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The Fighting Dixons Walking Dead Seatbelt Belt

The Walking Dead – The Fighting Dixons Seatbelt Belt   Hang on to your hats folks, it’s Brother Vs. Brother in an all out Dixon showdown! Things didn’t quite work out the way the Governor planned but the fight between Daryl and Merle was one of the most anticipated moments of the series to date. […]

I Love Daryl Bottle Opener Walking Dead Belt

  Daryl Dixon Bottle Opener Web Belt Turn heads, show your love for Daryl Dixon and have access to a bottle opener at all times. The lucky lady wearing this Daryl Dixon Walking Dead belt is sure to be the life of the party.  This 1-1/2″ wide web strapping belt is adjustable and features a […]

The Walking Dead Logo Seatbelt Belt

Walking Dead Logo Zombie Seatbelt Belt   You need to keep your pants up, for legal and safety issues. You don’t want a boring old black or brown belt. You need something with a little more zombie style. Fortunately there is an awesome The Walking Dead belt for just this situation. This awesome belt features […]

The Walking Dead Zombies Seatbelt Belt

Walking Dead Zombies Seatbelt Belt Keep your pants safely and tightly around your waist with this awesome The Walking Dead zombie belt. It’s no secret running from zombies is dangerous business. It’s even more dangerous if your pants keep falling down. Keep them up with this cool zombie belt. This Walking Dead gift features images […]

The Walking Dead West Georgia Correctional Facility Seatbelt Belt

Walking Dead West Georgia Correctional Facility Seatbelt Belt When the zombies come, the last thing you need to worry about is your pants falling down. Loose pants can mean the death of you. Have your pants fall around your ankles and trip and the horde will be on you faster than you can say, “Zombie.” […]

Daryl Dixon “If Daryl Dies We Riot” Belt

If Daryl Dies We Riot Daryl Dixon The Walking Dead Belt You need to let the world know you’ll flip over police cars and smash store windows if AMC kills off Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead.* You also need to look great while holding up your pants. If only there was a product to […]

Blood Spill Zombie Belt

Zombie Blood Spill Belt $12.50   Hold your pants up with this sick zombie belt. Zombies are spilling blood on this awesome 1 -1/2″ wide faux bonded leather belt with removable buckle. You can’t outrun the horde with your pants around your knees. Get a belt! This belt is available in the following sizes extra small, […]