Zombie Solar Shaker Desk Toy

Zombie Solar Shaker Desk Toy – $9.95   We’ve all seen those solar powered flowers that dance around on desktops of annoying people throughout the world. Well someone has finally made a solar powered desk toy cool enough for zombie fans! The zombie solar shaker features Zombie Zeke sitting against a grave headstone. He looks …

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Zombie Hand Napkin Holder

Zombie Hand Napkin Holder

Zombie Hand Napkin Holder  Need a hand holding those napkins at your Zombie birthday, Halloween party, or other spooky event? Maybe you just want your dining room table setup to look awesome every day at the dining room table? Whatever your reasons, this awesome zombie hand napkin holder is here to save the day. This …

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Flameless Zombie Pillar Candle

8 inch Zombie Pillar Candle – $12.99 This zombie candle is scary, but not because of open flames or fire hazards! This 8″ tall flameless plastic candle is powered by 3 AA batteries. Playing with fire can be fun, but who wants to melt a candle that looks this good? This zombie gift is perfect for …

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Teddy Bear Zombie T-Shirt

Teddy Bear Zombie T Shirt  – $15.19: This adorable zombie teddy bear t-shirt is available in both men and women’s fit in sizes small through 3XL.  These affordable zombie t-shirts are high quality, lightweight, soft cotton shirts sure to please any zombie fan.    

Biohazard Zombie Cup With Straw

Zombie Cup with Straw – $9.99: When zombies roam the earth and the world as we know it is dead, protecting the environment probably doesn’t matter all that much. For now responsible zombie fans should do whatever they can to keep garbage out of our landfills.  Finding a washable and reusable drink cup and straw like …

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The Raven’s Perch Zombie Sculpture

The Raven’s Perch Zombie Statue – $39.95 This beautifully grotesque zombie sculpture features a zombie hand reaching from his grave while a dark raven sits perched on his bony and decomposed index finger and hand. Artist Gary Chang sculpted a true masterpiece with mesmerizing detail. Each peace is casted in durable designer resin and is hand painted to exacting …

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Biohazard Zombie Nurse Costume

Biohazard Zombie Nurse Adult Costume – $29.99   This Biohazard Nurse costume is sure to be a hit at that special Halloween party. This zombie nurse costume consists of a zombie nurse’s outfit complete with dress featuring zombie intestines print and toxic green biohazard zombie splatters. It also includes the zombie nurse headpiece. Sorry but the …

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Biohazard Zombie Thigh High Zombie Stockings

Biohazard Adult Thigh High Stockings -$6.99   These zombie thigh high stockings are perfect for finishing off that zombie costume, or just for adding some zombie spice to your every day life. These white thigh high stockings are sized to fit most adults. They feature a cool spattered green biohazard toxic look to them.  

Zombie Fountain With Spinning Eye

Spinning Eyeball Fountain Animated Prop – $39.99   Add some peace and serenity to your home with this disgusting zombie water fountain. Made of plastic and foam, this Zombie gift is perfect for use as zombie home decor or just as a centerpiece for your Halloween celebration. Made of of plastic and foam this zombie fountain …

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Zombie’s Big Boy T-Shirt

Zombie’s Big Boy Zombie T-Shirt How about a nice warm brain burger? You can get one at Zombie’s Big Boy, a zombie version of that familiar restaurant with the iconic fiberglass overall wearing lad out front! This zombie t-shirt design starts at $24.54. The best part is you can customize it with different fits and styles of …

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Zombie Marilyn Poster

Stephen Fishwick ‘Marilyn Zombie’ Poster -$7.99 Marilyn Monroe was a hottie. How could she have been any hotter? Easy, she could have been a zombie! This awesome zombie gift is a poster featuring artwork by Stephen Fishwick. The “Marilyn Zombie” poster features Marilyn Monroe’s likeness zombified in an awesome Andy Warhol style. This zombie poster measures …

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The Walking Dead Lunchbox

Walking Dead Lunchbox – $14.99 This affordable zombie gift is sure to be a hit with fans of Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead comic. This metal lunchbox features artwork from series artist Charlie Adlard! Priced well under $14.99, this is one gift zombie fans shouldn’t have to live without!