BATTER UP! Zombie T-Shirt

BATTER UP! Zombie T-Shirt – $22.00:

When the dead walk the earth every man could use a strong woman at his side. One who isn’t scared to get up close and personal on walkers with a nice quiet melee weapon. I’d definitely be interested in riding out the zombie apocalypse with the zombie killing hottie on this awesome zombie t-shirt.

This brunette stands strong and fearless with a blood stained baseball bat. In the background over half a dozen zombies eagerly wait to make our zombie killing betty their next meal.

 The red shirt and red blood stand out beautifully against the midnight blue zombies and the black t-shirt. Whether for a male or female zombie fan, this zombie gift is sure to please.

This sick zombie t-shirt is available in men’s sizes small through 2XL for just $22.00.

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