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Zombie Gag Gifts

Zombie Gift Idea Inflatable Drink Cooler

Inflatable Zombie Drink Cooler Decoration

Need to put the finishing touch on your Halloween decorations. Looking for that perfect functional decoration for you zombie themed party? This awesome inflatable zombie drink cooler could be it. It is sure to be the talk of your guests! Inflatable Zombie Drink Cooler and Decoration This scary and hilarious inflatable drink cooler looks just […]
whirligig zombie spinner

Whirligig Zombie Spinner – Zombie yard spinner

If you’re looking for the perfect way to add some fun zombie themed color and motion to your yard or garden this is the perfect solution! This whirligig zombie spinner will be right at home in your landscape. Simply follow the quick assembly instructions and stick this zombie in your lawn, landscaping, garden or more. […]
Zombie Farts Candy Bag of Zombie Farts

Bag of Zombie Farts Candy

Bag of Zombie Farts Cotton Candy -“Being Undead Never Tasted So Sweet!”   If you’re searching for a hilarious zombie gift, look no further. Give them a bag of zombie farts. No worries . . . this bag of zombie farts is actually delicious cotton candy! Each bag contains 3 ounces of fruit punch flavored […]
Handmade Zombie Gifts Zombie Soap

Zombie Repellent Handmade Natural Soap

Sapling Naturals Zombie Repellent Soap   Searching for a way to keep the zombies at bay? Slathering yourself with the guts and entrails of the undead is one way to camouflage your delicious living scent.  Fortunately there’s a less grotesque and more hygienic approach. Maybe you’re not in need of protection from the walking dead […]
Ugly Christmas Sweater Zombie Santa Zombie Gifts

Ugly Zombie Santa Christmas Sweater

Ugly Zombie Santa Christmas Sweater Zombies and ugly Christmas sweaters are all the rage. Combining the two wildly popular cultural phenomena just makes sense. That’s what makes this Zombie gift so great! This Zombie Christmas sweater features an image of a zombie Santa that just crawled out of his grave. Maybe he’s going to deliver […]
Zombie Christmas Sweater Ugly Xmas Sweater Shirt Zombie Gift

Season’s Eatings Ugly Zombie Christmas Sweater T-shirt

Season’s Eatings Zombie Ugly Christmas Sweater T-shirt   Who doesn’t like a funny ugly Christmas sweater? They’re even better when they’re zombie themed. The problem is holiday sweaters are often hot and itchy. That problem has been solved with these fun novelty Ugly Christmas Sweater T-shirts.  These zombie themed t-shirts look just like ugly Christmas […]
Zombie Horse Mask

Zombie Horse Mask

Zombie Horse Mask You won’t find a much more unique zombie gift. This zombie horse mask is sure to creep them out and it’s sure to please that hard to buy for zombie fan that seems to have every zombie related gift under the sun. The Galloping Dead? Why not! This recently reanimated equestrian friend […]
Zombie Socks

Zombie Socks

Zombie Socks ~ $9.95 Shambling around with no coffee on Monday morning only goes so far. You need the right socks on your feet to truly shamble like one of the walking dead. These zombie socks are the perfect comfy green foot attire for that or any other occasion. These green cotton socks look just […]

The Quacking Dead – Zombie Rubber Ducky

    Most people don’t know rubber ducks are very curious by nature.  Long after bath time is over they like to waddle around and explore the bathroom when no one is looking. Normally it’s not much of an issue but sometimes things do go wrong.  Unfortunately these poor little rubber duckies were a little […]

Zombie Poop Bubble Gum

Zombie Poop Bubble Gum – $5.95 Who knew? Zombies poop! Not only do they poop…but they poop delicious round lemon-lime flavored gumballs. Ok, these aren’t really zombie poop but they ARE a great gag gift for the zombie lover on your shopping list. Zombie poop bubble gum consists of about 24 1″ diameter green gum […]

Zombies for Zombies: The Play and Werk Buk

Zombies for Zombies – The Play and Werk Buk: The World’s Bestselling Inactivity Guide for the Living Dead   It’s the world’s best selling inactivity guide for the living dead! You’ve been bitten and infected and you’ve chosen to shamble about for the rest of your days as the most cognitively capable and able zombie […]

Crusty Zombie Toenails

Crusty Zombie Toenails The next time you are hungry reach for some crunchy crusty zombie toenails. No these aren’t really the keratin packed toenails of the walking dead. They’re only packaged to look that. Instead these tasty treats are actually 2 oz of sesame sticks  that are made up of unbleached wheat flour, soybean oil, sesame […]

Zombie Bath Salts

Relax with some soothing zombie bath salts! Zombie Bath Salts Everyone needs to relax, unwind and refresh themselves every so often. Heck, even zombies get tired of smelling like the dead rotting corpses they are. That’s why zombies, and humans, frequently reach for some soothing zombie bath salts. Using them couldn’t be any easier. Simply […]

Bath Salts Give Me The Munchies Zombie T-Shirt

 Bath Salts Give Me The Munchies Zombie T-Shirt – $11.99 to $13.99   This awesome zombie t-shirt features styling inspired by the epic 1978 zombie film, Dawn of the Dead. However it has a modern 2012 flair inspired by the numerous bath salt inspired face munching, naked cannibalistic encounters and zombie like attacks that have been keeping […]

Zombie Insurance Kit

Zombie Insurance Kit – $9.99:   The zombie apocalypse is sure to be a royal pain in the rear. You’ll be so busy fighting off the walking dead that you won’t have time to worry about the little things. Trying to stay alive is hard enough…but what about all the damage those dumb zombies can […]

Zombie Head Candy Maker: Doctor Dreadful Zombie Lab

Any child, or adult that is a kid at heart, will love making delicious candy and drinks inside a zombie head. Check out the Zombie Head Candy Maker and check current pricing on amazon by clicking/tapping the links below! Zombie Head Candy Maker Give the perfect zombie gift for that young (or young at heart) […]