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Zombie Wall Art

Zombie Window Posters Zombie Gift

Zombie Window Posters

Reusable Backlit Plastic Zombie Window Posters Let’s face it. . . there’s really no safe way to keep actual zombies in your home. Don’t ask how we know. We just do. Fortunately you can have the look of zombies in your windows without all the risk, trouble and that horrible smell. These plastic zombie window […]
Zombies Ahead Zombie Wall Sign Plaque Zombie Gift

Zombies Ahead Zombie Wall Plaque

ZOMBIES AHEAD WALL PLAQUE   Looking for a way to welcome visitors warmly? Don’t family, friends, visitors AND enemies deserve to know what lies ahead? Let your visitors, trespassers and passers by know what lurks on your property with this gorgeous zombie gift. This zombie head wall plaque features a gruesome zombie head trio on […]
Evil Eye Twin Zombie Head Sculpture

Evil Eye Twin Zombie Head Wall Sculpture

Evil Eye Twin Zombie Wall Sculpture If you’re looking to turn heads for Halloween or any time of year we’ve got the perfect wall art for the job. This “Evil Eye Twin Zombie” wall sculpture is sure to horrify and captivate anyone that walks by.  This gruesome zombie gift features insane detail and depicts a […]
Zombie Stepping Stone Do Not Feed Zombies

Warning Do Not Feed the Zombies Stepping Stone

Warning Do Not Feed The Zombies Stepping Stone In today’s day and age you need to protect yourself from liability.  You can’t have a garden full of zombie gnomes or a barn full of walkers without posting a warning.  It’s just not smart.  Warn friends, visitors and neighbors of the dangers that lurk on your […]

Walking Dead Michonne Wall Banner

Add some Walking Dead flair to your walls with this huge The Walking Dead Michonne Wall Banner! This gorgeous tapestry style printed fabric banner measures about 7 feet tall and 6 feet wide. That’s some big, bold decor for any room!   The Walking Dead Michonne Wall Banner – 7 ft tall by 6 ft […]

The Walking Dead Zombies Wall Banner

  The Walking Dead – Zombies Wall Banner 5 ft x 7ft   Show your support and love for television’s greatest show, The Walking Dead. This 100% poly wall banner measures a massive 7 feet tall by 5 feet wide and features images of some of the zombies from this iconic series along with the phrase “God […]

The Walking Dead Wall Banner – Atlanta

Make a dramatic impact on your walls with this gorgeous large The Walking Dead Wall Banner! This banner features an iconic scene from Season 1 of TWD when Rick Grimes rides toward downtown Atlanta on horseback.  If the sea of cars fleeing the city and the clear unobstructed path into Atlanta isn’t a clear sign […]

Walking Dead Rick Grimes Banner

  The Walking Dead Banner – Rick Show your love and support for The Walking Dead by hanging this huge banner in your home. This awesome Walking Dead  wall decoration is 100% poly and measures an impressive 84″ wide by 60″ tall. It features hanging grommets and an image of the Season 3 poster with Rick standing […]

Warning Zombies Don’t Open Dead Inside Removable Wall Decals

Warning Zombies Inside – Don’t Open Dead Inside Make your own zombie warning sign with these removable “Warning Zombies Inside” wall decals.  These removable decals feature a set of 4 bloody lifesized handprints along with warning text. The following words are included: Zombies, Warning, Don’t, Open, Dead, Inside. These fabric decals stick to nearly all […]

Trespassers Will Be Eaten By Zombies Metal Sign

Trespasser Will Be Eaten By Zombies Wall or Yard Sign ~ $24.00 to $28.00   Nobody likes trespassers, uninvited guests, or intruders. Let them know ahead of time that they’ll be used for zombie food if they tread on your property.This fun and witty sign is made in the USA. It is constructed of 20 […]

Zombies Speak, See, Hear No Evil Shelf Sitters

Speak, Hear, See No Evil Zombie Shelf Sitter Set ~$20.00   Add some zombie decor to your home or office with these Speak No Evil, See No Evil, Hear No Evil Zombie shelf sitters.  This set of three zombie shelf sitters feature zombies sitting in the classic hands over eyes, hands over ears and finger over […]

Zombie More Brains License Plate

Add some colorful zombie style to your vehicle with this zombie more brains license plate.   Zombie More Brains Metal License Plate This metal zombie license plate is a great way to add some undead style to your ride, or just your wall. This metal license plate features a gruesome zombie along with the phrase, […]

3 Faced Zombie Wall Plaque: Warning Zombies Ahead Sign

Warning Zombies Ahead – 3 Faced Zombie Wall Plaque – $98.00: During the zombie apocalypse (or just Halloween) you never know when you’ll run into the walking dead. They are everywhere. With each and every turn you make you could be running into the eager arms of a flesh munching, brain eating zombie! If only […]

Hands of the Undead Zombie Hands Wall Sculpture

Hands of the Undead Zombie Wall Sculptures -$29.95   These creepy undead hands wall sculptures are a cool way to add form and function to the walls of your home or office. Use them to hold or hang things, or just to make it look like the walking dead are clawing through your walls. These zombie […]

Werewolf Zombie Wall Sculpture

“Werewolf Zombie” Wall Sculpture -$24.95 Scare visitors and please yourself with this incredibly detailed piece of zombie wall art. This zombie werewolf wall sculpture features a wolf that is basically missing the flesh and muscle from most of his face. His menacing teeth and exposed jaw bones and skull are sure to strike fear in those […]

Zombie American Gothic Wall Sculpture

Zombie American Gothic Wall Sculpture $49.95   Looking for a way to add a touch of zombie class to your home or office? How about a zombie version of Grant Wood’s classic American Gothic? This awesome zombie wall art features an undead couple painted with awesome zombie detail. The husband’s pitchfork even has an impaled […]