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107 Year Itch Female Zombie Figurine

107 Year Itch Marilyn Monroe Inspired Zombie Figurine

107 YEAR ITCH ZOMBIE FIGURINE Isn’t she beautiful? Striking that familiar pose and wearing that iconic white dress who could resist her? Sure she’s a little decayed and decomposed but doesn’t that add to her charm? Maybe not. One thing is for sure. . . you need this zombie figure in your collection. This female […]
Walking Dead Pop Vinyl Figure Penny Blake

The Walking Dead Pop! Vinyl – Penny Blake

Penny Blake (Governor’s Zombie Daughter) Pop! Vinyl Figure Aww. Isn’t she cute? The Governor’s zombie daughter is adorable and even more so in fun, funky Pop! vinyl form. Penny Blake is the daughter of Philip Blake, a man better known as “The Governor”. Philip just can’t say goodbye to his daughter and you’ll find her […]
Merle Dixon Walker Statue Gentle Giant

The Walking Dead Zombie Merle Dixon Statue – Gentle Giant

Merle Dixon Walking Dead Walker Statue 1:4 scale   Merle Dixon managed to work his way into our hearts. Formerly an abrasive racist jerk, he turned into a loveable abrasive jerk seeking redemption in his final days. Of course, spoiler alert, we know Merle met an untimely and violent end at the hands of The […]
Daryl Dixon and Merle Dixon action figure

The Walking Dead Daryl and Merle Dixon Action Figure 2 Set

The Walking Dead Daryl and Merle Dixon Action Figure 2 Set   The Dixon brothers should be together forever. Thanks to this Walking Dead action figure 2 pack, they are! This set features the Daryl Dixon and Merle Dixon Walking Dead action figures from McFarlane toys in one package. Whether you missed the Series 1 […]

Bloody Biker Daryl Dixon Walking Dead Pop! Vinyl Figure

  Bloody Biker Daryl Dixon Pop! Vinyl Figure Short sleeves are cool..but Daryl Dixon is truly at his baddest with long hair and wearing his biker vest.  What’s badder than that? Daryl Dixon in his biker gear holding a crossbow and hunting knife while covered in blood.   Fortunately there’s a Pop! Vinyl figure from […]

Plants vs. Zombies Exploding Zombie Action Figure Zombie Toy

Press this zombie’s tie and watch him fly apart. This Plants vs. Zombies Exploding Zombie Action Figure is sure to be a blast!   Plants vs. Zombies Exploding Zombie Action Figure This exploding zombie action figure measures about 6″ tall. This mindless zombie features a cut pant leg that somehow completes the business casual look […]

The Walking Dead Mystery Minis Vinyl Mini-Figures

Walking Dead Mystery Minis Mini Vinyl Figures   The blind packaged madness continues! Blind packaged “mystery” products are all the rage so it only makes sense someone would combine the popularity of The Walking Dead with the blind packaged “you don’t know what you’re going to get” trend. Funko has taken it even a step […]

NFL Football Zombie Lawn/Garden Figurines

There are few areas in life where you’ll find more devoted and rabid fans than NFL football and zombies. Both types of fans take their devotion to the next level. Now NFL football fans that love zombies can combine their two passions thanks to these awesome NFL football Zombie lawn and garden figurines. These zombie […]

Walking Dead Daryl Dixon Deluxe 10 Inch Action Figure

Daryl Dixon Deluxe 10″ Action Figure Fan favorite from AMC’s The Walking Dead, Daryl Dixon has been given the proper action figure treatment from McFarlane toys.  This highly detailed figure features stunning detail, Daryl’s iconic “angel wings” stitched biker vest and even a removable poncho! This awesome Walking Dead action figure started out as a […]

Zombie Panda Vinyl Figure

Zombie Panda Vinyl Figure Buy an adorable Zombie Panda Vinyl Figure and help a real panda out in the wild! According to the manufacturer, 10% of all sales of this vinyl zombie panda toy goes to support Pandas International, a non-profit organization whose goal is to preserve and propagate the endangered Giant Pandas. This zombie […]

Hollywood-Collectibles Resident Evil Zombie Dog SDCC Exclusive Statue

Resident Evil Zombie Dog – 2013 SDCC Exclusive   The folks over at Hollywood-Collectibles have just announced their first San Diego Comic-Con exclusive product. We couldn’t be more excited either because it’s a Resident Evil Zombie Dog. The Cerberus, development code MA-39, is one of our favorite characters from the Resident Evil franchise. These Doberman […]

Gruesome Decaying Zombie Bust

Gruesome Decomposing Zombie Bust Horror Accent Statue This grotesque and detailed zombie bust depicts a disgusting rotting zombie in stunning detail.  This zombie’s green skin is rotting and decomposing to reveal the underlying cracked bones and muscle beneath.  His rotting teeth are still ready to gnaw off some tasty human flesh and the lifelike detail […]

Daryl Dixon 9″ Pop! Vinyl Figure

Daryl Dixon 9″ XXL Pop! Vinyl Figure Go big or go home! Sure you have that cute little 3.75″ Daryl Dixon Pop! Vinyl figure. He’s adorable. Wouldn’t you like an identical version only nearly 3 times larger? Sure you would! Now you can own a bigger, badder version of the Daryl Dixon Pop! Vinyl figure […]