Bath Salts Give Me The Munchies Zombie T-Shirt

 Bath Salts Give Me The Munchies Zombie T-Shirt – $11.99 to $13.99


This awesome zombie t-shirt features styling inspired by the epic 1978 zombie film, Dawn of the Dead. However it has a modern 2012 flair inspired by the numerous bath salt inspired face munching, naked cannibalistic encounters and zombie like attacks that have been keeping the media busy lately.

This zombie t-shirt features the phrase, “Bath Salts Give Me The Munchies” in a bright blood red on a black shirt. This zombie tee is available in sizes small through XL for Men and Women starting at just $11.99.  Women’s fit and sizes 2XL and 3XL do add a little to the base price. In my opinion you just can’t put a price on this much zombie win!

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