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Zombie Bottle Openers

Zombie Figure Bottle Opener

Have you ever wished you had an adorable zombie friend that could help you open bottles? That’s a great idea but the dangers of an actual zombie opening your bottles are plentiful. It’s dangerous, unsanitary and a bit frightening at times. Well, now you can have the undead pop a bottle without all the risks […]

Walking Dead Pet Zombie Bottle Opener

Walking Dead Pet Zombie Bottle Opener Pop open a tall cold one with this gorgeous 3 1/2″ solid metal Walking Dead Pet Zombie Bottle opener! This awesome Walking Dead collectible depicts one of Michonne’s collared and chained jawless pet zombies.  Simply put the end of a bottle in the zombie’s jawless mouth and pry off […]

The Walking Dead Zombie Eye Hole Bottle Opener

The Walking Dead Zombie Eye Hole Bottle Opener   Need to crack open a cold one in style? Spare your teeth and open that bottle in zombie style! This zombie eye hole bottle opener is an officially licensed The Walking Dead collectible. This all metal bottle opener measures about 3 -1/2 inches tall and features […]

Kill Shot Gun Zombie Bottle Opener

Kill Shot Gun Inked Bottle Opener: Eye Heart Zombies ~$19.99 Sure you could open that beer bottle with any old bottle opener, but we zombie fans are a different breed. Normal and ordinary things just don’t cut it. Especially when you do things in zombie style!That’s why we are proud to introduce you to this gorgeous […]

Zombie Gingerbread Bottle Opener

Gingerbread Zombie Bottle Opener – $12.95   You already have a complete set of Gingerbread Zombie family Christmas ornaments. Now you just need this gingerbread zombie bottle opener to complete your collection and keep the festivities going. This awesome steel bottle opener has a beautiful durable urethane resin handle sculpted to look just look a […]

Zombie Hand Bottle Opener

Zombie Hand Bottle Opener: $9.95   Need a hand with opening that ice cold beer? Zombieland Rule #32 taught us to enjoy the little things. This zombie hand bottle opener will definitely help you enjoy your favorite canned or bottled beverage. This zombie bottle opener is a combination church key can opener and bottle opener. […]

Zombie Bottle Opener

Zombie Bottle Opener: ~$12.95   Need a hand opening that ice cold brew? Although using your teeth looks cool and impresses the ladies, it isn’t so smart. Dentists in the post zombie apocalypse world are hard to come by. Using a real life zombie’s mouth to open your bottles is equally impressive, but far more […]