This animated undead prop is perfect for adding some gruesome horror to your Halloween decorating.   This toasty corpse features cracked and burnt skin with orange LED lights underneath to give the appearance of a fiery orange glow. Talk about well done! (Bad pun intended.)  This charred animatronic is motion activated and step pad compatible. Activate him and the zombie groans and gyrates in a circular motion while his head bobs around. Combine this with a fog machine, dry ice or other smoke effects for the perfect “just-torched” look!

Bowling Zombies

Bowling Zombies Wooden Table Top Bowling Game

This is a simple, wholesome game that is easy to learn and fun to play for nearly any age. This portable game is as basic as it gets. That makes it a timeless classic in our book. Take your bowling ball “bomb” and take out all the zombies without hurting the damsel in distress. Whether you’re looking for some low tech fun for the family or just need a way to beat stress at the office, this game is sure to please!

Hello Zombie T-shirt

Hello Zombie Kitty T-shirt Top Zombie Gifts

Do they love Hello Kitty and The Walking Dead? We can’t think of a better gift idea! This t-shirt features an adorable but equally horrific tribute to everyone’s favorite Japanese created perpetual 3rd grade kitty. This awesome shirt is available in both men’s and ladies fit in a variety of different sizes. Constructed of 100% pre-shrunk cotton, each shirt is screen printed in the USA. Click the link or image above for pricing and availability for this and many other t-shirts.

Do Not Feed The Zombies Stepping Stone

Do Not Feed the Zombies Stepping Stone Zombie Gift

Send a message for all visitors that might take a stroll through your garden, landscaping or undead storage area with this awesome zombie present! This durable zombie stepping stone reads, “WARNING: DO NOT FEED THE ZOMBIES” in all capitals across the face. What a perfect way to  warn unsuspecting guests about the dangers lurking on your property.  It measures around 9 1/2″ by 9 1/2″ by a half inch thick. and can be used on the ground or even as a wall or fence plaque! This product appears to have been discontinued, and finding it has become more difficult in recent years.


Inflatable Zombie Drink Cooler

Inflatable Zombie Drink Cooler

This undead character will be the life of your next Halloween party or zombie event. This inflatable buffet style drink cooler is shaped just like a zombie rising out of a coffin.  Simply inflate it, fill the bottom with ice and fill with your favorite drinks, fresh food etc. This zombie gift measures approximately 26″ x 24″ x 38″ when fully inflated.

More To Come!

There you have it, our list of Top Zombie Gifts. The index above catalogs both our most popular and our favorites.  Be sure to bookmark and share this page and check back often. We’re constantly editing and adding products to this list!