Knit Zombie Hat Beanie Zombie Gifts

Knit Zombie Beanie Hat

Knit Zombie Beanie Winter Hat Keep your head warm while still flaunting some unique zombie style. This knit zombie beanie cap is constructed of warm, durable and comfortable polyester and is sure to catch the eye of passersby. It features some very cool zombie graphics. Two large sunken zombie eyes, a large gaping wound that …

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Zombie Horse Mask

Zombie Horse Mask

Zombie Horse Mask You won’t find a much more unique zombie gift. This zombie horse mask is sure to creep them out and it’s sure to please that hard to buy for zombie fan that seems to have every zombie related gift under the sun. The Galloping Dead? Why not! This recently reanimated equestrian friend …

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Zombie Banana costume

Zombie Banana Costume

Do you need the perfect unique zombie costume? Zombie costumes may have been to death, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t take your zombie costume game to the next level. This simple and affordable Rasta Imposta Zombie banana costume is sure to please! Be the star at Halloween or your next costume party with …

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Zombie Hot Dog Costume

When a zombie costume is so last year and a hot dog costume is too third grade what’s a person to do? Combine the two of course! This zombie hot dog costume is sure to please fans of costumes, zombies and hot dogs! How can you go wrong? Zombie Hot Dog Costume The typical zombie …

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Zombie Penguin Costume

Zombie Penguin Costume

As if the inability to fly wasn’t inconvenient enough, now some unfortunate penguins are doomed to waddle the earth in search of their next feast of flesh. Capture the horror of undead penguins with this adorable zombie penguin costume. Zombie Penguin Costume Let’s face it. Zombie costumes have been over done over the years. Are …

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Zombie Zentai Suit Costume

  Zombie Zentai Suit      Leave it to Japan. When it comes to all things weird the Japanese know how it’s done. In America they’ve brought us crazy one piece full body, skin tight zentai suits. They’re pretty weird but I have to admit I was a little more accepting when I discovered there’s …

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Reusable Press On Zombie Nails

Zombie Nails – $2.90 If you need a quick and affordable way to add some zombie style to your nails, these reusable press on zombie nails are your dream come true. These are perfect for finishing off a zombie costume or just having a little fun. These zombie fingernails look just like cracked dead nails. …

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Biohazard Zombie Nurse Costume

Biohazard Zombie Nurse Adult Costume – $29.99   This Biohazard Nurse costume is sure to be a hit at that special Halloween party. This zombie nurse costume consists of a zombie nurse’s outfit complete with dress featuring zombie intestines print and toxic green biohazard zombie splatters. It also includes the zombie nurse headpiece. Sorry but the …

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Biohazard Zombie Thigh High Zombie Stockings

Biohazard Adult Thigh High Stockings -$6.99   These zombie thigh high stockings are perfect for finishing off that zombie costume, or just for adding some zombie spice to your every day life. These white thigh high stockings are sized to fit most adults. They feature a cool spattered green biohazard toxic look to them.