Bad*ss Zombie Killers Card Game

Badass Zombie Killers Card GameBad@$$ Zombie Killers Card Game

Looking for a unique zombie card game? It seems like zombie card games and board games are a dime a dozen anymore. While no one likes zombie games more than us, sometimes it seems like the same thing over and over again.  When a unique take on a zombie card game comes along, we’re all over it.

Bad@ss zombie killers starts out with a familiar premise: you need to build the most bad@$$ zombie killing weapon that you can. Sure you can settle for a katana or a boring old shotgun, but why would you when you can combine all sorts of crazy items to build the ultimate zombie killing weapon? As if racing to build the best zombie killing weapon possible wasn’t fun enough, you also get to sabotage other player’s weapons.

Play continues until you get an End card, and then the fate of all players is revealed. If the zombie horde arrives the player with the best weapon survives. In a unique twist it isn’t always the best armed player that wins.  If the National Guard arrives before the zombies, then the player with the best weapon is arrested!

This zombie card game features 72 game/weapon and character cards and 6 instruction/information cards.  Priced at just $16.99 this affordable zombie card game is a great zombie gift idea!

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