3 Faced Zombie Wall Plaque: Warning Zombies Ahead Sign

Warning Zombies Ahead – 3 Faced Zombie Wall Plaque – $98.00:

During the zombie apocalypse (or just Halloween) you never know when you’ll run into the walking dead. They are everywhere. With each and every turn you make you could be running into the eager arms of a flesh munching, brain eating zombie! If only there was a way to warn people of infected areas. Luckily someone has thought of that. Someone posted a “Warning Zombie Ahead” sign.  As proof of the infection, they’ve mounted three decapitated zombie heads and drove a couple pipes through their mouths to hang a white cloth with the words “Warning Zombies Ahead” scrawled in what is presumably blood. You know…just so you don’t question the severity of the situation!

This awesome zombie sign is the perfect addition to your macabre zombie home.  It’s also the perfect addition to your zombie Halloween decorations.  This zombie sign measures about 2 feet long by 8 inches deep.

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