Bag of Zombie Farts Candy

Bag of Zombie Farts Cotton Candy -“Being Undead Never Tasted So Sweet!”


Bag of Zombie Farts Candy

If you’re searching for a hilarious zombie gift, look no further. Give them a bag of zombie farts. No worries . . . this bag of zombie farts is actually delicious cotton candy! Each bag contains 3 ounces of fruit punch flavored cotton candy.

This unique zombie gift makes a great gag for kids or anyone with a great sense of humor. There’s even a funny back story about how bagged zombie farts came to be printed on the resealable bag. SPOILER ALERT: It turns out these delicious fluffy zombie farts came to be after a zombie decided to take a bite out of a sleeping unicorn. Zeke the zombie’s farts were sugary sweet after he bit that unicorn’s butt.

Brighten up your friend’s or loved one’s day with a bag of zombie farts!

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