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Handmade Zombie Gifts

Handmade zombie gifts are made with love, blood, sweat and tears. That’s why some of the best zombie gifts aren’t mass produced; they’re painstakingly crafted by hand. If you’re searching for a unique zombie gift, handmade zombie gifts are a great idea. A handmade zombie gift can be just the ticket when you’re shopping for yourself, or the zombie fan that seems to have everything!

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Zombie Gifts Handmade zombie mugs

Handmade Zombie Mugs and More

Handmade Zombie Mugs Have you been searching for a unique handmade zombie or horror themed gift? It doesn’t get much more unique, or creepy, than a zombie mug from Scravis Mugs. Each mug is a one of a kind work of art. These aren’t cookie cutter mugs cast from a mold. Each and every mug […]
Handmade Zombie Gifts Zombie Soap

Zombie Repellent Handmade Natural Soap

Sapling Naturals Zombie Repellent Soap   Searching for a way to keep the zombies at bay? Slathering yourself with the guts and entrails of the undead is one way to camouflage your delicious living scent.  Fortunately there’s a less grotesque and more hygienic approach. Maybe you’re not in need of protection from the walking dead […]
Zombie Gnome Pushing Up Daisies

Pushing Up Daisies Zombie Gnome

 Pushing Up Daisies Zombie Gnome in Flower Pot   Looking for a totally unique zombie gift idea?  This handmade “Pushing Up Daisies” zombie gnome just might be the perfect solution.  This gorgeous and gruesome zombie gift features an adorably gross zombie garden gnome pushing his way up out of the fake soil in a custom […]
Walking Dead Inspired Painting Rick Grimes Painting

Rick Grimes Walking Dead Inspired Painting

Handpainted Walking Dead inspired painting 12″ wide by 24″ tall Unique hand-painted item. All are similar but no two are identical. $39.99 with Free US Shipping   Days Gone Bye is the title of the very first Walking Dead issue and television episode. That first episode seems a  lifetime ago.  The further Rick and the rest of […]
Daryl Dixon Painting

Daryl Dixon Walking Dead Inspired Painting

  Unique Daryl Dixon Walking Dead inspired design 12″ wide by 24″ tall Finished Edges (hang as is or frame it as you see fit) Protective clear coat Handmade item: each one is unique $39.99 with Free US shipping Check out this cool spray graffiti style Daryl Dixon inspired painting. With Norman Reedus’s character, Daryl Dixon, […]

Chocolate Zombie Fingers – Zombie Candy

  Chocolate Zombie Fingers   Eating plain old fingers is boring. You need some chocolate zombie fingers to satisfy your snack cravings.  These tasty handmade zombie candy fingers are green chocolate zombie “fingers” with red fruit filling wounds. Each finger has unique “wounds” and the red candies inside gush so the fingers “bleed” just a […]

Zombie Eye Glass Paperweight

Zombie Eye Paperweight The threat of a potential zombie apocalypse looming over your head every day is bad enough. You don’t need all that important office paperwork blowing around on top of it. Hold down your important papers with this beautiful zombie eye paperweight. Each one is unique because they’re hand blown glass. Just like […]

Zombie Keychain

Zombie Keychain This handmade zombie keychain is the perfect way to keep your keys safe and accessible. This sculpted keychain is crafted of durable  resin and is made to look just like a sickly zomibe missing most of an arm and a leg.  He’s also had an unlucky encounter with a keychain eyelet which has […]

Michonne and Pet Zombies Walking Dead Inspired Bleach Art T-Shirts

Click any of the images below to open a larger view:   Michonne Walking Dead Inspired Bleach Art T-Shirt   You need an affordable and unique one of a kind gift for the Walking Dead fan that has everything. These The Walking Dead inspired t-shirts are the perfect solution. These 100% cotton name brand t-shirts […]

Daryl Dixon The Walking Dead Inspired Handmade Bleach Art T-Shirt

Click any of the images below to open a larger view:   Daryl Dixon Bleach Art T-Shirt Sick of all the same old Daryl Dixon T-shirts? Even though the internet is full of shirts honoring everyone’s favorite crossbow toting bad boy, at a certain point it’s all the same thing over and over again. That’s […]

Michonne and Pets Etched Walking Dead Inspired Drinking Glass

  Need a unique, unusual and affordable gift for that fan of The Walking Dead comics? This hand etched drinking glass, was inspired by issue 19 of the comic and is the perfect gift for any zombie lover. This drinking glass is etched with a hand rendered silhouette of Michonne. She’s holding her trusty katana […]

The Quacking Dead – Zombie Rubber Ducky

    Most people don’t know rubber ducks are very curious by nature.  Long after bath time is over they like to waddle around and explore the bathroom when no one is looking. Normally it’s not much of an issue but sometimes things do go wrong.  Unfortunately these poor little rubber duckies were a little […]

Michonne and Pets Etched Zombie Glasses: Set of 3 Zombie Glasses

  This unique handmade zombie gift is inspired by one of our favorite characters from The Walking Dead comic and television show: Michonne.  Michonne is the katana wielding hero that isn’t afraid to lop off some zombie heads or make her own armless and jawless pet zombies to tote around on leashes for protection. This […]