Yellow Inflatable Zombie Gnome Decoration

Yellow Zombie Gnome Inflatable Zombie Decoration

Inflatable Yellow Zombie Gnome

Anyone can put a tiny heavy zombie lawn gnome nonchalantly poised in their  landscaping.  It takes a real zombie fan to stand a huge 5 foot tall bloody inflatable zombie gnome in their front lawn.

Add some fun zombie style to your yard, or even inside your home, with this huge inflatable yellow zombie gnome decoration.  This vinyl inflatable zombie gnome features a built in fan so all you need to do is plug it in and it automatically inflates itself to it’s impressive final size. This zombie lawn decoration stands 5 feet tall by 3 feet by 20″ wide and is sure to make an impression in your neighborhood.

This zombie decoration is for both indoor and outdoor use and features a bloodstained evil zombie gnome holding the amputated arm of a recent victim. He’s obviously using this for a light snack before he chases down curious onlookers.

This awesome zombie lawn art is perfect for Halloween, The Holidays or just every day use.  For more details, pricing, and ordering information on this zombie gift please click the image or link above or the button below.


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