Bleeding Zombie head candle

Bleeding Zombie Head Candle

Nothing says, “relaxation” better than a bleeding and oozing zombie head slowly smoldering in the corner!  Headshots and zombies can be messy business.   If only there was way to combine your love of dispatching the undead without all the inconvenient gore, mess and cleanup. Fortunately, thanks to this bleeding zombie head candle, there is! Just …

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Zombie Window Posters Zombie Gift

Zombie Window Posters

Reusable Backlit Plastic Zombie Window Posters Let’s face it. . . there’s really no safe way to keep actual zombies in your home. Don’t ask how we know. We just do. Fortunately you can have the look of zombies in your windows without all the risk, trouble and that horrible smell. These plastic zombie window …

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Zombie Gnome Pushing Up Daisies

Pushing Up Daisies Zombie Gnome

 Pushing Up Daisies Zombie Gnome in Flower Pot   Looking for a totally unique zombie gift idea?  This handmade “Pushing Up Daisies” zombie gnome just might be the perfect solution.  This gorgeous and gruesome zombie gift features an adorably gross zombie garden gnome pushing his way up out of the fake soil in a custom …

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Zombie Car Decals Featured Orange and Gray

Zombie Outbreak Hunting Unit Car Decal Kit

Let the world know who to find when the zombies come with these “Zombie Outbreak Hunting Unit” car decals. Each zombie vehicle decal kit features one large and two small decals to convert your ride into an official Zombie Hunting patrol vehicle. Available in Orange or Gray!

Michonne's pet zombie figure (red) threezero

The Walking Dead: Michonne’s Pet Zombie Figure 1:6 (Red)

  The Walking Dead Michonne’s Pet Zombie: Red 1:6 Scale (threezero) Michonne’s pet zombies shown on AMC’s The Walking Dead have been immortalized in stunning detail in these amazing 1:6 scale collectible action figures. These officially licensed The Walking Dead collectibles measure around 12″ tall and feature a jaw dropping level of detail. Each jawless …

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Mchonne Green Pet zombie threezero

The Walking Dead: Michonne’s Pet Zombie Figure 1:6 (Green)

Walking Dead Michonne Pet Zombie Figure 1:6 Scale (threezero) Michonne’s pet zombies  have been honored in ridiculously detailed glorious 1:6 action figure scale.  These highly detailed zombie action figures from threezero stand about 12″ tall. These aren’t your standard rigid statue either. These figures are fully articulated and pose-able and are covered with a lifelike …

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Zombie Eye Glass Paperweight

Zombie Eye Paperweight The threat of a potential zombie apocalypse looming over your head every day is bad enough. You don’t need all that important office paperwork blowing around on top of it. Hold down your important papers with this beautiful zombie eye paperweight. Each one is unique because they’re hand blown glass. Just like …

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